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The Discovery Of The Talmud 

In 1963 a Swiss born man named Eduard Albert Meier, who the world 
now knows as ' Billy Meier ' , and his ex-Greek-Orthodox priest friend Isa 
Rashid took an afternoon walk along a roadway a little to the South of the 
Old City of Jerusalem. And during that afternoon walk Albert Meier 
happened to glance upwards and spied a small opening in the ground that 
took his interest. 

Finding himself curious Albert Meier took a torch-light from his back- 
pack and examined the opening, which was found to continue inwards. 
And so, Albert and his friend Isa Rashid dug out enough of the 
surrounding earth to allow them to gain entrance to some sort of chamber. 

What they both found after crawling inside was an old tomb in a state of 
disrepair and half-filled with earth. However, after clearing more of the 
soil away Albert Meier and Isa Rashid discovered a package beneath a 
flat rock, which they took back to Isa Rashid' s home to examine. The 
package was said to be about 60 cm long and 25 cm wide, and was found 
to hold four separate rolls of Aramaic writings which took the name of 
'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel'. 

Luckily Isa Rashid had some Palestinian background in his family, and so 
he found he could read the old Aramaic text. And the first thing that Isa 
Rashid noticed was that the title page showed that Judas Iscarioth had 
authored this collection of Spiritual Knowledges on behalf of his Teacher 
and Guide who was named Jmmanuel . Isa Rashid also noted extra- 
terrestrial links within 'The Talmud', as it was made clear that that real 
father of the Biblical Adam was named Semjasa, who was a 'distant 
traveller' from the far reaches of Mankind's Universe, and an aid to 'El' 
[or 'God']. 

It became very clear to both Isa Rashid and Albert Meier that this 
collection of Ancient Scrolls, much like ' The Book of Henoch ' and other 
so-called 'apocryphal' writings, was going to be considered 'heretical' 
because of its content: which strongly contradicted the 'popular' Biblical 
teachings of the later-day Established Churches. Not only were extra- 
terrestrial links presented in 'The Talmud', but it was also made clear that 

1 Pronounced 'Immanuel'. And who the Established Churches later erroneously 
named 'Jesus'. 


Judas Iscarioth was actually the friend, student and official scribe/ 
recorder of the Master Jmmanuel. The Scrolls also stated that Judas 
Iscarioth never did spite his friend and teacher Jmmanuel in the run-up to 
the Biblical crucifixion event, as the real culprit of that venomous act was 
a man named Juda Ihariot, who was the son of Simeon, the Pharisee. 

The Translation 

Because of the nature of the revelations made clear in the teachings of 
'The Talmud', Isa Rashid offered to translate the document in secret, in 
the hope that the finished version could be made available to the world. 
Also interestingly, and prophetically, Albert Meier had already been told 
seven years before co-discovering 'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel' that he 
was destined to become the man that would make it available to the 

Anyway, Isa Rashid spent a few months checking the highlights of 'The 
Talmud' and imparting them to his friend Albert Meier. And then Isa 
Rashid began a formal translation in August 1963 into German [Albert 
Meier's native language], whilst Albert Meier continued onwards to 
Mehrauli India to train under a Hindu Guru and to further his own 
spiritual knowledges. 

And after a year in India Albert Meier continued onwards and journeyed 
to Turkey, where he met a Greek lady named Kalliope Zafiriou in 1965. 
And who became his travelling companion in Asia, and later his wife and 
the mother of Albert's three children when they came to the town of 
Hinwil in Switzerland to make a home together. 

Meanwhile Isa Rashid worked on the German translation of 'The Talmud 
Of Jmmanuel', which he completed up to the 36 th Chapter, and which he 
posted in 1970 in two separate packages to an address in Switzerland that 
had been the home of Albert Meier's parents. Amazingly, although Albert 
Meier's parents were no longer living at that particular house, in 1974 the 
postal office at Neuthal 3 forwarded the two packets onto him. And in the 
same 'round-about' manner Albert Meier also received a personal letter 
from Isa Rashid that spoke about the translation project becoming 'known 


During a twelve year spiritual quest Albert Meier had travelled to forty-two different 

Which was very close to the town of Hinwil where Albert Meier was living with 


to certain authorities' 4 which resulted in him fleeing from Jerusalem to a 
refugee camp in Lebanon along with his family. However, Isa Rashid's 
presence also became known to the Israeli authorities and the refugee 
camp was bombed during an Israeli air-raid 5 . And this air-raid forced Isa 
Rashid to flee again to Baghdad without The Scrolls, where he had 
posted his final letter to Albert Meier. 

Sadly in 1976 Albert Meier learned that Isa Rashid and his entire family 
were assassinated in Baghdad shortly after posting that last letter. 

Who Really Wrote The Talmud Of Jmmanuel? 

Well, most the body of 'The Talmud' was penned by Jmmanuel' s official 
'scribe' Judas Iscarioth during the life and times leading up to, and 
following, the crucifixion event. 

Though to trace the point when 'The Talmud' was originally finalised, we 
will need to examine what some people believe to be more controversial 
aspects of the Master Jmmanuel' s life, which takes our investigation to 
the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, and then onwards into India. 

And here comes some more of the so-called 'apocrypha', in that 'The 
Talmud Of Jmmanuel' makes it very clear that the Master Jmmanuel 
['Jesus'] never did die on The Cross. He only ever fell into a trance-like 
condition, due to the Arch- Angel Gabriel twinning with Jmmanuel' s body 
to induce a death-like stupor. And inside the tomb of Joseph of 
Arimathea, Jmmanuel was revived by a team of Hindu healers before He 
set off to India to continue with His Teachings. 

In-fact it is believed by many scholars that the full story was only ever 
completed in India in the early second century. Also, there is a great deal 

4 In the letter Isa Rashid sent, he stated that he had been 'persecuted by two different 
groups, both Christians and Jews, which was to be anticipated, because the rolls are 
not favourable towards either religion' . The letter was headed 'Baghdad, September 

5 There was a series of raids during June 18-20, in 1974. These were Israeli air raids 
upon several refugee camps in South- West Lebanon, 'reported' to be in retaliation for 
a guerrilla incursion into Chamir in Northern Israel on June 13th. It is believed that 
the June 18th raid was designed to eliminate 'The Scrolls', and that the raids upon the 
several other refugee camps on the following two days [June 19-20] were intended to 
divert attention away from the real reason for the first raid. 


of evidence stating that after Jmmanuel's genuine death in the Kashmir 
region in early 2 nd century, that 'The Scrolls' were carried back to the 
Palestinian or Anatolian region by Jmrnanuel's oldest son Joseph. And 
Joseph evidently released a second copy of 'The Teachings' somewhere 
in that region, since that copy found its way into the hands of the apostle 
Matthew 6 . 

However, Joseph also preserved and hid the original Rolls within the 
tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, just south of the Old City of Jerusalem. 
And there they lay until Albert Meier and Isa Rashid re-discovered them 
in 1963. 

Let's also be aware that it is made clear in 'The Talmud' that 'The 
Teachings' were originally written down by Judas Iscariot who travelled 
with Jmmanuel to India after the crucifixion, along with Judas-Thomas 
[Jmmanuel's brother] and Mother Mary. 

And so, to answer my original question which was centred around "who 
wrote The Talmud", what we find is that it was mostly written by Judas 
who was present at all of Jmrnanuel's lectures both before the crucifixion 
event, and after Jmmanuel travelled and taught in India. Though it also 
seems very clear to me that Jmmanuel's oldest son Joseph added the 
'final touches' to the pages, and also made at least one other copy which 
became known as 'The Book Of Mathew'. 

Table Of Contents 


Discovery Of The Talmud Page 2 

The Translation Page 3 

Who Really Wrote The Talmud Of Jmmanuel? Page 4 

Chapter 1 

The Genealogy Of Jmmanuel 8 

The Birth Of Jmmanuel 12 

6 Interestingly, critical biblical scholars like Herman N. Ridderbos do not consider the 
apostle Matthew to be the original author of this Gospel. In-fact, it is believed that 
either Judas Iscariot or Jmrnanuel's son Joseph rendered a second copy of 'The 
Talmud' which at some time found it's way into the hands of the apostle Mathew, and 
which later took on the title 'The Book Of Mathew' . 


Chapter 2 

The Wise Men From The Orient 13 

Chapter 3 

John the Baptist 15 

Chapter 4 

Jmrnanuel's Arcanum 18 

Chapter 5 

The Sermon On The Mount 23 

Chapter 6 

Alms, Fasting, Treasures, Concerns 26 

Chapter 7 

The Spirit of Judgment 30 

Response To Prayer 31 

Chapter 8 

The Healing Of The Leper 33 

The Centurion At Capernaum 33 

Jmmanuel In The House Of Peter 34 

On The Seriousness Of Discipleship 35 

The Healing Of Two Possessed Persons 35 

Chapter 9 

Healing Of The Paralytic 36 

Matthew 37 

Fasting 37 

The Daughter Of Jairus - The Woman With Haemophilia 38 

A Blind Man And Two Mutes 38 

The Great Harvest 39 

Chapter 10 

Commissioning Of The Disciples 40 

Chapter 11 

The Baptist's Question 44 

In Praise Of The Spirit And The Knowledge 45 

Chapter 12 

Regarding Marriage And Cohabitation 47 

Chapter 13 

Jmmanuel And The Sabbath 49 

Chapter 14 

The Wrongdoings Of Judas Iscariot 51 

Chapter 15 

The Meaning Of The Parables 54 

The Weeds Among The Good Fruit 57 

The Mustard Seed 58 

The Leaven 58 

The Treasure In The Field And The Priceless Pearl 58 

The Fish Net 59 

In Nazareth 59 

Chapter 16 

Herod And The Baptist 61 

The Feeding Of The Five Thousand 62 

Walking On The Sea 63 

Chapter 17 

Human Commandments And The Laws Of Creation 

Chapter 18 

The Pharisees Demand a Sign 67 

The Leaven And The Pharisees 73 

Peter's Faith 69 

Proclamation Of The Passion 70 

Chapter 19 

The Nature Of A Child's Thinking 73 

The Errors Of Your Neighbour 74 

Chapter 20 

Marriage, Divorce, And Celibacy 75 

Blessing Of The Children 76 

Chapter 21 

Two Blind Persons 77 

Chapter 22 

Entry Into Jerusalem 80 

Purging Of The Temple 81 

Back In Jerusalem 82 

Chapter 23 

Tax Money 85 

Rebirth 86 

The Greatest Commandment 87 

Chapter 24 

Against The Scribes And Pharisees 89 

Chapter 25 

The Prophecy 94 

Chapter 26 

Laws And Commandments 99 

Proverbs Of Wisdom 100 

The False Teachings Of Saul 101 

Suicide 103 

Chapter 27 

The Disciples' Agitation 104 

In Bethany 106 

The Last Supper 107 


Chapter 28 

In Gethsemane 109 

The Capture 110 

Jmmanuel Before The High Council 112 

The Denial By Peter 114 

Chapter 29 

The Suicide of Juda Ihariot 115 

Before Pilate 116 

The Conviction of Jmmanuel 118 

Chapter 30 

Defamation of Jmmanuel 120 

Prophetic Declaration 120 

The Crucifixion 120 

Entombment 124 

Chapter 31 

Jmmanuel's Flight From The Tomb 125 

Jmmanuel's Meetings With His Disciples 128 

Chapter 32 

Jmmanuel's Farewell 130 

Chapter 33 

Jmmanuel In Damascus 134 

Chapter 34 

Teaching About Creation 136 

Chapter 35 

Cults around Jmmanuel 142 

Chapter 36 

Humankind and Creation 146 

Epilogue 149 

Letter From Isa Rashid 151 


Chapter 1 - The Genealogy of Jmmanuel 

1. This is the book and arcanum of Jmmanuel, who is called "the one with 
godly knowledge" who is the son of Joseph, grandson of Jacob, a distant 
descendant of David. David was a descendant of Abram [Abraham], 
whose genealogy traces back to Adam, the father of a lineage of 
terrestrial humans. 


Adam was begotten by Semjasa, the leader of the celestial sons who were 
the guardian angels of god, the great ruler of the travellers from afar 7 . 

2. Semjasa, the celestial son and guardian angel of god, the great ruler of 
the voyagers who travelled here through vast expanses of the universe, 
took a terrestrial woman and begot Adam, the father of the white human 

3. Adam took for himself an Earth wife and begot Seth. 

4. Seth begot Enos. 

5. Enos begot Akjbeel. 

6. Akjbeel begot Aruseak. 

7. Aruseak begot Kenan. 

8. Kenan begot Mahalaleel. 

9. Mahalaleel begot Urakjbarameel. 

10. Urakjbarameel begot Jared. 

11. Iared begot Henoch. 

12. Henoch begot Methusalah. 

13. Methusalah begot Lamech. 

14. Lamech begot Tamjel. 

15. Tamjel begot Danel. 

16. Danel begot Asael. 

17. Asael begot Samsafeel. 

18. Samsafeel begot Jomjael. 

19. lomjael begot Turel. 

20. Turel begot Hamech. 

21. Hamech begot Noah. 

22. Neah begot Sem. 

23. Sem begot Arpachsad. 

24. Arpachsad begot Batraal. 

25. Batraal begot Ramuel. 

26. Ramuel begot Askeel. 

27. Askeel begot Armers. 

28. Armers begot Salah. 

29. Salah begot Eber. 

30. Eber begot Peleg. 

31. Peleg begot Regu. 

32. Regu begot Serug. 

33. Serug begot Araseal. 

34. Araseal begot Nahor. 

7 The title "god" is not capitalized unless it refers to the Judeo-Christian God [The 
Talmud Of Jmmanuel] . 


35. Nahor begot Thara. 

36. Thara begot Abraham. 

37. Abraham begot jsaak. 

38. jsaak begot Jacob. 

39. jacob begot ]uda. 

40. ]uda begot Ananj. 

41. Ananj begot Ertael. 

42. Ertael begot Perez. 

43. Perez begot Hezron. 

44. Hezron begot Ram. 

45. Ram begot Amjnadab. 

46. Amjnadab begot Savebe. 

47. Savebe begot Nahesson. 

48. Nahesson begot Sahna. 

49. Sahna begot Boas. 

50. Boas begot Obed. 

51. Obed begot Jesse. 

52. jesse begot David. 

53. David begot Solomon. 

54. Solomen begot Asa. 

55. Asa begot Gadaeel. 

56. Gadaeel begot josaphat. 

57. Josaphat begot lora. 

58. jora begot Armeneel. 

59. Armeneel begot Usj a. 

60. Usj a begot Jothan. 

61. Jothan begot Gadreel. 

62. Gadreel begot Ahas. 

63. Ahas begot Jtjskja. 

64. Jtjskja begot Manasse. 

65. Manasse begot Amen. 

66. Amen begot Josj a. 

67. Josja begot Jojachjn. 

68. Jojachjn begot Sealthjel. 

69. Sealthjel begot Jequn. 

70. Jequn begot Serubabel. 

71. Serubabel begot Abjud. 

72. Abjud begot Eljakjm. 

73. Eljakjm begot Asor. 

74. Asor begot Zadok. 

75. Zadok begot Achjm. 

76. Achjm begot Eljud. 

77. Eljud begot Eleasar. 


78. Eleasar begot Matthan. 

79. Matthan begot Jacob. 

80. Jacob begot Joseph. 

81. Joseph was the husband of Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, who was 
impregnated by a distant descendant of the celestial son, Rasiel, who was 
the guardian angel of the secret. 

82. When Joseph heard of Mary's secret impregnation by a descendant of 
the celestial sons from the lineage of Rasiel, behold, he was filled with 
wrath and thought of leaving Mary before he would be married to her 
before the people. 

83. While Joseph was thinking in this manner, behold, a guardian angel, 
sent by Gabriel, the celestial son who had impregnated Mary, appeared 
and said: 

84. "Joseph, Mary is betrothed to you, and you are to become her spouse; 
do not leave her, because the fruit of her womb is chosen for a great 
purpose. Marry her in all openness, so that you may be husband and wife 
before the people. 

85. "Behold, the impregnation of Mary occurred eleven thousand years 
after the procreation of Adam through the celestial son Semjasa, to fulfil 
the word of god, the ruler of those who travelled from afar, who 
conveyed these words through the prophet Isaiah: 

86. "'Behold, a virgin will be impregnated by a celestial son before she is 
married to a man before the people. 

87. "They will name the fruit of her womb Jmmanuel, which translated 
means 'the one with godly knowledge,' as a symbol and honour to god. 
Through god's power and providential care the Earth was made to bear 
intelligent human life when the celestial sons, the travellers from the far 
reaches of the universe, mated with the women of Earth. 

88. "Behold, god and his followers came far from the depths of space, 
where they delivered themselves from a strong bondage, and created here 
a new human race and home with the early women of this Earth. 

89. "God deserves the honour of people of Earth, for behold; he is the 
true originator of the white and of coloured Earth humans, and to him 
honour should be given. 


90. "Except for him there is nothing equal in form for these human 
lineages created by him. Besides him, therefore, people should have no 
other gods who created other human lineages in other parts of the Earth. 

91. "Except for god there is nothing of comparable form worthy of 
veneration. Over him and his celestial sons reigns only the omnipotence 
of all creation: Creation itself, which should be revered. 

92. "Behold, therefore; over the Earth reigns god, the master of the 
celestial sons and the people of the white and coloured terrestrial 

93. "God is the lawgiver for these human populations and, therefore, his 
wishes should be fulfilled by man and woman. 

94. "God, the lord, is generous in his love, but also terrible in his wrath 
when his laws are disobeyed. 

95. "Mary's impregnation is god's law, and you, Joseph, are to be her 
husband in matrimony" 

The Birth Of Jmmanuel 

96. When Joseph heard this, however, he was mindful of his devoutness 
to god's laws, so he brought Mary home and married her before the 

97. At this time a decree went out from Emperor Augustus, that all the 
world should be counted. 

98. This census was the first of its kind and occurred at the time that 
Cyrenius was governor in Syria. 

99. All went to be assessed, each to his own town. 

100. Joseph of Galilee, of the town of Nazareth, also went with his wife 
Mary into the Judaic land to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, 
because he was of the house and lineage of David, 

101. in order to be assessed with his wife, Mary, who was pregnant by the 
celestial son Gabriel from the lineage of Rasiel. 

102. When they were there, the time came for her to give birth. 


103. Since they could find no shelter, they spent the night in a stable. 

104. And Mary bore her first son on the straw, wrapped him in cloth, and 
laid him in a manger near the animals, because there was no other room 
for her in the inn. 

Chapter 2 - The Wise Men From The Orient 

1. When Jmmanuel was born in the stable at Bethlehem, in the shelter in 
the land of the Jews during the time of Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee 
and Peraea, behold, wise men arrived in Jerusalem from the Orient and 

2. "Where is the newborn king of wisdom of the Jews? 

3. "We have seen a bright light in the sky and heard a voice saying, 

4. "Follow the tail of the light, because the king of wisdom of the Jews is 
born, who will bring great knowledge. 

5. "Therefore we have come to worship the newborn king of wisdom. 

6. "He shall possess the knowledge of god and be a son of the celestial 
son Gabriel. 

7. "His knowledge will be boundless, as will be his power to control 
human consciousness, so that humans may learn and serve Creation." 

8. When Herod Antipas heard of this, he was frightened, and with him 
everyone in Jerusalem, because they feared that the newborn child would 
wield dreadful power. 

9. Herod Antipas called together all the chief priests and scribes from 
among the people and inquired of them where Jmmanuel had been born. 

10. And they replied: "In Bethlehem, in the Jewish land; for thus it was 
written by the prophet Micah: 

11. "And you, Bethlehem, in the land of the Jews, are by no means the 
least among the cities in Judea, for from you shall come forth the king of 
wisdom, who will bring great knowledge to the people of Israel so that 
they may learn and serve Creation.'" 


12. Thereupon, Herod Antipas called the wise men secretly and diligently 
asked them when the bright light with the long tail had appeared in the 

13. He later directed them to Bethlehem, and said, "Go and search 
diligently for the young child and when you find him, let me know, so 
that I may also come and adore him. 

14. After they had listened to Herod Antipas, they departed. And behold, 
the light with the long tail, which they had observed in the Orient, moved 
ahead of them with a high singing sound until it reached Bethlehem and 
stood directly over the stable where the infant was born. 

15. When they saw this they were filled with great joy. 

16. They then went into the stable and found the young child with his 
mother, Mary, and with Joseph. And they fell down and worshiped the 
infant and offered their treasures, which were gold, frankincense and 

17. However, the voice again rang out from the light high above, saying 
that they should not return to Herod Antipas because he planned evil for 
the young child. 

18. And they returned to their homeland by another route. 

19. After the three wise men had left, behold, the celestial son Gabriel 
appeared to Joseph, saying: 

20. "Arise and take the infant and his mother Mary with you and flee to 
Egypt. Stay there until I beckon you, because Herod Antipas is planning 
to seek out the young child and kill him, since he fears that this babe 
might wield terrible power. 

21. "While you are in Egypt, I will send my messenger to Herod Antipas 
to teach him the truth." 

22. And Joseph arose and took the young child and his mother by night 
and escaped under the guidance of the celestial son Gabriel in the 
descending light, which fled with them to Egypt. 

23. Here they remained until Herod Antipas had a change of mind and his 
inner fear abated. 


24. When Herod Antipas realized that he had nothing to fear from the 
young boy, who was credited only with great wisdom and knowledge, he 
felt safe in his realm. Thus, he promised the messenger of the celestial 
son Gabriel he would no longer pursue Mary, Joseph and Jmmanuel. 

25. Now that Herod Antipas and his followers had changed their attitude, 
behold, the celestial son Gabriel appeared again before Joseph in Egypt, 
and said, 

26. "Arise and take the young child and his mother Mary and move to the 
land of Israel; all those who sought the child's life have had a change of 

27. And Joseph stood up, took the child and his mother, and returned into 
the light which once more had appeared. It brought them to Israel. 

28. The celestial son Gabriel brought them back to the land of Galilee. 

29. There they dwelled in the city called Nazareth, so that what had been 
spoken by the prophets would be fulfilled, "Jmmanuel shall be called the 

Chapter 3 - John The Baptist 

1. In due course, John the Baptist came to the edge of the wilderness and 
preached at the banks of the Jordan. 

2. John the Baptist preached of baptism in accordance with the old laws 
of god, according to which the way to knowledge was to be prepared. 

3. He preached that god's laws shall be followed because he is the sole 
ruler of this human lineage. 

4. He preached that above god, however, stands Creation, the source of 
the worlds, universes and all living creatures. 

5. And so he taught that the genderless Creation is the mystery of all 
mysteries; death and life, light and darkness, being and non-being. 

6. And so he taught once again that god, the lord and ruler of this human 
lineage and of those who travelled from afar, the celestial sons, holds 
Creation in high esteem. 


7. All Judea and all the people of Jerusalem went forth to John the 
Baptist, acknowledging the wisdom of the old laws of god, and let 
themselves be baptized by him in the river Jordan. 

8. John wore a garment made from camel's hair and a leather belt around 
his loins. His food consisted of locusts and wild honey. 

9. While he was baptizing many of the people, many Pharisees and 
Sadducees came to him who humiliated him with malicious talk. 

10. But John the Baptist spoke, "You brood of vipers, who told you that 
you will escape from future wrath, once your false teachings are 

11. "See to it that you bear righteous fruit of repentance and learn the 

12. "Turn away from the evil of your false teachings, which you carry out 
with arrogance and pursuant with your greed for power and fortune. 

13. "Do not think just of saying to each other, 'We have Abraham as 

14. "I say to you, with his knowledge and his power, god is able to raise 
up children to Abraham out of these stones, because he has knowledge of 
the mystery of Creation. 

15. "Already the axe has been laid at the root of the trees. Therefore, any 
tree that does not bring forth good fruit will be hewn down and thrown 
into the fire. 

16. "You brood of vipers, in two times a thousand years you and your 
followers, who pursue false teachings out of your own arrogance in your 
greed for power and fortune, shall be vanquished and, on account of your 
lies, punished. 

17. "So it shall be when humankind begins to comprehend, and when the 
chaff is separated from the grain. 

18. "It will be at the time when your false teachings will be laughed at 
and humankind discovers the truth. 


19. "This will come to pass when humankind builds singing lights and 
chariots of fire, with which they can escape into the cosmos, as is done by 
god and his followers, the celestial sons, 

20. "namely those who taught us the wisdom and knowledge of Creation, 

21. "and who urged us to obey the laws of nature and live according to 

22. "Oh you renegades, you brood of vipers, get away from this place, 
because you are impure and cursed in your false teachings. 

23. "Get away from this place, because I can by my own accord baptize 
you into repentance only with water; but he who comes after me is 
stronger than I, and I am not worthy of removing his sandals. He will 
baptize you with the knowledge of the spirit and with the fire of truth. 

24. "He has his winnowing fork in his hand; he will sweep his threshing 
floor and gather the wheat into his granary, but he will burn the chaff 
with unquenchable fire. 

25. "The lie can never withstand the truth, which destroys evil in its fire." 

26. As John the Baptist thus spoke, behold, Jmmanuel of Galilee then 
approached John at the Jordan, to be baptized by him. 

27. John, however, refused him and spoke, "It is I who need to be 
baptized by you because you possess greater knowledge than I. And you 
come to me?" 

28. But Jmmanuel answered him, "let it happen so now, because it is 
fitting for us to fulfil all justice, since we are both sons of the Earth." 

29. So John consented and baptized him. 

30. When Jmmanuel had been baptized, he soon came out of the water of 
the Jordan, and behold, a metallic light fell from the sky and rushed over 
the Jordan. 

31. Consequently they all fell on their faces and pressed them into the 
sand while a voice from the metallic light spoke: 


32. "This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased. He will be the 
king of truth, through which terrestrial humans shall rise as wise ones. 

33. Behold, after these words Jmmanuel entered into the metallic light, 
which climbed into the sky, surrounded by fire and smoke, and passed 
over the lifeless sea, as the singing of the metallic light soon faded away. 

34. After that, Jmmanuel was no longer seen for forty days and nights. 

Chapter 4 - Jmmanuel's Arcanum 

1. From this day on, Jmmanuel no longer lived among the sons and 
daughters of these Earth humans. 

2. Jmmanuel was lifted up from the Earth, and no one knew where he had 
been taken or what had happened to him. 

3. But then he was set down by the metallic light between North and 
West, in a place where the guardian angels had received guidelines by 
which they were to evaluate the site for the chosen ones. 

4. Thus, he lived for forty days and nights between the winds of the North 
and the West, where he received the arcanum of knowledge. 

5. During this instruction period he spent his days with the wise saints of 
god and the guardian angels, the celestial sons. 

6. They taught him the wisdom of knowledge. 

7. They taught him about the dominion of god over terrestrial humans and 
over his celestial sons. 

8. They also explained to him the omnipotence of the Creation of the 

9. They also taught him about the immortality of the spirit through 

10. There he saw the initial forefathers, the saints of ancient times, who 
were the celestial sons and the fathers of the terrestrial humans. 


11. From there he went to the North towards the ends of the Earth, where 
the metallic lights and chariots of fire came down from the sky or shot 
upwards with a singing sound, enveloped in smoke and fire. 

12. There, at the ends of the entire Earth, he saw a great and marvellous 

13. In that place he saw the celestial portals open, of which there were 
three different ones. 

14. The celestial portals radiated in the most brilliant Zohar an area as 
large as the lifeless sea on the river Jordan 8 . 

15. Actually gleaming therein was the entire land of Israel, alive and true, 
humans and animals and everything that was there. 

16. In this first celestial portal, no secret was concealed, because the 
Zohar entered into the smallest spaces in the cottages and revealed the 
last intimate detail. 

17. Inside the second celestial portal, there rose mighty mountains, whose 
peaks reached into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. 

18. Far below lay deep masses of snow, at whose edges a different, brown 
skinned human population built their huts. 

19. The third celestial portal revealed a land of gigantic dimensions, 
mountainous and interspersed with rivers, lakes and seas, where yet 
another human population dwelled. 

20. Not far from these three celestial portals had been built the palace of 
god, the ruler of these terrestrial humans and of those who had travelled 
from afar, the celestial sons, the guardian angels. 

21. In his palace, god ruled over the three human lineages created by him 
and over his following, the celestial sons. 

22. He was immortal, ancient and of giant size like the celestial sons. 

23. In the palace of god, there appeared to Jmmanuel two very tall men, 
the likes of whom he had never seen on Earth. 

Zohar: Radiant splendour of Creational energy [Talmud Of Jmmanuel] . 


24. Their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes looked like burning 
torches. From their mouths issued fire. Their clothing resembled a 
covering of foam, and their arms were like golden wings. 

25. They inhabited an environment of their own, because the air of this 
earthly world would have been fatal for them. 

26. These two men from the constellation of the seven stars were 
venerable teachers, and they were together with two smaller men who 
said that they were from Baawi. 

27. They said: "People have come from the heavens to Earth, and other 
people have been lifted from Earth into the heavens; the people coming 
from the heavens remained on Earth for a long time, and they created the 
intelligent human lineages. 

28. "Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a 
unique way from other people on Earth. 

29. "They were not like Earth humans but like the children of the celestial 
angels, and of a different kind. 

30. "Their bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom, their 
hair at the top of the head white as wool and their eyes beautiful. 

31. "Earth humans will now retain their inherited beauty and propagate it 

32. "But in the course of centuries and millennia they will mix with other 
human populations and the heavens, so as to generate a new humankind 
and special lineages, as the celestial sons did with the Earth people. 

33. "Jmmanuel, you are an informed insider, begotten from among our 
ranks by a celestial son. 

34. "With your knowledge you will make the impossible possible and 
accomplish things that Earth humans will deem miraculous. 

35. "You know the power of the spirit, but beware of abusing it. 

36. "Your own wisdom and the knowledge obtained through us should 
contribute to the well-being of humankind, though the road leading 
thereto will be very difficult for them and for you. 


37. "You will be misunderstood and denounced, because Earth humans 
are still ignorant and addicted to delusionary beliefs. 

38. "They believe that god is Creation itself and not the ruler of the 
celestial sons and these human lineages. 

39. "Earth people attribute to him the omnipotence of Creation and 
glorify him as Creation itself. 

40. "But god is a human being, like all the celestial sons and the 
terrestrial humans, except that he is vastly greater in consciousness than 
they are. 

41. "Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than god, the 
lord over the celestial sons and terrestrial humans, because Creation is the 
immeasurable enigma. 

42. "Jmmanuel, you will also be slandered as god and as his only 
begotten son, and you, too, will be equated with the mysterious Creation. 

43. "Do not heed these false teachings, however, because millennia will 
pass before the people of these human lineages are capable of recognizing 
the truth. 

44. "Much human blood will be shed because of you, including your own 
and that of countless generations. 

45. "Notwithstanding, fulfil your mission as the king of wisdom, as the 
son of Gabriel, the celestial son. 

46. "The law for your creation was issued in the name of god, so that 
you may serve as prophet and pioneer of wise knowledge for these human 

47. "Fulfil your mission unperturbed by the irrationality and all false 
teachings of the scribes and Pharisees, and despite the disbelieving 

48. "Hence, following the fulfilment of your mission, centuries and two 
millennia will pass before the truth of the knowledge you brought to the 
people will be recognized and disseminated by a few humans. 


49. "Not until the time of space-travelling machines will the truth break 
through and gradually shake the false teachings that you are the son of 
god or Creation. 

50. "And this will be the time when we celestial sons begin to reveal 
ourselves anew to Earth humans, when they will have become knowing 
and will threaten the structure of the heavens with their acquired power. " 

51. Thus they spoke, the celestial sons between the North and the West, 
before bringing Jmmanuel in the metallic light back to Israel, to the land 
of Galilee. 

52. When Jmmanuel heard that John the Baptist had been imprisoned, he 
left the town of Nazareth, came to and lived in Capernaum, which lies by 
the sea in the land of Zebulon and Naphtali. 

53. From that time onward Jmmanuel began to preach, saying, "Repent 
and turn to the truth and knowledge, because they alone bring you life!" 

54. When Jmmanuel went by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, 
Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew, his brother, casting their nets 
into the sea because they were fishermen. 

55. And he said to them, "Follow me; I will teach you knowledge and 
make you fishers of people. 

56. Thereupon, they left their nets and followed him. 

57. As he went on, he saw two other brothers, Jacob, the son of Zebedee, 
and John, his brother, in the boat along with their father, Zebedee, 
mending their nets. 

58. And he called them. 

59. Forthwith they left the boat and their father, and followed him. 

60. Jmmanuel went about in the entire land of Galilee, teaching in their 
synagogues, preaching the knowledge of the spirit, and healing all 
diseases and infirmities among the people. 

61. News of him spread through the entire land of Syria, and they brought 
to him all the sick afflicted with various diseases and torments, the 
possessed, the lunatics, and the paralytics; and he made them well. 


62. And many people followed him—from Galilee, from the Decapolis, 
from Jerusalem, from the land of Judea and from beyond the Jordan. 

Chapter 5 - The Sermon On The Mount 

1. When Jmmanuel saw the people following him, he went up a hill and 
sat down; and his disciples came to him. 

2. And he taught them, saying: 

3. "Blessed are those who are rich in spirit and recognize the truth, for life 
is theirs. 

4. "Blessed are those who endure hardship, for they shall thus recognize 
truth and be comforted. 

5. "Blessed are the spiritually balanced, for they shall possess knowledge. 

6. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for truth and knowledge, for 
they shall be satisfied. 

7. "Blessed are those who live according to the laws of nature, for they 
live according to the plan of Creation. 

8. "Blessed are those who have a clear conscience, for they need not fear. 

9. "Blessed are those who know about Creation, for they are not enslaved 
by false teachings. 

10. "Blessed are the righteous, for nature is subject to them. 

11. "Blessed are you if, on my account and because of our teachings, 
people revile and persecute you and speak all manner of evil against you; 
thus they lie about the teachings. 

12. "Be of good cheer and take comfort; this life and the next life will 
reward you. For so have the belittlers of the truth persecuted the prophets 
who were before you, and so will they also persecute you. 

13. "You are the salt of the Earth, and if the salt loses its flavour with 
what would one salt? It is useless henceforth, except it be thrown out and 
stepped on by the people. 


14. "You are the light of the world, and consider: The city that lies on top 
of a mountain cannot be hidden. 

15. "One does not light a candle and place it under a bushel, but on a 
candlestick; thus it shines for all those who are in the house. 

16. "Likewise your light shall shine before the people, so they see your 
good deeds and recognize the truth of your knowledge. 

17. "Do not think that I have come to do away with the law or the 
prophet; I have come not to undo, but to fulfil and to reveal the 

18. "Truly, I say to you: Until the heavens and the Earth vanish, neither a 
letter nor a dot of the law of Creation and the laws of nature will vanish, 
until all is fulfilled. 

19. "Whosoever violates one of the smallest of the laws or directives and 
teaches the people falsely, will be called the smallest; but whosoever 
spreads the teachings truthfully will be called great and will receive the 
reward of the spirit. 

20. "I tell you: If your righteousness does not exceed that of the scribes 
and Pharisees, you will not receive the reward of the spirit and of life. 

21. "You have heard that it was said to your ancestors:' You shall not kill; 
but whosoever kills shall be found guilty by the courts.' 

22. "However, I say to you: Exercise justice according to the natural laws 
of Creation, so that you find the judgment in logic. 

23. "Guilty are all those who kill when not acting in self-defence or 
according to legal verdict based on self-defence. Likewise, guilty are all 
those who engage in evil speech and actions. 

24. "Only justice according to the natural laws of Creation produces a 
logical judgment. 

25. "Do not accommodate your adversaries if you are in the right, and the 
judge will probably have to decide in your favour. 

26. "Truly, I say to you: You will attain justice only when you find it 
yourself and can make your fellow humans understand it. 


27. "You have heard that it was said:' You shall not commit adultery.' 

28. "But I say to you: Whosoever has sexual intercourse with someone 
other than their spouse shall be delivered to the courts, for it is an act 
unworthy of humans, contemptible and an offence against the laws of 

29. "If, however, your right or left eye causes annoyance, tear it out and 
throw it away, because it is better for you that just one of your members 
be destroyed than your whole body. 

30. "If a thought causes you annoyance, eradicate it and ban it from your 
brain. It is better to destroy a thought that incites annoyance than to bring 
the whole world of thought into an uproar. 

31. "It has also been said, 'Whosoever divorces his spouse shall hand over 
a certificate of divorce. 

32. "However, I say to you: Whosoever separates from their spouse, 
except in response to adultery, commits adultery; whosoever marries a 
person who is guilty in a divorce also commits adultery. 

33. "You have further heard it said to your ancestors: 'You shall take no 
false oath, and you shall keep your oath to god.' 

34. "However, I say to you that you shall not swear at all; do not swear by 
the heavens, because they are infinite and immeasurable. 

35. "Neither swear by the Earth, because it is impermanent, nor swear by 
Jerusalem, because it is an impermanent city built by human hands. 

36. "You shall also not swear by your head, because you cannot change 
the color of a single hair. 

37. "Also do not swear by the memory of a person or a thing, for they are 
all impermanent. 

38. "Let your speech at all times simply be:' Yes, yes' or' no, no.' 
Anything beyond that goes against the laws. 

39. "You have heard it said: An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. 


40. "But I say to you, exercise justice according to the natural laws of 
Creation, so that you find the verdict in logic. 

41. "Offer your love wherever it is warranted, and punish wherever the 
law of nature demands punishment. 

42. "Give to them who ask of you, if they make their requests in honesty, 
and turn away from them who want to borrow from you in a dishonest 

43. "You have heard it said, 'You shall love your neighbour and hate your 

44. "However, I say to you: Practice love and understanding according to 
the natural laws of Creation, so that through logic you find the right 
action and perception. 

45. "Offer your love where it is warranted, and despise where the law of 
nature demands it. 

46. "You shall be wise and acquire knowledge, because you shall become 
perfect in spirit as the Creation which created you. 

47. "Over the course of incarnations you shall train your spirit and your 
consciousness and allow them to develop to perfection, so that you 
become one with Creation. 

Chapter 6 - Alms, Fasting, Treasures, Concerns 

1. "Be mindful of your piety, that you practice it before the people with 
correct words, lest you be accused of lying and thereby find no reward 
from them. 

2. "Choose your words using natural logic, and draw upon the knowledge 
and behaviour of nature. 

3. "When you give alms, you shall not proclaim it, as do the hypocrites in 
the synagogues and on the streets, that they may be praised by the people; 
truly, I say to you, they have forfeited their reward, because their alms 
serve only their selfishness. 

4. "And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites, who enjoy 
standing and praying in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, 


because they pray only for the sake of their selfishness and the impression 
they have upon the people. 

5. "When you pray, you shall call upon the omnipotence of the spirit and 
not babble misleading nonsense like the idol worshippers, the ignorant 
and the selfish, because they think they are heard when they use many 

6. "The Creation- spirit part of the human has no need for many words, 
however humans need the knowledge of how powerful it is. 

7. "Pray therefore to the omnipotence of the spirit, in the knowledge that 
its greatness and power are infinite. 

8. "If you do not know how to pray directly to the almighty power of the 
spirit, make use of something sacred by which you can reach the spirit. 

9. "But be never like the ignorant, the hypocrites, the idol worshippers 
and the selfish, who worship something sacred in the belief that the 
omnipotence of the spirit dwells in it. 

10. "Be aware, however, that the almighty power of the spirit always 
dwells within you regardless of your usage of a sacred object or place. 

11. "Therefore pray as one who knows; thus you should pray as follows: 

12. '"My spirit, you exist within omnipotence. 

13. '"May your name be holy. 

14. '"May your kingdom incarnate itself within me. 

15. '"May your power unfold itself within me, on Earth and in the 

16. '"Give me today my daily bread, that I may recognize my 
wrongdoings and the truth. 

17. '"And lead me not into temptation and confusion, but deliver me from 

18. '"For yours is the kingdom within me and the power and the 
knowledge forever. Amen. 


19. "When you pray to your spirit, it will give you what you request; have 
trust in this knowledge and you will receive. 

20. "However, if you believe in the false teachings that the power and 
spirit do not dwell within you, then you will be without knowledge and 
will live in spiritual poverty. 

21. "Now and then you will receive what you in your false belief request 
from misused sacred things, or from idols and gods; but you will receive 
only because of your strong false belief, without knowledge of the real 

22. "Truly, I say to you: Blessed are only those who serve the actual truth 
and knowledge, because only they receive in honesty. 

23. "When you fast do not look sour like the hypocrites, for they put on 
pretentious faces, in order to shine with their fasting before the people. 

24. "Truly, I say to you, they forfeit their reward, because they fast only 
for the sake of their selfish impression upon others. 

25. "But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you 
do not shine before the people with your fasting but before your own 
spirit, which is hidden. 

26. "You fast for the sake of your health and for the expansion of your 
consciousness, spirit and your knowledge. 

27. "Neither should you amass great treasures on Earth, where moths and 
rust consume them and thieves break in and steal them. 

28. "But collect treasures in the spirit and in consciousness, where neither 
moths nor rust consumes them and where thieves neither break in nor 

29. "For where your treasure is, there your heart is also; and the true 
treasure is wisdom and knowledge. 

30. "The eye is the light of your body. 

31. "When your eye is clear, your entire body will be a light. 

32. "But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be dark. 


33. "If now the light within you is dark, how great then will be the 

34. "No one can serve two masters; either he will hate the one and love 
the other, or he will adhere to the one and despise the other. 

35. "You cannot serve your spirit and mammon. 

36. "Therefore, I say to you, concern yourself about the knowledge of 
your spirit, and besides that with what you will eat and drink, and be 
concerned about your body and how you will clothe it. 

37. "For are not the spirit, life and body more important than all the 
treasures of the world? 

38. "The human spirit, which is thirsting for truth and knowledge, is 
incapable of preserving its earthly life without the body, because both 
body and spirit together are one. 

39. "Thus you should be concerned about increasing your knowledge for 
your spirit's sake, about the laws of life and about food, drink and 
clothing for your body. 

40. "Look at the birds in the sky: they do not sow, they do not reap, they 
do not store their food in barns, and yet Creation feeds them. 

41. "Are you not much more than they? 

42. "Look at the birds in the sky: they devour the harmful insects, and 
they have plumage for clothing, yet they have no spirit capable of 
ongoing evolution. 

43. "They work to fulfil their duty, and they are fed and clothed by 

44. "Are you not much more than they? 

45. "You can think independently through your free consciousness; you 
can work independently and you can prepare food and drink and clothe 
your bodies independently. 


46. "Behold the lilies in the marsh as they grow: they neither toil nor spin, 
yet truly, I say to you, the lilies also fulfil their mission, when they give 
pleasure to the eye with their beauty. 

47. "I tell you, even Solomon in all his splendour was not arrayed as one 
of these. 

48. "Creation nourishes and clothes the grass in the field, which today is 
standing and tomorrow is thrown into the stove. Should not you then do 
much more for yourselves? 

49. "The grass fulfils its mission by serving as fodder and fuel; but are 
you not of much greater value than grass, oh you of little knowledge? 

50. "Therefore, you shall care for the wisdom and knowledge of your 
spirit, and take care that you do not suffer from lack of food, drink and 

51. "Truly, I say to you, if you suffer from hunger, thirst and nakedness, 
then wisdom and knowledge will be crowded out by worry. 

52. "First seek the realm of your spirit and its knowledge, and then seek 
to comfort your body with food, drink and clothing. 

53. "Therefore, take care for the next day, for tomorrow will not take care 
of you by itself. 

54. "It is enough that each day has its own troubles, therefore you must 
not also be at the mercy of the need for your physical welfare." 

Chapter 7 - The Spirit Of Judgment 

1. "Judge not falsely, lest you be falsely judged. 

2. "For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged, and with 
whatever measure you measure, you will be measured. 

3. "Judge according to the logic of the laws of nature, which are from 
Creation, because only they possess its truth and correctness. 

4. "Why do you see the splinter in your brother's eye and are not aware of 
the beam in your own eye? 


5. "Or, how dare you say to your brother: 'Wait, I will take the splinter 
out of your eye!' And behold, there is a beam in your own eye. 

6. "You hypocrite, first take the beam out of your own eye, then see how 
you can take the splinter out of your brother's eye. 

7. "Learn first the laws of nature and of Creation, their logic, before you 
judge and condemn and wish to see the faults of your neighbour. 

8. "Through the laws of nature and of Creation learn first how to 
recognize your own faults, so that you can then correct the faults of your 

9. "You shall not give sacred things to the dogs, nor throw your pearls 
before the swine, lest they trample them with their feet and turn on you 
and tear you apart. 

10. "Truly, I say to you: Do not throw your spiritual treasure into the dirt 
and do not waste it on the unworthy, because they will not thank you and 
will tear you apart, for their understanding is small and their spirit is 

Response To Prayer 

11. "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it 
will be opened to you. 

12. "For whosoever asks of their spirit, will receive; and whosoever seeks 
through the power of their spirit, will find; and whosoever knocks at the 
door of their spirit, to that person will it be opened. 

13. "Who among you would hand your son a stone if he asks for bread? 

14. "Or offer him a snake if he asks for a fish? 

15. "So if you, now, though being wicked, can nevertheless give your 
children good gifts, how much more will your spirit give you, if you ask 
for it. 

16. "Everything that you wish people would do to you, do likewise to 

17. "This is the law delivered through the prophets. 


18. "Enter through the narrow portal. 

19. "The portal is wide and the path is broad which leads to damnation, 
and many are those who travel thereon. 

20. "And the portal is narrow and the way is slender which leads to life 
and knowledge, and there are only few who find it. 

21. "Beware of false prophets and scribes who come to you in sheep's 
clothing, but inwardly are like ravenous wolves, preaching to you about 
submissiveness before shrines, false deities and gods, and preaching 
submissiveness to idols and false teachings. 

22. "Beware of those who forbid you access to wisdom and knowledge, 
for they speak to you only to attain power over you and to seize your 
goods and belongings. 

23. "You will recognize them by their fruits. 

24. "Can one gather grapes from the thorns, or figs from the thistles? 

25. "Hence, every good seed brings forth a good harvest, but a rotten seed 
brings forth a bad harvest. 

26. "A good tree can never bear bad fruit, and a rotten tree can never bear 
good fruit. 

27. "Thus, by their fruits you will recognize them. 

28. "Therefore, whosoever hears these words of mine and acts upon them 
will be like an intelligent man who built his house on the rock. 

29. "Now when a downpour fell and the waters came and the winds blew 
and beat upon the house, it did not fall because it was founded on rock. 

30. "Whosoever hears these words and does not act upon them is like a 
foolish man who built his house on sand. 

31. "When a downpour came and the waters and the winds beat upon the 
house, it collapsed and great was its fall." 

32. It happened that after Jmmanuel had finished his talk, the people were 
shocked by his teachings. 


33. He taught with authority a new doctrine unlike that of the scribes. 
Chapter 8 - The Healing Of The Leper 

1. When he descended from the mountain, many people followed him. 

2. Behold, a leper came and knelt before him, and said, "Master, if you 
will it, you can make me clean." 

3. Jmmanuel stretched out his hand, touched him and said, "1 will do it. 
Be cleansed." And immediately he was cleansed of his leprosy. 

4. And Jmmanuel spoke to him, "See to it that you tell no one. Instead, 
go and present yourself to the priest. 

5. "You were healed through the power of the spirit and the wisdom of 

The Centurion At Capernaum 

6. When Jmmanuel went to Capernaum, a centurion walked up to him 
with a request, saying, 

7. "Master, my servant lies at home incapacitated with gout and is in great 

8. "Master, I have heard your new teachings and I know the truth of your 
wisdom, which states that the human spirit can perform miracles through 
knowledge of the truth. " 

9. Jmmanuel spoke to him, "1 will come and make him well. 

10. The centurion replied, "Master, I am not worthy to have you enter 
under my roof, but only say the word and my servant will be well. 

11. "I, too, am a man subject to authority, and I also have soldiers under 
me. If I say to one, 'Go!' he goes, and to another, 'Come here!' he comes, 
and to my servant, 'Do this!' he does it." 

12. When Jmmanuel heard this, he marvelled and spoke to those who 
followed him, "Truly, I say to you, such trust I have found in no one in 


13. "But I say to you, many will come from the east and the west, from 
the south and the north, and they will understand my teachings and 
recognize their wisdom in knowledge. 

14. "However, the children of Israel will be expelled into darkness; there 
will be wailing and the chattering of teeth. 

15. "The false teachings of Israel will bring bloodshed over the millennia, 
because the power-hungry selfishness and high-handedness of Israel will 
bring death and destruction over the land and all the world. 

Jmmanuel In The House Of Peter 

16. "Turn away from the false teachings of the Israelite authorities and 
their scribes, because they will bring destruction to successive 

17. "The Israelites believe themselves the chosen people. By no means is 
this the case, because they are more disloyal and unknowing than the 
ignorant who lack the secret of Creation's laws." 

18. And Jmmanuel spoke to the centurion, "Go, be it done for you as you 
have expected." And his servant became well that same hour. 

19. Jmmanuel came to Peter's house and saw that his mother-in-law lay 
sick with a fever. 

20. He touched her hand, the fever left her and she got up and served him. 

21. In the evening, however, they brought to him many who were 
possessed; and he drove out the evil spirits through his word and made all 
the sick well. 

22. So it came to pass that what was said through the prophet Isaiah 
would be fulfilled, who spoke, "He has brought us new teachings of 
knowledge and has taken our infirmities upon himself, and he has healed 
our sick." 

On The Seriousness Of Discipleship 

23. When Jmmanuel saw many people around him, he gave the order to 
go across to the other shore. 


24. A scribe walked up to him and said, "Master, I will follow you 
wherever you go. 

25. Jmmanuel spoke to him, "Foxes have dens and birds of the air have 
nests, but I have no fixed place where I can lay my head. 

26. "I have the mission to preach wisdom and knowledge, therefore I am 
moving restlessly through the lands. 

27. And another, one of his disciples, said to him, "Master, permit me to 
go and bury my father who just died." 

28. But Jmmanuel said to him, "Follow me and let the dead bury their 

The Healing Of Two Possessed Persons 

29. He arrived at the other shore, in the region of the Gadarenes. There, 
two possessed persons ran up to him; they came out of the burial caves 
and were very dangerous, so that no one could walk on this street. 

30. And behold, they cried out, saying, "What do you want of us, you 
son of Gabriel, the celestial son? 

31. "Have you come to torment us before it is even time?" 

32. Then the evil spirits within the possessed asked him, "Master, if you 
intend to drive us out, then let us go into the herd of swine grazing just 
over there." 

33. And he spoke, "So go there." 

34. Then they went out into the swine, and behold, the whole herd rushed 
down to the water and drowned. 

35. The swineherds fled and went into the town and told everything, 
including what had happened to the possessed. 

36. And behold, the whole town came out and approached Jmmanuel. 

37. And when they saw him, they asked him to leave their area. 


Chapter 9 - Healing Of The Paralytic 

1. Then he stepped into the boat, returned to the other side again and 
came into his town. 

2. And behold, they brought to him a paralytic lying on a bed. When 
Jmmanuel saw their faith, he spoke to the paralytic, "Be comforted, 
because your faith in the power of my spirit and your confidence in my 
teachings of wisdom, which are the teachings of nature and of Creation, 
has helped you. 

3. And behold, some of the scribes began stirring up talk among the 
people: "This man blasphemes God and our holy teachings." 

4. But since Jmmanuel understood their thoughts, he spoke, "Why do 
you think such evil thoughts against your better knowledge? 

5. "Yet, what is easier, to say, 'Your faith has helped you,' or, 'Stand up 
and walk!' 

6. "So that you may know that I am a person like you and yet know how 
to use the power of my spirit through my knowledge, I command the 
paralytic, 'Get up, pick up your bed and go home!'" 

7. And he stood up, took up his bed, and went home. 

8. When the people saw this, they became fearful and praised the new 
wondrous teachings of Jmmanuel, which could give such power to 


9. As Jmmanuel was leaving, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the 
tax office and spoke to him, "follow me!" And he stood up and followed 

10. And it came to pass as he was eating at home, behold, many tax 
collectors, ignorant people and seekers of the truth came and ate at the 
table with Jmmanuel and his disciples. 

11. When the Pharisees saw this, they spoke to his disciples, "Why is 
your master eating with the tax collectors and the ignorant?" 


12. When Jmmanuel heard this, he spoke, "The healthy do not need a 
physician but the sick do; and the knowledgeable do not need the 
teachings but the ignorant do. Those who were not misled do not need the 
teachings, but those who were misled do. 

13. "Go therefore, and recognize the falseness of your wrong teachings, 
so you do not mislead those people who thirst for the truth. 


14. Then the disciples of john came to him, saying, "Master, why do we 
and the Pharisees fast while you and your disciples do not?" 

15. Jmmanuel said to them, "How can the ignorant fast and suffer while 
they are being taught knowledge? 

16. "And how can the teacher fast when he must teach knowledge to the 

17. "Truly, I say to you, your teachings are false if you fast according to a 
religious dogma; fasting serves only the health of the body and the 
growth of the spirit. 

18. "No one mends an old garment with a new patch of cloth, because the 
patch will tear again from the garment, and the rip will become worse. 

19. "Neither is new wine poured into old wineskins, for the skins will 
tear, the wine will spill, and the wineskins will be ruined. Instead, new 
wine is put into new wineskins so both are preserved. 

The Daughter Of Jairus & The Woman With Haemophilia 

20. While he was talking with them, behold, one of the community 
leaders came and knelt before him, saying, "My daughter has just died, 
but come and lay your hand on her so she will live. 

21. And Jmmanuel stood up and his disciples followed him. 

22. And behold, a woman who had haemophilia for twelve years stepped 
up behind him and touched the fringe of his garment. 

23. She spoke to herself, "if only I could touch his garment, I would be 


24. Then Jmmanuel turned around and saw her, and he said, "Be 
comforted, your faith has helped you," and the woman was well from that 
hour on. 

25. When he came into the community leader's house and saw the pipers 
and the turmoil of the people, he spoke, 

26. "Depart, because the maiden is not dead but is asleep." And they 
laughed at him. 

27. But after the people were driven out, he entered and took her by the 
hand and spoke, "1 order you to get up and walk!" 

28. And the maiden stood up and walked, and soon the news of this 
spread through that entire land. 

A Blind Man And Two Mutes 

29. As Jmmanuel left and continued on from there, a blind man followed 
him, crying, "Oh Lord, you son of wisdom and knowledge who can use 
the power of your spirit, take pity on me." 

30. And as he arrived at his house, the blind man stepped up to him, and 
Jmmanuel spoke to him, "Do you have confidence that I can do this?" 
And he answered him, "Yes, Master." 

31. Then Jmmanuel touched his eyes, saying, "Be it done to you 
according to your faith." 

32. And his eyes were opened and he saw. 

33. Then Jmmanuel warned him, saying, "See to it that no one learns 
what happened to you." 

34. However, the man went out and spread the news of him throughout 
that land. 

35. After the man had left, behold, they brought to him two people who 
were mute and possessed. 

36. And after the evil demons of self-delusion were cast out, behold, the 
mutes could speak. 


37. And the people were amazed, saying, "Such things have never been 
seen in Israel; how mighty are these new teachings about the power of the 
spirit that they can accomplish such miracles." 

38. However, the Pharisees said, "He drives out the evil spirits through 
their supreme chief, and he blasphemes God, our Lord." 

39. But among themselves they said, "Who is this Jmmanuel, who 
possesses greater wisdom and greater knowledge than we? 

40. "His teachings are mightier and truer than ours, and therefore he 
endangers us. 

41. "We must try to seize him, so that he will suffer death." 

The Great Harvest 

42. And Jmmanuel went about in all the cities and villages, taught in their 
synagogues and preached the mystery of Creation and of the laws of 
nature, so that the spirit could attain omnipotence. 

43. He preached about the spiritual kingdom within humans and healed 
every type of sickness and infirmity. 

44. When he saw the people he took pity on them, for they were 
languishing and scattered like a flock of sheep without a shepherd. 

45. Then he spoke to his disciples, "The harvest is great, but there are few 
labourers to bring it in. 

46. "Seek and pray in your consciousness that more labourers will be 
found for the harvesting." 

47. And so it came to pass that workers for the harvest were found, who 
gathered around Jmmanuel to become disciples. 

Chapter 10 - Commissioning Of The Disciples 

1. He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them the knowledge for 
controlling the unclean spirits, so they could drive them out and heal 
every sickness and infirmity. 


2. These are the names of the twelve disciples: Simon called Peter, and 
Andrew, his brother; James, the son of Zebedee, and John, his brother; 

3. Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew, the tax collector; 
James, the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddeus; 

4. Simon Canaaeus, and Judas Iscariot, the only one, other than 
Jmmanuel, who understood handwriting. 

5. Jmmanuel sent forth these twelve, commanding them and saying, "Do 
not go into the streets of Israel, and do not go to the scribes and Pharisees, 
but go into the cities of the Samaritans and to the ignorant in all parts of 
the world. 

6. "Once I have left you, go to those who lack understanding, to the idol 
worshipers and the ignorant, because they do not belong to the house of 
Israel, which will bring death and bloodshed into the world. 

7. "Go out and preach and say, 'The laws of nature are the laws of 
Creation, and the power of the Creational spirit within humans embodies 

8. "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out evil spirits. 
Because you received without having to pay, give therefore without 

9. "You shall not amass gold, silver or copper in your belts. 

10. "Also, on your travels you shall not take large bags with you in which 
to carry food, water and clothing. 

11. "Go on your way with only the bare essentials for eating and sleeping, 
for keeping yourselves clean, and for a change of clothing. 

12. "Never carry too much with you, because you would only burden 
yourselves and become welcome victims of waylaying bandits. 

13. "Remember furthermore, all labour is worthy of its reward, and you 
will not be wanting if you diligently preach and teach the true knowledge. 

14. "When you go into a city or village, inquire if someone is there who is 
worthy; and stay with him until you depart. 


15. "And when you enter a house, greet it. 

16. "if the house is worthy, your peace will pass onto the occupants. But 
if it is not worthy, your peace will return to you. 

17. "And if someone will not take you in or listen to your words, leave 
that house or that city and shake the dust from your feet. 

18. "Truly, I say to you, do not stay in such places, because they are 
abodes of the ignorant and evil; people there will not recognize the words 
of truth and knowledge. 

19. "Flee from those places, because their residents are disloyal to 
Creation and the laws of nature; the people there worship shrines, false 
gods and idols, but not Creation, nor do they follow its laws. 

20. "Flee from those places, for people there will try to take your life, 
because they do not want to forsake their false teachings. 

21. "Flee from such unrighteous people, because you must not lose your 
life for the sake of truth and knowledge. No law demands this of you, nor 
is there one that endorses such recklessness. 

22. "Truly, I say to you, many, nevertheless, will die and shed their blood 
into the sand, because later my teachings will be turned into false 
teachings that I never preached and which originate in the minds of the 
scribes and priests. 

23. "Thereby they will bring the people under their control through belief 
in their false teachings, in order to rob them of their goods and 

24. "Throughout the world there will be wailing and chattering of teeth 
when the blood flows from all those who have made my teachings of 
wisdom and knowledge into false teachings, and when the blood flows 
from all of those who, in their false belief and through evil seduction, 
believe and advocate these false teachings—teachings which certainly are 
not mine. 

25. "Many of these false believers will lose their lives, including many 
Israelites, who will never find their peace until the end of the world, 
because they are ignorant and unwise and deny the power of the spirit, of 
love and of knowledge. 


26. "Truly, I say to you, the people of Israel were never one distinct 
people, and they have always lived by murder, robbery and fire. They 
gained possession of this land through guile and murder in reprehensible, 
predatory wars, where the best of friends were slaughtered like wild 

27. "May the people of Israel be cursed until the end of the world, and 
never find their peace. 

28. "Behold, like sheep among the wolves, I am sending you among the 
ignorant and the idolaters. Therefore be wise as serpents and innocent as 

29. "But beware of the people, for they will turn you over to the courts 
and scourge you in their synagogues. 

30. "And you will be led before sovereigns and kings because of my 
teachings, as witnesses to them and to all other ignorant people. 

31. "If you cannot flee and they turn you over to the courts, do not be 
concerned; the power of your spirit will not leave you, and your 
knowledge will tell you what you should say. 

32. "It will not be you who speak, but the power of your spirit with its 

33. "And you will come to be hated for the sake of my teachings. But 
those who persevere to the end will be great. 

34. "When they persecute you in one city, however, flee to another. 

35. "Do not go to too much trouble with the cities of Israel, for truly, I say 
to you, you will get nowhere with the people of Israel until the end of the 

36. "The disciple is never above the teacher, nor the servant above the 

37. "It is enough for the disciple to be like his teacher and the servant like 
his master. 

38. "If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much 
more will they malign those of his household? 


39. "Therefore, beware of Israel because it is like a festering boil. 

40. "However, do not be afraid of them, because there is nothing hidden 
that will not be revealed and nothing secret that will not be known. 

41. "What I tell you in darkness, speak in the light; and what is whispered 
into your ear, proclaim from the rooftops. 

42. "Do not be afraid of evil slander, nor fear those who take life and 

43. "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on Earth. 

44. "Truly, I have not come to bring peace, but the sword of knowledge 
about the power of the spirit, which dwells within the human being. 

45. "For I have come to bring wisdom and knowledge and to provoke 
mankind: son against his father, daughter against her mother, daughter-in- 
law against her mother-in-law, servant against master, citizen against 
government and believer against preacher. 

46. "The people's enemies will be their own housemates. 

47. "The path of truth is long and the wisdom of knowledge will only 
penetrate slowly. 

48. "Dark ages will follow, centuries and millennia, before the truth of the 
spirit will penetrate to the people. 

49. "The unrighteous and the ignorant, including the scribes, priests and 
the authorities, will hate those who have the knowledge and will, 
therefore, persecute them and sow enmity." 

Chapter 11 - The Baptist's Question 

1. It happened that after Jmmanuel had finished giving such directives to 
his twelve disciples, he continued on from there, teaching and preaching 
in their cities. 

2. When John in prison heard about the works of Jmmanuel, he sent forth 
his disciples to him and had them say, 


3. "Are you the one who is to come, the king of wisdom, as foretold by 
the prophets, or should we wait for another?" 

4. Jmmanuel answered and said to them, "Go back and report to John 
what you hear and see: 

5. "The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, 
the dead rise, and the truth of knowledge is proclaimed to those who seek 

6. "And blessed are those who are not offended by my teachings. 
Testimony about the Baptist 

7. As they were leaving, Jmmanuel began to speak to the people of John, 
"What did you go out into the wilderness to see? 

8. "Did you expect to see a reed blowing to and fro in the wind? 

9. "Or, what did you go out to see? 

10. "Did you expect to see a man clothed in soft raiment? 

11. "Behold, those who wear soft raiment are in kings' houses with the 
rulers and the rich, and with the hypocrites, scribes and priests. 

12. "Or what did you go out for? 

13. "Did you expect to see a prophet? 

14. "Yes, I tell you, he is more than a prophet. 

15. "This is he of whom it is written, 'Behold, I will send my messenger 
before you, who shall prepare your way before you. 

16. "Truly, I say to you, among all those born of women, no one has 
arisen who is greater than John the Baptist. 

17. "But now, in the days of John the Baptist, the Earth suffers from 
violence, and those who commit violence are devastating it. 

18. "For all prophets and the law have foretold up to the time of John. 


19. "And if you wish to accept it, he is Elisha, who was to come again in 
his next life. 

20. "Those who have ears, let them hear! 

In Praise Of The Spirit And The Knowledge 

21. "But to whom shall I compare this generation? 

22. "It is like the children who sit at the market and call to their 
playmates, saying, 

23. "'We struck up a tune for you, and you would not dance; we wailed 
before you, and you would not mourn. 

24. "John, who is Elisha, has come neither eating nor drinking; so they 
say, 'He is possessed.' 

25. "But I have come, eating and drinking, and so they say, 'Behold, what 
a glutton and winebibber this man is, a companion of the tax collectors 
and the unjust.' 

26. "Yet wisdom is justified through the acknowledged deeds: In Praise 
of the Spirit and the Knowledge 

27. But at this time Jmmanuel began to speak, "Praise be to Creation, 
maker of the heavens, the universes and the Earth, for keeping the 
knowledge and power of the spirit hidden from the unwise and the 
misguided, who spread the false teachings, and for revealing this 
knowledge to sincere seekers now. 

28. "Yes, it has -been good of Creation, and of god and his celestial sons 
as well, that they have thwarted until now the misuse of power among 
Earth humans. 

29. "All things have now been given over to mankind, and no one knows 
the secret of Creation, not even one person, and therefore neither god nor 
his followers. 

30. "And all things have now been given over to me by god, whose 
guardian angels taught me the laws and knowledge of nature and the laws 
emanating from Creation. 


31. "So come to me, all you who are seeking and thirsting for knowledge 
and truth; I will refresh you. 

32. "Take upon yourselves the yoke of having to learn the new teachings, 
for they offer enlightenment; within them you will find peace for your 

33. "because the yoke of spiritual development is gentle, and its burden is 

Chapter 12 - Regarding Marriage And Cohabitation 

1. And it came to pass that Jmmanuel began to speak of the laws of 
marriage and related topics, and he said, 

2. "You have been given the directive: 'You shall not commit adultery.' 

3. "Despite this, people commit adultery and fornication, thus violating 
the laws of nature. 

4. "It is written, however, 'Whosoever commits adultery and fornication 
shall be punished, because the fallible are unworthy of life and its laws; 
thus they shall be castrated or sterilized. 

5. "If unbetrothed men and women bed down with one another in 
disgrace and without loving each other, they shall be punished also, for 
the fallible are unworthy of life and its laws; thus they shall be castrated 
or sterilized. 

6. "And if two men bed down with each other, then they shall be 
punished, for those fallible are unworthy of life and its laws and behave 
heretically; thus they shall also be castrated, expelled and banished before 
the people. 

7. "If, however, two women bed down with one another, they shall not be 
punished, because they do not violate life and its laws, since they are not 
inseminating but are bearing. 

8. "When inseminator and inseminator join together, life is desecrated 
and destroyed. But if conceiver and conceiver join together, there is 
neither desecration nor destruction nor procreation. 


9. "Truly, I say to you, there is no animal beneath the heavens that would 
behave like humankind and violate the laws of Creation and nature. Are 
you not much more than the animals? 

10. "No animal is found under the heavens for which males cohabit with 
other males, but females are found together with females, because male 
and female animals follow the laws of nature. 

11. "Whosoever indulges in fornication for the sake of pay or pleasure 
shall be castrated or sterilized, expelled and banished before the people. 

Regarding Marriage And Cohabitation 

12. "Whosoever sexually abuses a child is unworthy of life and its laws 
and shall therefore be punished by castration or sterilization, and be 
deprived of freedom through lifelong confinement and isolation. 

13. "Whosoever indulges in incest is unworthy of life and its laws and 
shall therefore be punished by castration or sterilization, and be deprived 
of freedom through lifelong confinement and isolation. 

14. "Whosoever has sexual intercourse with an animal is unworthy of life 
and its laws and shall be castrated or sterilized, and be expelled and 
banished before the people. 

15. "Whosoever marries a man or woman divorced in guilt shall be 
castrated or sterilized, because he or she is unworthy of life and its laws. 
They shall both be expelled and banished before the people. 

16. "He who begets a child without being married to the woman and 
leaves her unmarried is unworthy of life and its laws and shall therefore 
be punished by castration and loss of his freedom. 

17. "Whosoever rapes a woman or a man is unworthy of life and its laws 
and shall therefore be punished by castration or sterilization, and be 
deprived of freedom through lifelong confinement and isolation. 

18. "Whosoever commits violence against another person's body, life or 
mental health is unworthy of life and its laws and shall therefore be 
punished with loss of freedom through lifelong confinement and 


19. "Truly, truly, I say to you, these laws are rational and were 
established by nature, and they shall be obeyed, or humans will bring 
death to themselves in great masses. 

20. "This Earth can nourish and support five hundred million people of all 
human populations. But if these laws are not followed, in two times a 
thousand years there will exist ten times five hundred million people, and 
the Earth will no longer be able to support them. 

21. "Famines, catastrophes, worldwide wars and epidemics will rule the 
Earth; Earth humans will kill each other, and only a few will survive. 

22. "Truly, I say to you, there will be wailing and chattering of teeth 
when so much human blood drenches the sands of Earth that new life 
forms arise from it, bringing the final horror to mankind. 

23. "But on this day you have been allowed to receive all good things, 
and have been given the laws by which you shall live. 

24. "And you shall adhere to additional laws, so that you will have 
prosperity on Earth and peace within your families. 

25. "Do away with enforcing the old law that subjects woman to man, 
since she is a person like the man, with equal rights and obligations. 

26. "But when a man marries a woman, he shall pay to the most trusted 
steward of her possessions a price as security, so that she will not suffer 
from lack of necessities. 

27. "The price shall be calculated whereby a hundred pieces of silver will 
be required for each year of the woman's age, if her health is not lacking. 
Thus she will be measured according to her knowledge, abilities and 

28. "The price shall not be considered that of a purchase, but as security 
for the woman, so she will not suffer from want. 

29. "The bond of matrimony between man and woman shall be permitted 
only if both are mentally competent and capable of conducting a marriage 
according to the laws. 

30. "A marriage agreement between man and woman shall be concluded 
only when the price for the woman is paid. 


31. "If, according to prearranged agreement, no price is paid, the law 
applies that the man must provide for all of the wife's necessities. 

32. "A wife's infertility is no cause for divorce, nor for any other 
judgment or action. 

33. "The only valid grounds for divorce, aside from adultery, are the 
destruction or endangerment of the material consciousness, the body or 
the life of a member of one's own family. 

34. "A person who is to blame for a divorce shall be castrated or 
sterilized, expelled and banished before the people, because he or she is 
unworthy of life and its laws. 

35. "If all is done and adhered to in this way, justice and peace will come 
to all humankind and life will be preserved." 

Chapter 13 - Jmmanuel And The Sabbath 

1. At that time Jmmanuel walked through a field of grain on the Sabbath; 
and his disciples, being hungry, began to pluck ears of grain and to eat. 

2. When the Pharisees saw this, they spoke to him, "Behold, your 
disciples are doing what is not allowed on the Sabbath." 

3. But he spoke to them, "Have you not read what David did when he and 
those with him were hungry? 

4. "How he went into the temple and ate the shewbread, which neither he 
nor those with him were permitted to eat but only the priests? 

5. "Or have you not read in the law, how on the Sabbath the priests in the 
temple violate the Sabbath and yet are without guilt? 

6. "Truly, I say to you, you brood of snakes and vipers, a stone will turn 
into bread before no work may be done on the Sabbath. 

7. "For the law that the Sabbath be kept holy is only a man-made law 
without logic, as are many man-made laws that contradict the laws of 


8. "False prophets and distorters of the scriptures are the guilty ones 
responsible for these false laws that contradict the laws of Creation and of 

9. "It is therefore a human law that the Sabbath be kept holy and that no 
work be done on that day, but it is a law that escapes logic, since this law 
is a false teaching, emanating from the human mind. 

10. "Truly, I say to you, no Sabbath is holy and no law of Creation 
dictates that no work may be done on the Sabbath. 

11. "Thus the Sabbath is a day like any other day on which the day's work 
may be done. 

12. "Humans are creatures with wills of their own; thus they alone ate 
masters over the Sabbath, as was previously written in those ancient 
scriptures and laws that were not adulterated by false prophets, distorters 
of the scriptures and Pharisees." 

13. And he walked on from there and came into their synagogue, where 
he continued to teach the people. 

14. And behold, there was a man with a withered hand, and they asked 
him, "is it also lawful to heal on the Sabbath?" in order that they would 
have further cause against him. 

Jmmanuel And The Sabbath 

15. But he spoke to them, "You hypocrites, if only you had eyes, ears 
and minds so you could see, hear and understand; but you are blind and 
without reason because you lack the knowledge to see, hear and 
understand nature. Therefore, you lack insight into the laws of Creation 
that would enable you to see, hear and understand that Creation does not 
keep the Sabbath holy. 

16. "Every Sabbath day Creation rotates the stars through the heavens, 
regulates the sun, winds and rains and nourishes all creatures on Earth. 

17. "It keeps the rivers flowing in their beds, and everything goes its 
normal way on one Sabbath as on another, just as Creation made it. 

18. "But are not humans much more than all the creatures and plants? 
Thus they are masters over them all when they follow the true laws ! 


19. "You brood of snakes and vipers, you distorters of the scriptures who, 
because of your greed for money and power, spread false teachings; had 
you but one sheep that fell into a pit on the Sabbath day, who among you 
would not take hold of it and pull it out? 

20. "How much more is a person worth than a sheep or your deceitful and 
false teachings?" 

21. Then he spoke to the man, "Stretch out your hand!" 

22. And he stretched it out; and it became sound again just like the other 

23. Then the Pharisees went out and held counsel about him, on how they 
could destroy him, since he made known their lies and false teachings in 
front of the people. 

24. When Jmmanuel learned of this, he withdrew from there, and many 
people followed him, including many sick people; and he healed them all. 

25. He warned them, however, not to spread the news about him, because 
he was afraid he would be captured and put to death by torture. 

26. But his dedication to the truth prevailed, and so he continued to reveal 
his teachings and wisdom to the people. 

Chapter 14 - The Wrongdoings Of Judas Iscariot 

1. It came to pass that Jmmanuel and his disciples went to Bethlehem, 
where he taught and instructed the people. 

2. However, Judas Iscariot had become disloyal to the teachings of 
Jmmanuel and lived only for his own gratification. 

3. Secretly, he was collecting from Jmmanuel's audiences, accumulating 
gold, silver and copper in his money bag so he could live vainly. 

4. And it happened that Juda Ihariot, the son of Simeon, the Pharisee, 
informed Jmmanuel of Judas Iscariot's wrongdoings since he hoped to be 
paid off for this. 


5. But Jmmanuel thanked him and did not repay him with any gifts what 
ever, so Juda Ihariot thought of revenge, for he was greedy for gold, 
silver and goods. 

6. But Judas Iscariot was led into the desert by Jmmanuel where, for 
three days and three nights, he taught him the concept of right and wrong, 
whereupon the disciple repented and forthwith followed the teachings of 

7. When he returned to the city, he distributed all his possessions and 
collections among the poor and became a trusted disciple of Jmmanuel. 

8. However, at the same time it transpired that the writings, in which 
Judas Iscariot had reported on the teachings of Jmmanuel, were stolen 
from him. So he told Jmmanuel about it. 

9. But he spoke, "Truly, truly, I say to you, Judas Iscariot, you will have 
to suffer even greater evils than the mere loss of your writings about my 
teachings and my life. 

10. "For over two thousand years you will be wrongly accused of 
betraying me, because Simeon the Pharisee wants it so. 

11. "But his son, Juda Ihariot, is the real culprit; like his father, Simeon 
Ihariot, he is a Pharisee who seeks my life. 

12. "It is he who stole the writings from you and brought them to the 
scribes and Pharisees, so they could thereby judge me and put me to 

13. "He received seventy pieces of silver for your writings and will 
receive another thirty when he makes it possible to hand me over to the 

14. "Truly, I say to you, he will certainly succeed in this, and for two 
times a thousand years you will innocently have to pay the penalty for it; 
consequently you will become a martyr. 

15. "But write down my teachings and my life story another time, for the 
time will come, in two times a thousand years, when your writings will be 


16. "Until then my teachings will be falsified and will turn into an evil 
cult, which will cause much human blood to flow, 

17. "because the people are still not prepared to comprehend my 
teachings and to recognize the truth. 

18. "Not until two times a thousand years will an unassuming man come 
who will recognize my teachings as truth and disseminate them with great 

19. "He will be vilified by the established cult religions and advocates of 
the false teachings about me, and be considered a liar. 

20. "But you, Judas Iscariot will until then be innocently reviled as my 
betrayer and thus be condemned, as a result of the deceitfulness of the 
chief priests and the ignorance of the people. 

21. "But pay no attention to this, for the teaching of the truth demands 
sacrifices that must be made. 

22. "The people are still not very great in their spirit, consciousness and 
knowledge. Therefore, they must first take upon themselves much guilt 
and error before they learn thereby to accumulate knowledge and 
wisdom, so as to recognize the truth. 

23. "For all of this to take place, however, and for the knowledge of the 
truth to bring forth a rich harvest within people, write down my teachings 
and my life story once again. In this way, my teachings will be available 
for later generations and bear fruit to the truth. 

24. "Remain with me from now on, follow me and faithfully carry out 
your duty as the transcriber of my teachings, namely the teachings of the 
laws of nature, which are the original laws of Creation. 

25. "Never will there be a will greater than the will of Creation, which 
reveals itself through these laws. 

26. "But the laws of Creation have been valid for yesterday and today, 
and therefore for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and for all time. 

27. "Thus the laws are also a determination and hence a predetermination 
for things of the future that must happen. 


Chapter 15 - The Meaning Of The Parables 

1. That same day Jmmanuel went out and walked to the sea, where he sat 

2. Many people gathered around him, so that he stepped into a boat and 
sat down, and all the people stood on the shore. 

3. He talked to them in parables about various things, saying, "Behold, a 
sower went out to sow. 

4. "While he sowed, some seeds fell on the pathway; then the birds came 
and ate them up. 

5. "And some fell on the rocks, where there was not much soil. 

6. "And as the sun rose high, they withered, and because they had no 
roots, they dried out. 

7. "Some fell among the thorns; and the thorns grew up and smothered 

8. "Some fell on good ground and bore fruit, some hundredfold, some 
sixty-fold, some thirty-fold. 

9. "Those who have ears, let them hear." 

10. The disciples stepped up to him and said, "Why do you speak in 
parables, when they do not understand your teachings!" 

11. He answered, saying, "It has been given to you to understand the 
secrets of the spirit, but it has not been given to them. 

12. "They certainly hear my words, but they still live and think according 
to the false teachings of their scribes and Pharisees. 

13. "Their consciousness is unknowing and empty, therefore they must 
first learn to live and think. 

14. "What would be better to make them come alive and think, if not 
through speaking in parables? 


15. "Truly, I say to you, life and the knowledge of truth are only valuable 
and good when they are achieved through one's own thinking or through 
the resolving of mysteries that are recounted in parables. 

16. "As yet humans have little knowledge and no insight, and they are not 
yet conscious of the laws of Creation and the power of the spirit. 

17. "First, humans must learn to recognize the truth and thus to live 
according to the laws of Creation, so they may become knowledgeable 
and strong in spirit. 

18. "For to those who have, more will be given so they may have in 
abundance; but from those who have not, from them will be taken what 
they have. 

19. "Therefore, I speak to them in parables, because with seeing eyes they 
do not see, and with hearing ears they do not hear; nor do they 

20. "And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that says, 'With your 
ears you will hear and not understand; and with open eyes you will see 
and not perceive.' 

21. "For these people are stubborn in their minds and endeavours. The 
ears of these humans hear poorly and their eyes slumber, so they neither 
see with their eyes nor hear with their ears, nor understand with their 
intelligence. Nor do they try to comprehend the truth and the 
acknowledged laws of Creation, although they would thereby attain help 
and knowledge. 

22. "For the people of Israel are unfaithful to the laws of Creation and are 
accursed, and never will they find peace. 

23. "Their blood will be shed, for they constantly transgress against the 
laws of Creation. 

24. "They presume themselves above all humankind as a chosen people 
and thus as a separate race. 

25. "What an evil error and what an evil presumption, for inasmuch as 
Israel was never one people or one race, so it was never a chosen people. 


26. "Unfaithful to the laws of Creation, Israel is a mass of people with an 
inglorious past, characterized by murder and arson. 

27. "Only a few fathers in the masses of these unfaithful have an 
honourable past and a traceable family tree. 

28. "These, however, are not part of the brood of snakes and vipers who 
have pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith, 

29. "to the false beliefs and false teachings they adopted from Moses 
who, in turn, had stolen them from the Egyptians. 

30. "These few fathers are knowers of the truth and of true knowledge, 
and they recognize only the laws of Creation. 

31. "They became rare in this land, however, and so can be counted on 
just one man's hand. 

32. "They are only a few, and no one's eyes may recognize them, and no 
one's ears may hear them. 

33. "But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. 

34. "Truly, I say to you, many prophets and righteous men have wanted 
to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did 
not hear it. 

35. "So listen now to the hidden meaning of this parable about the sower: 

36. "If someone hears the word of truth about the spirit and the laws, and 
does not understand it, then the evil one comes and snatches away what is 
sown in their mind. That is for whom it is sown on the pathway. 

37. "But for whom it is sown on the rocks, that is the one who hears the 
word and promptly accepts it with joy 

38. "But this person has no roots within, so that which is heard cannot 
take hold and grow. Rather, this one is fickle and becomes annoyed when 
misery and persecution arise because of the truth. 

39. "But for whom it is sown among the thorns, that is the one who hears 
the word, but the woes of the world and the deception of material riches 
smother the truth and the knowledge; thus this one brings forth no fruit. 


40. "But for whom it is sown on good ground, this is the one who accepts 
the word and seeks and finds the truth, so as to be able to live according 
to the laws of truth; thus the fruit is allowed to grow and ripen, bringing 
in a rich harvest. One person bears a hundredfold, another sixty-fold and 
another thirty-fold. 

41. "These are the meanings of the parables, whose secrets must be 
deciphered by the people, in order that they learn to think and develop 

42. "Nevertheless, the path to wisdom and finding the truth is long, as is 
compliance with the laws of Creation, even though these are so obvious." 

The Weeds Among The Good Fruit 

43. But he put before them another parable and said, "The spiritual 
kingdom is like a man who planted good seeds in his field. 

44. "But while he slept, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the 
good seeds and went away. 

45. "As the plantings grew and bore fruit, the weeds also appeared. 

46. "Then the servants came to the sower and said, 'Master, did you not 
sow good seed in your field? Where have the weeds come from?' 

47. "He spoke to them, 'An enemy has done this.' Then the servants said, 
'Do you want us to go out and pull up the weeds?' 

48. "He replied, 'No, lest you uproot the good fruit when you pull up the 

49. '"Let both grow together until the harvest, and near harvest time I will 
tell the reapers: First gather the weeds and bind them in bundles, that they 
may be burned and the ashes strewn over the field so that the soil will be 
nourished; but gather the good fruit and stack it for me in my barn. 

50. "For behold:' said Jmmanuel, "both grow side by side, the weeds and 
the good fruit. 

51. "The weeds hinder the good fruit from growing, yet later the weeds 
will become compost and nourish the ground. 


52. "Were it not for the weeds being made into nourishment for the soil, 
the good fruit could not grow, since it needs nourishment." 

The Mustard Seed 

53. He presented the people with another parable, saying, "The spiritual 
kingdom is like a mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. 

54. "It is the smallest among the seeds, but when it is grown, it is bigger 
than all the shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the sky come 
and dwell in its branches. 

The Leaven 

55. He told the people another parable, "The spiritual kingdom is like 
leaven, which a woman took and mixed into three bushels of flour until it 
was thoroughly leavened." 

56. Jmmanuel told the people all of this in parables, and he did not speak 
to them without using parables, 

57. so that what is said through the prophet would be fulfilled, who states, 
"He will open his mouth in parables and will proclaim what has been 
hidden since the beginning of the world." This was so that people might 
learn from it, find the truth, and recognize and follow the laws. 

The Treasure In The Field And The Priceless Pearl 

58. "Those who have ears, let them hear: The spiritual kingdom is like a 
hidden treasure in the field, which a person finds and conceals; and in his 
joy over the discovery he goes out and sells everything he has and buys 
the field. 

59. "Once more, the spiritual kingdom is like a merchant who was 
searching for fine pearls. When he found a precious pearl, he went and 
sold everything he had and bought it. 

The Fish Net 

60. "Again, the spiritual kingdom is like a net that was thrown into the 
sea and caught all manner of fish. 


61. "When it was full, the fishermen pulled it ashore, sat down and sorted 
the good fish into containers, but threw the useless ones away. 

62. "Such is the spiritual kingdom, which rules within humans and whose 
king is the human being itself. 

63. "Pay heed to the parables accordingly, and learn to solve their secrets, 
so that you learn to think and to recognize and follow the laws of 

64. "Have you understood all this?" And they said, "Yes." 

65. Then he said, "Therefore, every scribe who has become a disciple of 
the spiritual knowledge and the spiritual kingdom is like the father of a 
household who retrieves from his treasure the new and the old. 

In Nazareth 

66. It happened that after Jmmanuel had finished these parables, he went 
away from there. 

67. Arriving in his hometown of Nazareth, he taught in the synagogue. 
The people were appalled and they said, "How did he come by such 
wisdom and deeds? 

68. "Is he not the son of Joseph, the carpenter, whose wife became 
pregnant by a guardian angel? 

69. "Is not his mother named Mary? 

70. "Are not his brothers Judas, Joseph, Simeon and Jacob? 

71. "And his sisters, are they not all with us? 

72. "From where does he get all this wisdom and the power for his 

73. So they took offence at him and threatened to turn him over to the 

74. But Jmmanuel spoke, "Nowhere is a prophet valued less than in his 
own country and in his own house. This will prove true for all time, as 


long as humanity has little knowledge and is enslaved by the decisionary 
teachings of the scribes and distorters of scripture. 

75. "So it will come true in two times a thousand years, when humans 
have become knowledgeable and thinking, and when my actual 
unfalsified teachings will be revealed anew. 

76. "The new prophet of that distant future will not possess as much 
strength and power over evil and sickness. 

77. "But his knowledge will surpass mine, and his revelations about my 
real teachings will shake the foundations of the entire Earth, for in his 
time the world will be inundated by my teachings, as falsified by the 
distorters of the scriptures, and it will be living in false religious cults 
that bring death. 

78. "It will be a time when wars from space begin to threaten, and many 
new gods will seek to rule over the Earth. 

79. "Truly, truly, I say to you, the new prophet will be persecuted not 
only by a wrong-minded people, as will happen to me, but also by the 
whole world and by many deluded religious cults, which will bring forth 
many false prophets. 

80. "Yet, before the end of two times a thousand years the new prophet 
will reveal my unfalsified teachings to small groups, just as I teach the 
wisdom, the knowledge and the laws of the spirit and of Creation to small 
groups of trusted friends and disciples. 

81. "Nevertheless, his path will be very difficult and full of obstacles, 
because he will begin his mission in a peace-loving country in the North 
which will be dominated, however, by a strict and false religious cult 
based upon scriptural distortions of my teachings. 

82. "Thus I prophesy, and thus it shall be." 

83. And he did not there show great signs of his power, nor did he impart 
his great wisdom because of their disdain for the truth. 

Chapter 16 - Herod And The Baptist 

1. At the time when Jmmanuel was staying in Nazareth, news about him 
reached Herod. 


2. And he spoke to his people, "Surely this is John the Baptist, who has 
arisen from the dead and who therefore possesses such mighty powers. 

3. For Herod had seized John, bound him and put him into prison because 
of Herodias, the wife of his brother Philippus, and had him beheaded. 

4. However it had come to pass previously that John reprimanded Herod, 
saying, "It is not good that you have taken Herodias, because you have 
committed adultery with your brother's wife and therefore you must be 
punished according to the law." 

5. For this he wanted to kill the Baptist but was afraid of the people, 
because they considered this man to be a prophet. 

6. However, as Herod was celebrating his birthday, the daughter of 
Herodias danced before them, and Herod was greatly pleased. 

7. He therefore promised her, with an unlawful oath, that he would give 
her whatever she would demand of him. 

8. And as she had been induced accordingly by her mother, she said, 
"Give me the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter." 

9. But the daughter of Herodias wept while saying this, not just because 
she was inspired with love for John the Baptist, but also because she was 
devoted to his teachings. 

10. The king was pleased that Herodias had persuaded her daughter to 
demand the head of john the Baptist, because this way he was not guilty 
in the eyes of the people, inasmuch as he had taken an oath. 

11. But Herodias' daughter did not know that Herod and her mother had 
agreed, even before the dance, to demand the head of john the Baptist 
through her. 

12. Thus Herod sent someone and had john beheaded in prison. 

13. His head was carried in on a silver platter and given to the girl. 

14. She kissed the brow of the decapitated head, wept bitterly and said, 

15. "1 did not know that love tastes so bitter." 


16. Then she brought the head of the Baptist to her mother. 

17. His disciples then came, took the body and buried it. Then they went 
to Jmmanuel and told him of the event. 

18. When Jmmanuel heard this, he was overcome with fear and retreated 
by boat to a deserted area. However, when the people heard that, they 
followed him on foot from the towns. 

19. Jmmanuel saw the large crowd from the water, and feeling sorry for 
them, he went ashore and healed their sick. 

The Feeding Of The Five Thousand 

20. In the evening his disciples came to him and said, "This area is 
deserted and night is falling over the land. Tell the people to go away so 
that they can buy food and drink in the villages." 

21. But Jmmanuel said, "It is not necessary that they go away. Give them 
food and drink. " 

22. They replied, "We have nothing here but five leaves of bread and 
three fish. 

23. And he said, "Bring them to me." 

24. And telling the people to stay put, he took the five leaves of bread and 
the three fish, spoke secret words, broke the leaves of bread, cut up the 
fish and gave them to his disciples; and the disciples gave them to the 

25. They all ate and were filled, and they saved what was left over, 
twelve baskets full of pieces. 

26. And there were about five thousand who had eaten. 

Walking On The Sea 

27. Soon afterward Jmmanuel directed his disciples to enter the boat and 
to cross over to the city in advance of him while he would dismiss the 


28. After he had sent the people away, he climbed up a small mountain 
alone in order to rest and regain his depleted strength. And so he was 
there alone in the evening. 

29. The disciples' boat was at that time in the middle of the sea and being 
imperilled by the waves, for the wind was against them and the storm was 
over them. 

30. However, on the fourth watch during the night, Jmmanuel approached 
them, walking on the water of the sea. 

31. When his disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified 
and said, "He is a ghost!" And they screamed in fear. 

32. But soon Jmmanuel came closer, spoke to them and said, "Be 
comforted, it is I, do not be afraid. 

33. "Master, is it you!" Peter asked. 

34. "Truly, it is I," said Jmmanuel. 

35. But Peter answered him and said, "Master, if it is you, then let me 
come to you on the water." 

36. And Jmmanuel said, "Come here to me and don't be afraid. 

37. "Understand and know that the water is carrying you, and it will carry 

38. "Do not doubt your knowledge and ability, and the water will be a 
firm foundation." 

39. And Peter stepped out of the boat, walked on the water and 
approached Jmmanuel. 

40. But when strong thunder ripped through the howling storm, he was 
startled and began to sink, screaming, "Jmmanuel, help me!" 

41. Jmmanuel quickly went to him, stretched out his hand and grabbed 
him, saying, "Oh you of little knowledge, why are you frightened and 
why do you become doubtful in your fright? 


42. "The power of your knowledge gives you the ability, as you have just 

43. "You trusted in my words before the thunder came, but then you were 
frightened and began to doubt, and so the power of knowledge left you 
and your ability disappeared. 

44. "Never doubt the power of your spirit, which is a part of Creation 
itself and therefore knows no limits of power. 

45. "Behold, there was a little bird that circled at great heights and sang, 
rejoicing about life, when a strong gust of wind came and made it waver. 
It then suddenly doubted its power to fly, plummeted down and was 

46. "Therefore, never doubt the power of your spirit and never doubt your 
knowledge and ability when logic proves to you the law of Creation in 
truth and correctness." 

47. They stepped into the boat, and Jmmanuel commanded the storm to 
stop. It abated and the winds ceased. 

48. Those who were in the boat marvelled and said, "You are indeed a 
master of the spirit and someone who knows the laws of Creation. 

49. "No one like you has ever been born among us, nor has any prophet 
known to us had such power." 

50. But Jmmanuel answered, "1 tell you there are greater masters of 
spiritual power than I, and they are our distant forefathers of Petale 9 . 

51. "And great are they also, who came from the depths of space, and the 
greatest among them is god, and he is the spiritual ruler of three human 

52. "However above him stands Creation, whose laws he faithfully 
follows and respects; therefore he is not omnipotent, as only Creation 
itself can be. 

9 Petale: Highest level of spiritual development that a pure-spirit form can attain 
before it ultimately melds with Creation and becomes one with it [Talmud Of 


53. "Thus there are also limits set for him who allows himself to be called 
god, and who is above emperors and kings, as the Word says. 

54. "But humans are ignorant and immature, thus they believe god to be 
Creation and serve an erroneous doctrine, as was falsified by the 
distorters of the scriptures. 

55. "Thus since people believe in god, they do not know about the reality 
of Creation, but god is human as we are. 

56. "But the difference is that in his consciousness and knowledge, and in 
wisdom, logic and love, he is a thousand times greater than you and 
greater than all people of Earth. 

57. "But he is not Creation, which is infinite and without form. 

58. "Thus god is also one of Creation's creatures, who, according to 
illogical human opinion, has no beginning and no end." 

59. And they went across the sea and came ashore at Gennesaret. 

60. And as the people in that region became aware of him, they sent word 
throughout the land and brought to him all who were sick. 

61. Then they asked him if they might just touch the hem of his garment, 
so they would be healed. 

62. And thus it came to pass; those who touched the hem of his garment 
became well. 

Chapter 17 - Human Commandments And The Laws Of Creation 

1. Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem came to Jmmanuel and said, 

2. "Why do your disciples disregard the statutes of the elders?" 

3. He answered, saying to them, "Why do you violate the laws of 
Creation by following your statutes? 

4. "Moses said, according to the laws of mankind, 'You must honour your 
father and mother, but those who unjustly dishonour their father and 
mother shall die.' 


5. "The teaching of the laws of Creation is this: You shall honour your 
father and mother, but whosoever does not honour their father and mother 
shall be expelled from the family and from the society of the righteous. 

6. "But you teach, 'Say to one's father or mother: I donate to the religious 
cult what I owe on your behalf, thus I am no longer indebted to you. 

7. "Therefore you wrongly teach that people no longer need to honour 
their father or mother. Thus you have traded the laws of Creation for your 
own statutes and lust for power. 

8. "You hypocrites, Isaiah has prophesied quite accurately about you, 
when he said, 

9. "The people of Israel give lip service to Creation, but their hearts and 
their knowledge are far from it. 

10. "They serve their cult in vain, because they teach such falsified and 
untruthful teachings, which are no more than man-made laws.'" 

11. And Jmmanuel called the people to him and said, "Listen and 

12. "The teachings of the scribes and Pharisees are false and untruthful, 
for they preach to you only man-made statutes, which are not the laws of 
Creation. " 

13. Thereupon, his disciples came to him and said, "Are you aware that 
the scribes and the Pharisees were offended by your words when they 
heard them! 

14. "They went out to bear witness against you and to have you killed 
because of your teachings." 

15. But he answered and spoke, "All plants that do not live according to 
the laws of Creation, will dry up and rot. 

16. "Leave them be, they are blind leaders of the blind; but when a blind 
man leads another blind man, both will fall into the pit. 

17. "But let us go away, so that the henchmen remain without booty. 


18. Then Peter answered him saying, "Please interpret your speech about 
the plants and the blind men for us." 

19. But Jmmanuel reprimanded his disciples and said, "Are you, too, still 
without wisdom and therefore also ignorant and doubting in recognition, 
comprehension and understanding? 

20. "You have been with me for a long time now, but you still lack the 
ability to think and recognize the truth. 

21. "Truly, I say to you, you yourselves will do much toward falsifying 
my teachings in the future. 

22. "In your knowledge you barely exceed the other people. 

23. "Haven't you realized yet that all the parables and speeches have a 
spiritual meaning and are therefore about the spiritual life of humans? 

24. "Oh, you of little knowledge, does your understanding still not extend 
beyond the stupidity of the people? 

25. "Beware, lest you see me in a false light and accuse me of an origin 
from which I could not have descended. 

Chapter 18 - The Pharisees Demand A Sign 

1. Jmmanuel departed and escaped to the region of Sidon and Tyre. 

2. And behold, the Sadducees and Pharisees approached him and 
demanded that he let them see a sign of his spiritual power. 

3. But he answered, saying, "In the evening you say, 'Tomorrow will be a 
fair day, because the sky is red. 

4. "And in the morning you say, 'Today will be foul weather, because the 
sky is red and cloudy.' So you can judge by the appearance of the sky, 
why then can you not also judge by the signs of the time? 

5. "This wicked and unfaithful generation is seeking a sign; no sign shall 
be given to it except for the sign of Jonah, who disappeared alive into the 
belly of the fish, dwelled alive in its belly and emerged alive again into 
the light." 


6. And he left them and went away. The Leaven and the Pharisees 

7. When they sailed across the sea and arrived at the other shore, they had 
forgotten to take along some bread. 

8. But Jmmanuel said to them, "Take care and beware of the leaven of the 
Pharisees and the Sadducees:' 

9. They spoke to each other and said, "This must refer to our not having 
brought along bread or anything else to eat." 

10. When Jmmanuel heard this he was angry and said, "Oh you of little 
knowledge, why does it worry you that you have no bread? 

11. "Don't you yet understand, and can't you imagine the meaning of my 

12. "Are you then of such little knowledge and without understanding 
that you can't recognize the meaning? 

13. "Do you still not understand, and do you intend not to understand for 
all times? 

14. "Don't you remember the five leaves of bread and the three fish 
divided among the five thousand and how many basketfuls you then 

15. "How is it you don't understand that I am not speaking to you about 
the bread you eat every day? But I tell you this: Beware of the leaven of 
the Pharisees and the Sadducees." 

16. Then they finally understood that he had not said for them to beware 
of the leaven of the bread, but of the false and adulterated teachings of the 
scribes and Pharisees. 

Peter's Faith 

17. Jmmanuel came into the area of Caesarea Philippi and asked his 
disciples, "Who do the people say that I am?" 

18. They said, "Some say that you are John the Baptist, others that you 
are Elijah and still others that you are Jeremiah or one of the old prophets: 


19. And he said to them, "But who do you say that I am?" 

20. Simon Peter answered, saying, "You are the prophesied Messiah and 
a son of the living god who is the spiritual ruler of the three human 

21. Jmmanuel became angry and answered, saying to him, "Oh you 
unfortunate one, my teachings have not revealed this to you, for I 
instructed you in the truth. 

22. "And I also tell you, you certainly are a faithful disciple, but your 
understanding must be compared to that of a child. 

23. "You are Peter, and I cannot build my teachings on your rock. You 
will open the portals of misunderstanding, so that the people will be over 
come by your mistaken interpretation of my teachings and will follow 
them and live according to falsified teachings. 

24. "I cannot give you the key to the spiritual kingdom, otherwise you 
would open false locks and wrong portals with it. 

25. "I am not the son of a spiritual ruler of three human lineages and 
therefore not the son of god; furthermore, the sole spiritual power is 
Creation and never a human being; therefore free yourself from these 
erroneous teachings and learn the truth. 

26. "My mother is Mary, who truly conceived me through a guardian 
angel, a descendant of our ancestors, who travelled here from the far 
reaches of the universe; and my earthly father is Joseph, who only acts as 
my paternal guardian. 

27. Then he warned his disciples never to tell or wrongly assume such 
things, and that they were not allowed to spread Peter's confused 

Proclamation Of The Passion 

28. From that time onward, Jmmanuel began to tell his disciples that he 
would have to go to Jerusalem and suffer much from the elders, scribes 
and chief priests, because he could not help but bring his teachings to 


29. And Peter took him aside and spoke to him angrily, "May god or 
Creation prevent that! 

30. "This must not happen to you, because they will catch and torture and 
kill you." 

31. But he turned to Peter, became angry and said, "Get away from me, 
Satan, for you are an annoyance, because you are thinking not in spiritual 
but in human terms. 

32. "Simon Peter, again you make me angry and show your ignorant 

33. "Truly, I say to you, owing to your lack of understanding, the world 
will shed much blood because you will falsify my teachings and spread 
them erroneously among the people. 

34. "You will be to blame for the deaths of many people, as well as for 
the origin of a false name for me and for the evil insult of calling me the 
son of god, and calling god Creation itself. 

35. "But you are still under the grace of my long-suffering patience, so 
you can still measurably improve upon your irrationality." 

36. Then Jmmanuel said to his disciples, "Those who desire to follow my 
teachings should take upon themselves the burden of the search for truth, 
insight and understanding, 

37. "because those who live their lives in truth and knowledge will be 
victorious, but those who live their lives in untruth and ignorance will 

38. "What would it profit them if they should gain the whole world, yet 
still damage their consciousness? 

39. "Or, how can one help one's spirit if unable to think? 

40. "Truly, I say to you, there are several here who will not taste the 
power of spiritual knowledge in this life, and so they will learn in the next 

41. "The human spirit is ignorant until it has gained knowledge through 
thinking and inquiry. 


42. "The spirit of a person is not a human product but is a part of Creation 
given to humans. It must be made knowledgeable and perfected, 

43. "so that it proceeds to become one with Creation, since Creation, too, 
lives in constant growth. 

44. "Creation is timeless, and so is the human spirit. 

45. "The teaching of this knowledge is extensive and not simple, but it is 
the way to life that is diverse in its nature. 

46. "The human life is destined for perfection of the spirit, in order that 
life be lived in fulfilment thereof. 

47. "Even when humans burden themselves with mistakes, they act 
according to a law of Creation, because they learn from them and gather 
insight and knowledge, whereby they develop their spirits, and through 
their spirits' strength they are able to act. 

48. "Without making mistakes it is impossible, therefore, to gather the 
logic, insight, knowledge, love and wisdom necessary to develop the 

49. "Truly, I say to you, the teachings of the chief priests, Pharisees and 
scribes are erroneous and false when they tell you that a mistake would 
be punished by god or Creation when, in fact, the mistake serves the 
insight and knowledge, and hence the progress, of the spirit. 

50. "Therefore there is no punishable mistake, if it serves the insight, 
knowledge and progress of the spirit; likewise, there is no inheritable 
mistake or punishment in this world or another world. 

51. "Punishment of such a mistake would contradict all the laws of nature 
and thus all the laws of Creation. 

52. "When one makes a mistake that serves the insight, knowledge, and 
progress of the spirit, there is no punishment, neither in this life nor in 
any subsequent life. 

53. "Thus humans live with the mission of perfecting their spirits and 
obtaining insight and knowledge through mistakes, so that they may lead 
the lives for which they were destined. 


54. "Humans, however, neither learn consistently nor in accordance with 
the greatness of their spirit, which is guided by the laws of Creation and 
introduced to situations that must sequentially ensue, for they are 
destined. Thus humans mislead their consciousness, their thinking, 
feeling and actions; they burden themselves with guilt and expose their 
inner selves to attacks from outside forces. 

55. "In this manner the power of consciousness of others affects the life 
of the individual, for better or worse. 

56. "Because humans at this time are beginning to think and perceive, 
they are in need of the teachings. Thus the prophets have been sent by the 
celestial sons to teach humankind about the true laws of Creation and the 
knowledge regarding life. 

57. "But the people are still ignorant and addicted to the false laws of the 
chief priests and distorters of the scriptures. Consequently, they do not 
recognize the new teachings as truth. 

58. "Lacking understanding, the people curse the truth which yet must 
come; they curse, stone, kill and crucify the prophets. 

59. "But since the teachings of the truth must be brought to the people, 
the prophets have to bear great burdens and suffering under the curse of 
the people. 

60. "Just as they persecuted many prophets, they are now after my life. 

61. "The prophecy of the inexorable destiny says that it shall come true 
for me, insofar that I, an innocent man, will be declared guilty. 

62. "However, it will not come to pass that I am killed, but while in a 
state of near-death, I will be considered dead for three days and three 
nights. I will be placed in a rock tomb, so that the sign of Jonah will be 

63. "My friends from faraway India, who are well versed in the art of 
healing, will be my caretakers and will help me flee from the tomb on the 
third day, so that I then may finish my mission among the people of India. 

64. "It shall come to pass that I will attain a certain insight, increase my 
knowledge and generate a new strength in spirit and consciousness." 


Chapter 19 - The Nature Of A Child's Thinking 

1. It came to pass that the disciples stepped up to Jmmanuel and asked, 
"Who is the greatest in spirit?" 

2. Jmmanuel called a child to him, placed the youth in their midst, 

3. and spoke, "Truly, I say to you, unless you change and become like the 
children, you will not become great in spirit. 

4. "Those who search, seek and gather insights and thirst for knowledge 
like this child will be great in spirit. 

5. "Those who search, seek and find like such a child will always reach 
their fullest potential within themselves. 

6. "But whosoever does not heed this truth and embraces erroneous 
teachings, and neither searches nor finds, would be better off with a 
millstone hung around the neck and drowned in the deepest part of the 

7. "Truly, there is no sense in life and no fulfilment of its meaning 
without searching, seeking and finding. 

8. "It would be better to expel those who lack understanding from the 
company of the true seekers and of those who search for true life, so that 
they do not hinder those willing to seek the truth. 

9. "The unreasonable ones will surely be willing to heed the laws of 
Creation in their lives after their expulsion. 

10. "Woe to the world for troubles, because trouble must come through 
troublemakers; but woe to those who cause troubles. 

11. "Don't be concerned if your hand or foot troubles you and falls off. It 
is better to lose a limb and grow great in spirit than to have two hands and 
two feet and a consciousness that remains small, or even wastes away. 

12. "Don't be concerned if an eye troubles you and becomes blind. It is 
better for you to see the laws of Creation in the power of your spirit and 
consciousness than to have two eyes and yet be spiritually blind in 


13. "See to it that you are not one of those who is sound in body but sick 
and lacking in consciousness. 

The Errors Of Your Neighbour 

14. "Search for the meaning and truth in my teachings. Since I am human 
like you, I, too, have had to search and perceive. 

15. "Since I am human like you and have gathered my knowledge, you 
are also capable of learning, searching, perceiving and knowing; in so 
doing you may grasp and observe the laws of Creation. 

16. "If your neighbour errs and embraces a falsified teaching, go and 
reveal their error in private. 

17. "If they listen to you, you have won your neighbour. 

18. "If your neighbour does not listen and continues to be enslaved by a 
lack of understanding, leave that person be, for they are not worthy of 
your teaching, once you have done everything possible. 

19. "It is better to let an unreasonable person walk on the path of misery 
than to bring confusion to one's own consciousness. 

20. "Truly I say to you, the heavens will collapse before an unreasonable 
person can be taught reason; therefore, beware of such persons. 

21. "Sow the seeds of wisdom on fertile soil where they can germinate, 

22. "because only the germinated seed will bring forth fruit:' 

Chapter 20 - Marriage, Divorce, And Celibacy 

1. It happened that after Jmmanuel had concluded these talks, he departed 
from Galilee and entered the land of Judea beyond the Jordan. 

2. Many people followed him, and he healed the sick there. 

3. The Pharisees approached him and tempted him by asking, "Is it right 
for a man to divorce his wife on any grounds?" 

4. He answered, saying, "Truly, I say to you, stars would sooner fall from 
the sky than for divorce to be permissible. 


5. "Truly, a person will leave father and mother for the sake of marriage 
and will cling to their spouse, so as to become one flesh and blood. 

6. "So they are now no longer two, but one flesh and blood, which is 
uniquely theirs. 

7. "From one flesh and blood they bring forth offspring, who again are of 
the same flesh and blood as their father and mother. 

8. "What has been joined together in this way, man shall not part, because 
it is against the laws of nature." 

9. Then they asked, "Why did Moses command that a decree of 
annulment be issued in case of divorce?" 

10. He spoke to them, "Moses gave you permission to divorce because of 
the hardness of your hearts and his dominion over you. But such has not 
been the case from the beginning of humankind, for Moses has broken a 
Law in this instance. 

11. "But I say to you, whosoever divorces, except for fornication or the 
other stipulated transgressions, and marries someone else, commits 

12. And the disciples said to him, "If this is the way it is between a man 
and his spouse, then it is not good to marry." 

13. But he spoke to them, "Not everyone understands this message, 
except those to whom it is given. 

14. "Some do not enter into marriage because from the time of their birth 
they are incapable of it; some do not enter marriage because other people 
have made them unsuited for it; and still others do not enter marriage 
because they renounce it for the sake of spiritual strength. 

15. "Those who can grasp this, let them grasp it." 

Blessing Of The Children 

16. Then children were brought to him, so that he would lay his hands on 
them and bless them, but the disciples rebuked them. 


17. However, Jmmanuel spoke, "Let the children be and do not hinder 
them from coming to me, because they are my most attentive listeners, 
and theirs is the realm of wisdom. 

18. And he laid his hands upon them and said, "Learn knowledge and 
wisdom to become spiritually perfect, and true followers of the law. 

19. "Truly, I say to you, inasmuch as I am called Jmmanuel, which means 
'the one with godly knowledge,' you, too, shall bear this name when you 
grasp the wisdom of knowledge." 

20. And to his disciples he said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, seek 
knowledge and recognize the truth, so that you will become wise. 

21. "Being named 'the one with godly knowledge' indicates that I stand 
spiritually above kings and emperors; therefore it says that wisdom is 
among us. 

22. "Thus I am the king of wisdom among Earth humans, as god is the 
king of wisdom among the sons of heaven, who, together with god, are 
the creators of the three human lineages. 

23. "As I was born of an Earth woman and speak her language, I am 
called Jmmanuel, as god in his language is called god, which also means 
king of wisdom, and he is often a ruler over a human population and 
master over a people. 

24. "Seek and understand the meaning of my speech, lest you may be so 
bold as to call me the son of god or the son of Creation, or assign to me 
the power of Creation, or insult me by calling me the lord over good and 

25. "Behold the little children, they are not like you; they trust in the truth 
and wisdom of my speech, and therefore wisdom shall be theirs. So why 
do you push them away?" 

26. And he laid his hands upon them and departed from there. 

27. As they were walking, Peter said to him, "Behold, we have forsaken 
everything to follow you; what will we get in return?" 

28. But Jmmanuel replied to them, "Truly, I say to you, some of you who 
have followed me will embrace the wisdom of my teachings, so you will 


be spiritually great in reincarnations to come. But some of you will not 
recognize the wisdom of my teachings and will disseminate erroneous 
teachings about me. those ones will have difficulty finding the truth in 
future incarnations. 

29. "So it will be among all Earth humans everywhere from east to west, 
and from north to south. 

30. "My beneficial teachings will be brought to many, but they will not 
recognize them. 

31. "Many will follow erroneous teachings about me and therefore not 
find the truth, because they mistake me for god or his son, or perhaps 
even the son of Creation. 

32. "They will speak big words and insist that they alone know the truth, 
because they will have fallen prey to an evil error and thus will follow 
evil and falsified teachings. 

33. "Many will be first among the people because they will think as 
humans in their deluded teachings, but they will be last in spiritual 
knowledge and small in their wisdom. 

34. "Wisdom will only exist where the knowledge about the truth bears 
fruit, and where the laws of Creation are followed and respected. 

Chapter 21 - Two Blind Persons 

1. When they set out on their way to Jericho, many people followed him. 

2. And behold, two blind persons sat by the wayside; and when they 
heard Jmmanuel going by, they cried out, saying, "Oh lord, son of a 
celestial son, have mercy on us ! " 

3. The people threatened them to be quiet, but they screamed even louder, 
saying, "Oh, lord, son of a celestial son, have mercy on us!" 

4. And Jmmanuel stood still and called out to them, asking, "What do you 
want me to do for you?" 

5. They said to him, "Lord, open our eyes so we can glimpse the 
splendour of the world. " 


6. And he had pity on them and asked, "Whose power, do you suppose, 
is it that can make you see?" 

7. They replied, "The power of Creation, which is in the laws." 

8. Jmmanuel was astonished and said, "Truly, so far I have never found 
such faith and knowledge among these people. Be it done to you as you 

9. And he touched their eyes and immediately they could see; and they 
followed him. 

10. As they went on their way, Jmmanuel taught the people with 
sincerity, and he spoke, 

11. "Truly, truly, I say to you, if you are knowledgeable and 
comprehending and embrace wisdom, and if you practice love truthfully 
and do not doubt, not only will you do such things with blind eyes, but 
when you say to the fig tree: 'Dry up' it will dry up. Or when you say to a 
mountain: 'Lift yourself up and throw yourself into the sea,' it will come 
to pass. 

12. "Be knowledgeable in truth and wisdom, so that your spirit and your 
consciousness will become powerful. 

13. "And when you are knowledgeable and live in the truth of wisdom, 
your spirit and your consciousness will be filled with infinite power. 

14. "Then everything you command or ask for in prayer, you will receive 
if you trust in it. 

15. "Do not suppose, however, that prayer is necessary, because you will 
also receive without prayer if your spirit and your consciousness are 
trained through wisdom. 

16. "Do not delude yourself by heeding the falsified teachings that a 
person has a predetermined will, because this belief is wrong. 

17. "Know this: Whatever a person may wish to accomplish, they must 
always first create the will to do so, because this is the law of nature. 

18. "Thus a person determines the course of their life, known as fate. 


19. "But it is a fact that one must acquire knowledge and learn the truth in 
order to engender a will that is imbued with the laws. 

20. "Consider yourselves as people who live in order to learn and perfect 
the spirit, 

21. "because you were born with the task of becoming perfect in spirit. 

22. "Pay no attention in the future when the erroneous teaching will be 
spread that humans must once again perfect themselves in spirit because 
they have fallen away from Creation. 

23. "Beware of this false teaching, because it is wrong down to the final 
dot on the 'i.' 

24. "Truly, truly, I say to you, humans were never perfect in spirit and 
thus they have never fallen away from Creation. 

25. "The spirit of each person is created specifically for the task of 
perfecting itself and gaining wisdom. 

26. "This is so as to become one with Creation as destined by the laws, 
whereby Creation grows and expands within, and thus perfects itself. 

27. "And as the spirit within a person is a unity, so is Creation a unity 
within itself, and no other powers exist besides it. 

28. "Within itself, Creation is pure spirit and therefore infinite power, 
because it is one within itself, and nothing exists outside of it. 

29. "Therefore, beware of the false and adulterated future teachings that 
will insult me when they call me the Son of Creation and the Son of God. 

30. "From these false teachings, lies will be spun, and because of them 
the world will suffer much deprivation and misery. 

31. "Pay no attention to the erroneous future teachings which will 
endeavour to combine the spirit and Creation and me into one, creating 
from them a threefold entity, which in turn should be a unity again. 

32. "Beware of these false and adulterated teachings of the future, 
because a trinity is impossible according to the logical laws of Creation. 


33. "Truly, I say to you, the princes suppress their people, and the mighty 
use violence against them; similarly, the forthcoming religious sects will 
use violence, when they adulterate my teachings and disseminate them. 

34. "So beware of them and do not permit yourselves to be forced into 
carrying the yoke of these false teachings. 

35. "But this does not have to happen to you; instead, you should be great 
and learn and teach the truth. 

36. "As I have come to teach truth and knowledge among the people, so 
you should keep on reaching, in order that the truth may indeed prevail. 

Chapter 22 - Entry Into Jerusalem 

1. As they approached Jerusalem at Bethphage near the Mount of Olives, 
Jmmanuel sent forth two of his disciples and said to them, 

2. "Go into the village that lies ahead, and forthwith you will find a 
female donkey tied to a post and a foal with her; untie her and bring her 
to me, because she is a present to me and is only temporarily being kept 
there at the stable. 

3. "And if anyone questions you, say, 'Jmmanuel of Nazareth needs her." 
and right away he will let you have her. 

4. The disciples went there and did as Jmmanuel had told them. 

5. They brought the female donkey and the foal, and they laid their 
clothes on the old animal, and he mounted it. 

6. When the people heard that Jmmanuel, the king of wisdom, was 
coming, they spread their clothes on the path. Others cut branches from 
the trees and scattered them on the path. 

7. And the people who walked ahead of him and those who followed him 
shouted and said, "Hail to the descendant of David. Praise be to him who 
comes to proclaim anew the teachings of truth. 

8. And when they entered Jerusalem, the whole city became excited and 
asked, "Who is it that's coming?" 


9. The people replied, "It is Jmmanuel, the prophet from Nazareth in 
Galilee, who brings anew the teachings of truth. 

Purging Of The Temple 

10. Jmmanuel went into the temple in Jerusalem and became furious 
when he saw that traders, vendors, dove merchants and moneychangers 
had established themselves there. 

11. Jmmanuel was very upset and said to them, "It is written: 'The temple 
is to be a place of teaching and a place of contemplation.' But you make it 
into a den of thieves." 

12. In his anger he overturned the tables of the money changers and the 
chairs of the dove merchants, and he drove them all out with a donkey 
driver's whip. 

13. And the blind and lame came to him in the temple and he healed them 

14. But when the chief priests and scribes saw the great deeds he was 
performing, and the people as they shouted in the temple, saying, "Hail to 
the descendant of David!" they became indignant. 

15. When they asked him, "Do you hear what these people are saying?" 
Jmmanuel said to them, "Are you so afraid of the truth that it angers 

16. And he left them there and departed from the city for Bethany, where 
he stayed overnight. 

Back In Jerusalem 

17. And when Jmmanuel returned again to the temple and taught, the 
chief priests, scribes, and the elders of the people came to him and asked, 
"By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you the 

18. But Jmmanuel answered, saying to them, "1, too, want to ask you a 
question, and if you answer it, I will tell you by whose authority I am 
doing everything. 

19. "Whence came the baptism of john? From Creation or from men?" 


20. They pondered the question and spoke among themselves. "If we say 
it was through Creation, then he will reply, 'Why don't you trust in it, and 
why aren't you following its laws?' 

21. "But if we say it was through men, then we must fear the people 
because they consider John a prophet:' 

22. And so they answered Jmmanuel, saying, "We don't know." 

23. Thereupon he replied to them, "You brood of snakes and vipers; 
neither will I tell you by whose authority I act. 

24. "But what do you think? A man had two sons and went to the first one 
and said, 'My son, go and work today in the vineyard.' 

25. "He answered, saying, 'Yes father, I will go.' Yet he did not go. 

26. "So he went to the other son and said, 'My son, go and work today in 
the vineyard.' 

27. "But he answered and said, '1 don't want to do it and therefore I will 
not go.' However, he soon felt remorse and went. 

28. "Now 1 ask you, which of the two did the will of the father?" And 
they said, "The latter of course." 

29. But Jmmanuel spoke to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, the 
publicans and prostitutes will recognize the wisdom of knowledge before 
you do. 

30. "John and the prophets came to you and taught you the right way, and 
you did not trust them; but the publicans and prostitutes did trust them. 
And although you recognized it, you nevertheless did not do penance and 
change your mind, so that you would trust them from that time on. 

31. "You know the truth, and yet you deny it in order to profit in gold, 
silver and goods and enrich yourselves at the expense of the poor, 
misguided people. You mislead and exploit them in the name of the faith. 

32. "But listen to another parable about a vineyard, and perhaps you will 
understand, if you have not lost your minds. 


33. "There was a lord of a large property who planted a vineyard, built a 
fence around it and dug a cellar therein; he built a tower, leased the 
vineyard to vine-dressers and left the country. 

34. "When the time for the grape harvest arrived, and with it the payment 
of the lease, he sent his servants to the vine-dressers so that they would 
collect the lease payment due him. 

35. "The vine-dressers seized his servants, beat one, tortured the other 
and stoned to death the third one. 

36. "Again the lord sent out other servants, more this time than the first; 
however the vine-dressers treated them the same way as they did the 
servants before. 

37. "Finally he sent the son of his administrator to them and said, 'They 
will be afraid of the administrator's son.' 

38. "But when the vine-dressers saw the son of the administrator they 
spoke among themselves, 'This is the heir, come let's kill him and take 
over his inheritance.' 

39. "They seized him, pushed him out of the vineyard and killed him, so 
they thought. While presuming him dead, they put him in a tomb where 
he remained in a state of near death for three days and three nights, and 
then he fled. Thereupon he returned to the lord of the vineyard and 
reported to him. 

40. "Now when the lord of the vineyard heard what had happened to the 
son of the administrator, what do you think he did?" 

41. They replied to him, "He probably had the villains punished and 
banished and turned his vineyard over to other vine-dressers who paid his 
lease at the proper time and, surely, he turned over the inheritance to the 
administrator's son in advance." 

42. Jmmanuel spoke to them, "You have recognized the meaning, and 
you have also read it in the scriptures: 'The stone that the builders threw 
away became the cornerstone.' 

43. "Therefore I tell you, I am like the son of the administrator of the 
vineyard, and you are like the vine-dressers that leased the vineyard. 


44. "My teachings truly are not foreign to you and you are well 
acquainted with them, for they have already been given, handed down, 
and made known to you by the prophets. 

45. "But if you disregard, falsify and interpret them to your advantage, 
you are also calling me a liar; thereby you also call god a liar, upon 
whose resolve I was begotten by one of his kind and stand before you as a 

46. "Therefore I say to you, peace and joy shall be taken from you and 
your people for all eternity, and all shall be given to a people who bring 
forth their fruits. 

47. "If you disregard and trample on all the commandments of god, who 
is the ruler over this and the two other human lineages in the North and 
the East, you shall be disregarded and trampled upon for all time. 

48. "The burden of the Israelite people will be like a heavy stone of the 
seven Great Ages. Whosoever falls upon this stone will be smashed to 
pieces, and whosoever it falls upon will be crushed:' 

49. When the chief priests and Pharisees heard what he had said, they 
understood he cursed them and the Israelite people for all future time. 

50. And they conspired on how they could seize him, but they were afraid 
of the people, who believed him to be a prophet. 

Chapter 23 - Tax Money 

1. When the Pharisees held counsel on how they could snare Jmmanuel 
in his speech, they sent their followers to him, including some of Herod's 

2. They then said, "Master, we know that you are truthful and teach the 
way of the laws rightly, and don't inquire about anyone, since you do not 
care about people's reputations, but only about the laws of god and, in 
fact, the laws of Creation. 

3. "Therefore, tell us your opinion. Is it right to pay tax to the emperor or 


4. But Jmmanuel sensed their malice and said, "You deceivers, hypocrites 
and swindlers, how low in intelligence and understanding are you that 
you want to tempt me in such a sick and foolish manner? 

5. "Show me a tax coin so that I can heal you from your sick folly" And 
so they gave him a denarius. 

6. And he said to them, "Whose image and whose inscription are on this 

7. They replied, "-They are the emperor's." 

8. He then said to them, "Give therefore to the emperor what is the 
emperor's, and give to god what is god's, and give to Creation what is 

9. "Yet beware and know that god and the emperor are men above whom 
is the omnipotence of Creation to which you must give the highest praise, 

10. "for although god is indeed ruler over humankind and the emperor is 
indeed ruler over peoples, above them stands Creation as the highest 
authority, to which they are subordinate in the law, as is every human 
being and all life." 

11. When they heard this they were astonished, left him alone and went 


12. On the same day the Sadducees, who hold the opinion there is no 
reincarnation, came to him. 

13. They asked him, "Master, Moses has said, 'When a man dies and has 
no children his brother shall take the widow as his wife and begot 
descendants for his brother.' 

14. "Once there were seven brothers among us. The first one was married 
and died, and because he had no descendants he left his wife to his 

15. "and so did the second and the third, until the seventh. 

16. "At last the woman also died. 


17. "Now you teach there is a renewed life. Whose wife will she be 
among the seven in the new life, for she was the wife to all of them." 

18. Jmmanuel, however, answered, saying, "You are mistaken and do not 
know the unadulterated scriptures of the elders, nor do you know the laws 
of Creation. 

19. "Truly, I say to you, Moses never gave this commandment; but he 
gave the commandment that a brother should take his brother's wife to 
himself in honour, so if one died the other would take care of the widow 
of his brother. 

20. "How is it possible for a brother to begot descendants for his brother, 
since everyone's seed is different? 

21. "In the next incarnation they all will be strangers because they will 
not recognize each other; therefore, no law says the wife then belongs to 
this one or that one. 

22. "In each new life the person determines for himself whom he wishes 
to marry; thus he can marry whoever is not spoken for. 

23. "Take heed of the laws of Creation, which teach that in a new life 
people do not remember their former lives. Thus your question is 

24. "At this point it is only the prophets who remember former lives, 
since they follow the laws of Creation and therefore live in wisdom. 

25. "But since you and the Israelite people will continue to live in 
piercing darkness for an extended period, cognizance and wisdom of the 
spirit and of the consciousness will remain hidden from you for a long 

26. "Other peoples will advance beyond you and will evolve greatly in 
spirit and consciousness, and will follow the laws of Creation. 

27. "Therefore, other peoples will be superior to you in spirit and in 
consciousness and gather great wisdom, so that many among them will 
soon be like the prophets and have recollections about their former lives. 

28. "But you and the Israelite people shall remain poor in consciousness, 
and thus drift in piercing darkness. 


29. "To wit: whoever incurs punishment shall also endure it." 

30. When the people heard that, they were aghast and afraid. 

The Greatest Commandment 

31. But when the Pharisees heard that Jmmanuel had silenced the 
Sadducees, they gathered and deliberated. 

32. And one among them, a scribe, tested him by asking, Jmmanuel, 
which is the foremost commandment in the law?" 

33. Jmmanuel asked in return, "Whose law are you thinking of, the law of 
the emperor, or are you thinking of the law of god, or are you thinking of 
the law of Creation?" 

34. The scribe said, "1 am thinking of the laws of all three." 

35. But Jmmanuel said, "The highest directive in the law of Creation is 
this: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge, so that you may wisely follow 
the laws of Creation. 

36. "But the highest commandment of the law of god is this: You shall 
honour god as the ruler of the three human lineages and obey his laws, for 
he is their king of wisdom and a good and just counselor. 

37. "And the highest command of the laws of the emperor is this: You 
shall be obedient to the emperor, follow his laws and give to him the 
tithe, because he is the ruler over the people and their guardian and 

38. "These are the foremost and greatest commandments in the laws of 
the three, as applied to their categories. 

39. "But the other directive, equal to the first, is this: You shall consider 
only Creation as omnipotent, for it alone is constant in all things and 
therein is timeless. 

40. "The emperor and god are transitory, but Creation is eternal. 

41. "Upon these two directives depend the entire law and the prophets. 


42. "The laws of god and those of the emperor are human laws and are 
intended to maintain law and order among the people. 

43. "But the laws of Creation are the laws of life and the spirit and, 
therefore, they are eternal and constant. 

44. "Likewise eternal is a person's spirit, which is a tiny fragment of 
Creation spirit, for how could Creation itself ever cease to be? 

45. "Hence, when a person dies, their spirit lives on and leaves this side 
of existence for the other side, where it continues to gather the wisdom of 

46. "The greater the spiritual wisdom gained through the learning of the 
consciousness, the more the spirit itself determines its future, its return, 
and its subsequent activities. 

47. "Since I am also a prophet and know the future, I tell you that I shall 
return as representative of god for the purpose of instructively rendering 
judgment over all those who live according to false teachings and who 
degrade the wisdom of the spirit. 

48. "Therefore the words of truth will be harsh and without mercy, and 
many a person will see the in rage because of them. 

49. "The harsh words of truth themselves will be the instructive judgment 
and penalty for all those who live according to false teachings and 
degrade the wisdom of the spirit." 

50. Since the Pharisees were together, Jmmanuel asked them, "What do 
you think about me, whose son am I?" 

51. They said, "The son of David." 

52. But he spoke to them, "How can I be the son of David, when he has 
been dead for a long time and I was begotten by Gabriel, the guardian 

53. "And haven't you read that David called me lord when he said, 

54. "The LORD said to my lord, sit down at my right side, until I can 
place your enemies beneath your feet, because you are my foster son and 
my successor.' 


55. "Since David calls me lord, how can I be his son?" 

56. And no one could give him an answer, but secretly they said, "He 
blasphemes God and the prophets. Let's try to catch and kill him, because 
he endangers our position in that we will no longer be respected by the 

Chapter 24 - Against The Scribes And Pharisees 

1. And Jmmanuel spoke to the people and the disciples, saying, "The 
scribes and Pharisees sit on the chairs of the prophets. 

2. "Refrain, however, from doing and accepting anything they tell you, 
and also don't act in accordance with their works. 

3. "They teach you confused teachings, which they and their forefathers 
have falsified for their own selfish interests. 

4. "They contrive heavy burdens and place them upon the shoulders of 
the people, yet they themselves do not want to lift a finger. 

5. "They do all their works in order to be seen by the people and impress 

6. "They make their prayer belts wide and the tassels on their clothing 

7. "They like to sit at the heads of tables and in the best places in the 

8. "And they like to be greeted in the marketplace and to be called master 
by the people. 

9. "But don't let anyone call you master until you have become cognizant 
of the wisdom of knowledge. 

10. "And don't let anyone call you teacher until you follow the laws of 
Creation yourselves, 

11. "because those who allow themselves to be called master and teacher 
but do not possess the wisdom of knowledge will be denounced as liars. 


12. "For those who unjustly exalt themselves will be abased, and those 
who unjustly abase themselves will be disdained. 

13. "Let those who are great in consciousness consider themselves great, 
and those who are small in consciousness consider themselves small and 
those who are in between in consciousness consider themselves in 

14. "It is unwise and foolish for people to let others consider them greater 
or smaller than they really are. 

15. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you deceivers, hypocrites and 
swindlers who block the development of people's spirits and 
consciousness with your lies and false teachings. 

16. "You will not achieve advancement easily, and through your false 
teachings you deprive those who wish to advance from doing so. 

17. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you deceivers, hypocrites and 
swindlers, who devour the homes of widows and engage in long prayers 
for the sake of appearance; therefore, you shall live in piercing darkness 
all the longer. 

18. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who travel across 
land and sea in order to win a fellow believer; and once he becomes one, 
you turn him into an unreasonable and irrational child who indulges in 
twice as many false teachings as you. 

19. "Woe to you, you blind proponents of false teachings who say, 'If a 
person swears by the temple, the oath is not valid, but if he swears by the 
gold on the temple, the oath is binding.' 

20. "You fools and blind people, you are the offspring of evil; why do 
you let people swear, knowing that an oath is not binding and is a 
worthless act? 

21. "Or you say, 'If one swears by the altar it is not valid; but if a person 
swears by the sacrificial offering it is binding.' 

22. "You blind and mistaken teachers, who gave you the right to demand 
or take an oath since the laws of Creation state that oaths should not be 


23. "Your words should always be only 'yes, yes' or 'no, no. 

24. "Therefore, those who swear by anything on Earth or in the universe 
swear by something fleeting, which is without permanence. 

25. "Hence, an oath is also without permanence. 

26. "And those who swear by Creation or its laws swear by something 
over which they have no power. Therefore, such an oath is also without 

27. "Whoever swears by anything therefore commits an offence against 
the truthfulness of their word and makes it untrustworthy. 

28. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who tithe mint, 
meramie, dill and caraway seeds but neglect the most important things in 
the law, namely, justice, freedom of knowledge, and the truth of Creation. 
Thus you ignore the law of love and the laws of logic and justice. 

29. "Woe to you, you blind leaders of a horde of blind, who say, 'This 
should be done and that should not be left undone.' 

30. "You only spread a confused teaching and ignore the laws of 

31. "You blind leaders, you are gnats and swallow camels, which you 
cannot digest. 

32. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who keep cups 
and bowls outwardly clean, yet inside they are full of rapaciousness and 

33. "You blind ones, you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites and 
distorters of the truth, first clean what is inside the cup, so that the outside 
may become pure and light up with its brilliance. 

34. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who are like 
whitewashed tombs that appear beautiful on the outside, but inside they 
are full of stench, bones and filth. 

35. "So, on the outside you also appear pious and good before the people, 
while inside you are full of hypocrisy, deceit and transgression. 


36. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who build 
monuments to the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous and 


37. '"Had we lived at the time of our forefathers and fathers, we would 
not have become guilty with them in the shedding of the prophets' blood.' 

38. "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you deceivers, hypocrites and 
swindlers. You secretly call upon the dead people of high and of common 
standing, and you deceive yourselves by misbelieving you were speaking 
with them and believing in your own delusion. 

39. "You cannot talk with the dead, and even if you could, the departed 
could tell you only the erroneous thoughts they previously held during 
their lifetime. 

40. "You are not great enough to call upon those dead who have wisdom 
and can tell the truth. 

41. "Thus you bear witness against yourselves that you are the children of 
those who killed the prophets and falsified their teachings. 

42. "Well then, fill up the measure of your forefathers and fathers; thus 
you will end your lives without understanding and will have difficulty 
learning until the distant future. 

43. "You brood of snakes and vipers, how can you aspire to be great in 
spirit and in consciousness when you don't possess any understanding 

44. "All the righteous blood that was shed by your doing on Earth will 
befall you, beginning with the first prophet your fathers and forefathers 
murdered, to the blood of Zacharias, the son of Barachias, whom you 
killed between the temple and the altar, as well as all the blood that will 
be shed in the future because of your guilt. 

45. "You will be outcast among human peoples, and then you will 
alternately lose the land you took by force, regain it and lose it again well 
into the most distant future. 

46. "Truly, I say to you, your existence will be a continual struggle and 
war, and so the human peoples will smite you with their hostile thinking 
and enmity. 


47. "You will find neither rest nor peace in the country stolen by your 
ancestors by way of falsehood, deceit and fire, because you will be 
haunted by the inherited burden of these murders through which your 
forefathers assassinated the ancient inhabitants of this part of the Earth 
and deprived them of life and material goods. 

48. "Hence all of this righteous blood will fall upon you—this blood 
which was shed by your forefathers and through you, and which will still 
be shed by you and your close and distant descendants into the faraway 

49. "There will be hatred against you in this world. Even the new age will 
bring you neither rest nor peace until you retreat from the land you took 
by force, or until you make a conciliatory peace, create brotherly trust and 
unity with your enemies, and renounce your wrongful and stolen rights. 

50. "You brood of snakes and vipers, this will happen to you into the 
distant future. Yet not by accident will you have a fortuitous chance in the 
new age when my teachings on Creation's justice and laws will again be 
disseminated, so you may then seize the opportunity to end and settle the 
world's hatred against you by means of an honest peace. 

51. "Therefore, in the new age, heed my teachings, which are truly the 
teachings of the laws and directives of Creation. Pay heed when they will 
be taught anew, because this will be the sign of the time at which many 
things will change. The power of the mighty and tyrants will crumble, so 
that the peoples of all humankind become free. 

52. "In the coming distant new age, heed the renewed presentation of my 
teachings of the spiritual and Creational forces and laws and directives, 
which are valid for all times and throughout the universe, so that you 
may act according to my counsel and that there may be tranquillity and 
peace among you and all human beings in this world. 

53. "Truly, truly, I say to you, all this shall be fulfilled and come upon 
you and upon your people long into the future, as I have told you. 

Chapter 25 - The Prophecy 

1. And Jmmanuel walked out of the temple, and his disciples came up to 
him because they wanted to show him the temple's structure. 


2. He, however, spoke to them, "Look at all this. Truly, I say to you, not 
one stone here will remain upon the other without being broken. 

3. "The Israelite people trespass against life and the truth, and they built 
this city on human blood. These people are divided into Israelites, who 
call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, with whom I do not identify, 
and who want to kill me, and Jews, who are misled believers of their 
religious cult, and to whom I bring the teachings of truth, as I do to all 
Earth humans. 

4. "The Israelites have ravaged this land through plunder and murder, 
they have killed their friends with whom they had drunk wine, and they 
have deceived and misled their fellow believers of the Jewish cult, who 
are truly not Israelites but merely believers in a cult. 

5. "Thus the Israelites betrayed their own friends and murdered them 
because of their greed, but it shall likewise be done to them by the 
rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their rights and 
subjugated since ancient times." 

6. And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him 
and said, "Tell us, when will this take place, and what will be the sign?" 

7. And Jmmanuel answered, saying, "Two thousand and more years will 
pass, but meanwhile Israel will never find peace because wars and many 
calamities will threaten the unlawful occupants of this land; but see to it 
that nobody leads you astray. 

8. "That is, many deceivers and false prophets will come in my name and 
say, '1 am Jmmanuel, and I am the sign of the time,' and they will mislead 

9. "People will hear about wars and threats of war, and they are to witness 
this but not be frightened because it must transpire; but it will not yet be 
the end. 

10. "For many a nation will rise up against its government, one nation 
against another and one kingdom against another, and there will be times 
of privation, earthquakes and immense storms and floods all about. 

11. "All of these events are just the beginnings of the woes. 


12. "Soon the knowledgeable people will be consigned to misery and will 
be killed. 

13. "They will be hated on account of the truth of the teachings and the 

14. "Various religious cults will rise up against one another, and much 
blood will flow. 

15. "Then many will succumb to the temptation, and they will betray and 
hate one another because they remained small in consciousness. 

16. "Love will grow cold in many people because ignorance will gain the 
upper hand. 

17. "Hatred will rule over the world and evil will reign, 

18. "but those who persist in the truth will survive. 

19. "This lesson will be preached in the new age throughout the world as 
testimony for all peoples, and then the end will come. 

20. "When the people see the horror of destruction in Jerusalem, of which 
the prophets have spoken, the end will come. 

21. "Whoever is in the land seized by the Israelites should flee to the 
mountains at that time. 

22. "Those on the roofs should not climb down to get things from inside 
their houses. 

23. "Those who are in the fields should not go back to get their coats. 

24. "Woe to the pregnant women and nursing mothers at that time, for 
they will suffer much grief and death, and there will be many of them. 

25. "Soon thereafter there will be a greater grief than there has ever been 
before since the beginning of the world, and than will ever be again. 

26. "If these days were not cut short, no one would survive; but the days 
will be cut short for the sake of the spirit and of life. 


27. "This will also be for the sake of the people who serve the truth and 
the laws. 

28. "But there will be howling and chattering of teeth when this time is 
brought about by the people's lack of understanding and by their greed. 

29. "They will construct machines of metal for use in the air, on the water 
and on land, and will bring about mutual destruction. 

30. "From these machines of metal they will fling heavy projectiles 
across the land and upon the cities. 

31. "Fire will burst from these projectiles and burn the world; and little 
will be spared. 

32. "They will place the basic elements of life and deadly air into the 
projectiles to kindle the deadly fires and destroy land and life. 

33. "If at that time mighty nations were not to intervene, as once did the 
celestial sons, to bring a halt to the unrestrained madness and deadly 
conduct of demented dictators, truly, I tell you, no human being would 

34. "Since the human populations will consist of far more than ten times 
five hundred million people at that time, great segments of them will be 
eradicated and killed. 

35. "This is what the law ordains, because people have violated it and will 
continue to violate it into the distant future. 

36. "If at that time someone will tell the people, 'Behold, here is 
Jmmanuel who is the sign of the time,' they should not accept it as the 

37. "for many a false Jmmanuel and many deceivers and false prophets 
will come forth and perform great signs and miracles, so that it will 
become possible to lead astray not only the seekers, believers and errant 
ones, but also the scholars and knowledgeable people. 

38. "Behold, I have told you this beforehand, and so it will fulfil itself. 


39. "Thus, when the deceivers and those led astray will say, 'He is in the 
desert,' people should not venture there, and when they say, 'Behold, he is 
in a chamber,' they should not accept it as the truth. 

40. "Since I will certainly return at that time, I will let them recognize me. 

41. "This is as the law and destiny ordain it, and so it shall be. 

42. "For as lightning flashes and illuminates from start to finish, so will 
be my coming in the future, when I will bring the teachings anew and 
announce the legions of the celestial sons. At that time I will have a 
renewed life and will again be accused of deception and blasphemy 
across the entire world, until the teachings of truth will bring about 
insight and change in the people. 

43. "People of all times, beware: where the carcass is, there the vultures 
gather, so watch out for them. 

44. "Soon after the misery of that faraway time, sun and moon will lose 
their luster, comets will fall from the sky and the powers of the heavens 
will begin to sway. 

45. "The makeup of the Earth's sky and air will be disturbed, and the land 
will burn because of the black oil of the Earth, ignited by people's craving 
for power. The sky will darken because of smoke and fire, which will 
rage for a thousand days, and everything above the burning land and far 
beyond will be covered with black soot. Consequently the weather will 
break down, and severe cold and much death will come over the people, 
plants and animals, and over the Earth, as a result of the senselessly 
unleashed forces of the people who live in lust for power, evil passions 
and vices. 

46. "And then signs will appear in the sky, and all Earth humans will wail 
and come to see the signs in the clouds of the sky that bear witness to 
great power and severe judgment against irrationality. 

47. "So god is lord over the three human lineages, yet the laws and 
directives of Creation are eternally valid. Through these laws and 
directives, which represent Creation, humankind in its irrationality will 
bring cruel judgment upon itself. 


48. "Humans owe their existence to god, who is the ruler over them; so 
they must follow his commandments and respect him as the greatest king 
of wisdom. 

49. "In days to come, he will send forth his guardian angels who will 
sound their trumpets and call together his trusted followers from the four 
directions, from one end of the Earth to the other. 

50. "Do learn a parable from the fig tree; when its branch puts forth 
leaves, you know that summer is nigh. 

51. "So will it also be for the people of that time; when they see all this 
transpire they may know that these events are upon them. 

52. "Truly, truly, I say to you, this is how it will be. 

53. "And that generation will not pass away until all of this has happened. 

54. "At some future time the heavens and the Earth will pass away, and 
so will the universe; but my words will not pass away because they are 
the words of truth within the laws of Creation. 

55. "No one knows the day or hour when this will all take place, not the 
guardian angels nor god himself nor I, Jmmanuel; but only providence 
and destiny know this through the laws and directives of Creation, which 
possesses the greatest wisdom. 

56. "Creation alone stands far above all humankind, and it alone deserves 
honour and praise, just as it renders honour and praise to the absolute 
power [Absolutum] above it 10 . 

57. "If people respect and honour god, and if above him they recognize, 
honour, esteem and acknowledge only Creation as the supreme power, 
then they act rightly in accordance with the truth." 

Chapter 26 - Laws And Commandments 

1. "Since the laws and directives of Creation and the laws and 
commandments of god are in effect, they shall be observed and respected. 

See 34:23 [Talmud Of Jmmanuel]. 


2. "Just as the laws and directives of Creation are the laws and directives 
for the spirit and for life, so the laws and commandments of god are the 
laws and commandments for material-life and human regulations. 

3. "God issued the laws and commandments to serve as material-life and 
human regulations for that which is right, and also as a guideline for life. 

4. "Thus laws and commandments serve as paths upon which humans 
should walk in wisdom and intelligence so as to be righteous. 

5. "Thus, as the laws and directives of Creation and the laws and 
commandments of god are to be obeyed, humans must not bring forth any 
other laws and commandments. 

6. "The laws and directives of Creation and the laws and commandments 
of god should be considered as the true laws and commandments and 
should be followed, since they alone have lasting validity and correctness. 

7. "When humans deviate from these laws and directives, however, they 
bring forth illogical and inadequate human laws and commandments that 
are based on false logic and, thus, are extremely faulty. 

8. "When humans are fainthearted in consciousness, their laws and 
commandments are fainthearted as well, and therefore they resemble 
confused teachings. 

9. "When humans are presumptuous and disregard the laws and 
directives of Creation and those of god, they are forced to bring forth 
their own laws which are flawed, however, and lead everyone astray. 

10. "Man-made laws and commandments produce murder and all manner 
of evil, and as evil spreads and gains the upper hand, man no longer has 
control over it. 

11. "Commandments and laws are valuable only when they are derived 
from wisdom, and hence are logical, 

12. "but logic requires wisdom and understanding. 

13. "Human laws and human commandments are powerless, unless they 
are founded upon the laws and directives of Creation, just as god's laws 
and commandments are founded upon them, as he issued them in his 


Proverbs Of Wisdom 

14. "Truly, I say to you, wisdom must be learned from the laws of 
Creation, which humans may recognize in nature. 

15. "But if humans do not think and seek, they will not be able to attain 
wisdom and will remain fools. 

16. "The wise do not moan about lost things, about the dead and about 
events of the past. 

17. "Fools, however, cry over things that are not worth crying over, and 
thereby they increase their grief, privation and misery. 

18. "Those who have acquired sufficient wisdom and live according to 
the laws, permit not even the slightest harming of creatures, when they 
are without fault. 

19. "Half-wits and fools who are not masters over their senses mistake 
harm for benefit, benefit for harm, and great sorrow for joy. 

20. "Because people are not dedicated to wisdom and do not seek 
knowledge or recognize the laws, they harbour foolishness and vice. 

21. "The dishonest, the stupid, grumpy, greedy, unscrupulous, uncouth 
and the angry will suffer harm for being poor in consciousness. 

22. "When people duly receive daily just a little wisdom in their 
consciousness, they will grow like the waxing moon during the first half 
of the lunar month. 

23. "Wisdom is the greatest asset of humanity and so is the created will, 
which is lord over love and happiness; but all of this is meaningless 
without the power of the spirit. 

24. "A fool who idly rests and waits for fate goes to ruin like an unfired 
pot in water. 

25. "Those who take care of a cow always receive milk; likewise, those 
who nurture wisdom and apply it through the power of the spirit bring 
forth rich fruit. 


26. "Recognize each law of Creation and once you have recognized it, 
adhere to it and live accordingly, because the laws are the greatest 

27. "There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no 
power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to the poverty 
of consciousness. 

28. "There is no higher happiness than wisdom, no better friend than 
knowledge, and no other saviour than the power of the spirit. 

29. "Those who have intelligence may grasp my speech so they will be 
wise and knowing." 

The False Teachings Of Saul 

30. When Jmmanuel had finished this speech, behold, a man named Saul 
approached him and said, 

31. "You preach a new teaching, and it has been strange to me from the 
beginning; it seems silly to me, and your mind appears confused." 

32. But Jmmanuel said, "How can you tell me that I am confused in mind 
when it is you who are confused in consciousness and do not understand? 

33. "Truly, I say to you, though you are Saul, and you persecute me and 
my disciples because of my teachings, you will change your mind. 

34. "Hereafter you shall be named Paul. You shall travel in every 
direction and make amends for having called my teachings false and my 
spirit confused. 

35. "You will load great guilt upon yourself, for in your ignorance you 
will misunderstand my teachings and will therefore preach them 

36. "Your speech will be confused, and people throughout the world will 
be enslaved by it and will worship the false doctrine. 

37. "Just as you will bind the land of the Greeks to an evil religious cult 
because of your false teachings, so you will call me "the Anointed" in 
their language. 


38. "It will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that they will 
call me Jesus Christ, which means 'the Anointed.' 

39. "And it will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that 
human blood will be shed in this name, so much that it cannot be held in 
all existing containers. 

40. "You are still persecuting me and my disciples because of my 
teachings, but soon the time will come when you will change your mind, 

41. "when once more you face me and assume I am a ghost. 

42. "Truly, I say to you: Like so many others, you will be greatly at fault 
that my teachings will be adulterated and humans will establish erroneous 
religious cults. 

43. "You, however, will be the cornerstone of the folly by which I will be 
called 'Jesus Christ' and the 'redeemer' for a deluded religious cult." 

44. And Jmmanuel was furious, seized a stick and chased Saul away. 

45. Saul, his thoughts full of revenge, joined forces with Juda Ihariot, son 
of the Pharisee, and they discussed how to seize Jmmanuel so he could be 
handed over to the henchmen. 


46. Once Saul had departed, Jmmanuel called together his disciples and 
said to them, "You know that Passover comes after two days, when I shall 
be turned over to the courts to be crucified, as it is destined, so that I will 
continue to learn. 

47. "My betrayer will be Juda Ihariot, the son of Simeon, the Pharisee, 
because he is interested only in gold, silver, goods and chattels. 

48. "He will betray me for thirty pieces of silver, because he has been 
misled by his father's greed. 

49. "But his joy over the pieces of silver will not last long because his 
mind is fickle and unstable, and he will soon feel the guilt. 

50. "Since Juda Ihariot is without courage and has little knowledge, he 
will put his waistband around his neck and hang himself from a branch. 


51. "Truly, truly, I say to you, although Juda Ihariot's suicide appears just, 
it is nonetheless unjust. 

52. "Although humans have free will to exercise authority over 
themselves, they do not have the right to decide over life or death. 

53. "The intent of the laws is for humans to live their lives to their final 
decline, so that in this way they may perfect their spirits. 

54. "But those who judge themselves through suicide, deviate from the 
law and violate the plan and the laws of Creation. 

55. "Realize from this that humans do not possess the right to sit in 
judgment over their own lives and deaths. 

56. "They possess the right only to exercise their authority over the 
conduct of their lives, not to decide over life itself and, therefore, over 

57. "The laws say that no event or situation justifies suicide, and this 
includes suicide carried out by another person such as a hired murderer or 
mercy killer. 

58. "Regardless of how much guilt a person may incur, or how heavy 
their load or burden is, they nonetheless have no right to determine their 
own death. 

59. "Although Juda Ihariot incurs great guilt, he has no right to take 
justice into his own hands and decide over his life and his death. 

60. "Every guilt and every mistake is a pathway to understanding by 
which the consciousness and the spirit are perfected. 

61. But if a person escapes from guilt or a mistake by committing 
suicide, he flees from cognizance and responsibility and must learn to be 
cognizant and accountable in another life. 

62. "Thereby the process of perfection of the consciousness and of the 
spirit is delayed, which is not the will of Creation. 

63. "Either way, suicide is to be considered an act of deplorable 
cowardice and callous irreverence toward the laws and directives of 
Creation. " 


Chapter 27 - The Disciples' Agitation 

1. After Jmmanuel had finished speaking, the disciples became agitated 
and said, "Why don't we capture Juda Ihariot and stone him, so he can't 
betray you?" 

2. But Jmmanuel was angry and said, "Don't you know that the law says: 
'You shall not kill out of degeneration', and don't you know what I 
prophesied to you, that I shall be crucified in order to gain a special 

3. "How dare you disrespect the fulfilment of the law, for thus it is given 
and intended? 

4. "Just as I walk on my path, so each person will have to walk on their 

5. "Truly, I say to you, if I were not to follow my destiny, how could I be 
in position to fulfil my mission, which will lead me to India? 

6. "Oh, you who lack courage and knowledge, I have certainly instructed 
you in the truth, and yet you do not recognize it! 

7. "How can it still be inconceivable to you that after my departure my 
teachings will be adulterated by you and disseminated in all directions as 
erroneous teachings and erroneous religious cults? 

8. "Because of what you will do, the world will resound with 
misguidance and false teachings. 

9. "Many among you will bear the blame that humanity will not recognize 
the truth, although I certainly have taught it to you. 

10. "There will be great reverberations in the world regarding your false 
teachings, which you will spread. 

11. "Clearly, you did not understand the words of knowledge, and hence 
the truth of my teachings. 

12. "You are struck with blindness, like the legitimate people of this land 
who are held in darkness and oppression by the Israelites, just as the 
prophets predicted for these people, because they have forsaken the tenets 


of truth, like the Israelites who plundered this land and since then 
dominated and oppressed its legitimate owners. 

13. " 1 have fulfilled my mission among this race. But, due to the fault of 
the Israelites and their false teachings, I was unable to teach any reason to 
this population, as their thinking is irrational because of confusing and 
mistaken teachings. I will leave, therefore, so that the teachings of truth 
can also be brought to two other populations in the North and East. 

14. "Just as the legitimate owners of the land, who are governed by the 
violent rule of the Israelites, exist under the guidance of god, so also are 
the other two peoples under him. They are the people in the high north 
land where cold and ice reign on the highest mountains and at the end of 
the Earth, and also the people in the land of India, because he, god, is the 
master over these three human populations. 

15. "As a prophet, I have come back into the world from the realm of 
Arahat Athersata. I was sent here upon god's will to instruct the three 
human populations in the newly conveyed teachings of truth 11 . 

16. "Therefore, I must walk on my path as predestined by Arahat 
Athersata and requested by god, since I also serve god's will and his laws, 
as god himself serves the laws of Creation." 

In Bethany 

17. And Jmmanuel finished his talk and departed for Bethany and the 
house of Simon, the leper. 

18. Behold, a woman came up to him with a glass of precious water, 
which she poured on his head as he sat at the table. 

19. When his disciples saw that, they became angry and indignant and 
said, "What is the benefit of this waste? 

11 Arahat Athersata: Lowest and first pure-spirit level, which follows as first pure- 
spirit level after the level of the High Council and, therefore, is the first pure-spirit 
level, at which a human no longer needs a physical body. Some specifics about the 
Arahat Athersata level: As the first pure-spirit level it is in evidence only in 
connection with the Nokodemion/ Henok [Enoch] line, not with other 
heralds/prophets throughout the entire universe. This connection is unique, because 
Nokodemion/Henok has returned from the Arahat level into a human body and has to 
progress through his evolutionary course once again [Talmud Of Jmmanuel]. 


20. "This water could have been sold at a high price and the proceeds 
used for the poor. " 

21. But when Jmmanuel heard this, he scolded his disciples and said, 
"Why are you upsetting the woman? 

22. "She has done me a good deed because she trusts in my teachings. In 
this way she shows her gratitude, and nothing is too expensive for her. 

23. "This woman has become wise and lives according to the laws of 
Creation. Therefore she thanks me with the precious water. 

24. "Her gratitude will be lasting, and from now on her deed shall be 
known throughout the world. 

25. "Truly, I say to you, wherever my teachings will be preached in all 
the world, whether falsified or true, the people will remember what she 
has done. 

26. "Just as she will be remembered for a long time, so also a false 
teaching will be remembered that insults one among you of betraying me. 

27. "While we are here together, Juda Ihariot the son of the Pharisee in 
Jerusalem, is hatching an evil plot against me so he can betray me to the 
chief priests. 

28. "At this very moment as we are gathered here, he is asking the chief 
priests for the blood money they are offering for my capture. 

29. "Thirty pieces of silver are being offered to him if they capture me 
through his help. 

30. "While they are forging this plan, they are also designing a plot 
against one among you, since they want to present a culprit to the people. 

31. "As Juda Ihariot, the son of the Pharisee, will turn me over to the 
henchmen, my disciple Judas Iscariot will be considered the traitor, 

32. "so that the message to the people will be, 'Behold, these fools are 
divided among themselves, so that one betrays the other. How, then, can 
the teachings of Jmmanuel contain any truth?' 


33. "But since Juda Ihariot, the son of the Pharisee, and my disciple, 
Judas Iscariot, have almost identical names, the lie of the chief priests 
will be accepted from the beginning." 

The Last Supper 

34. On the first day of the Unleavened Bread, Jmmanuel spoke to his 
disciples, "Go forth into the city to a good friend of mine named Aaron 
and tell him, 'Jmmanuel says to you: I want to have a last meal with my 
disciples at your house, for behold, the Feast of the Passover is near.'" 

35. And the disciples did as Jmmanuel had ordered them; and they 
prepared the meal, together with Aaron and his wife, in their house. 

36. When they sat down and were eating, he said, "Behold, the time is 
near when I must take my heavy burden upon myself. 

37. "To be sure, I am going along my destined path as it is written by the 
prophets; however, I will only be near death and bear much pain, so you 
must not fear and not worry about me. 

38. "Truly, I say to you, from now on I will no longer drink of the fruit of 
the vineyard nor eat the grain of the bread until the day I drink and eat 
again with you after my ordeal. 

39. "So shall it be when I have risen from near death and so have then 
lain in the tomb for three days and three nights." 

40. As they were eating, Jmmanuel took the bread, broke it and gave it to 
the disciples, saying, "Take it and eat; the body requires nourishment 
even in times of distress and grief." 

41. And he took the cup, gave it to them and said, "Drink from this cup, 
all of you; the throat becomes thirsty even on a rainy and cold day: 

42. "Truly, I say to you, a wise person does not hunger and thirst because 
of things that must happen. 

43. "But a fool hungers and thirsts on account of stupidity and dissent 
against things that must happen. 

44. "And truly, I say to you, just as you do not understand my words now 
and are angry with me because of them, so will you be angry with me 


tonight, because your minds still have not been enlightened with 

45. "But after I rise from near death and appear to have risen from the 
dead out of the tomb, I shall walk in front of you to Galilee, so you may 
recognize the truthfulness of my words. 

46. "I have taught you knowledge and truth, but yet you doubt and 
distrust me. 

47. "Oh you who are fainthearted and of little trust, how startled and 
confused you will be when I meet you again after my near death." 

48. But Peter answered him, saying, "Even if they all were angry with 
you, I would never be angry. " 

49. Jmmanuel however replied, "Truly, I say to you, you are one of the 
worst, because tonight before the rooster crows you will deny me three 

50. But Peter contradicted him, saying, "This will never come to pass, 
and even if I were forced to die with you, I would never deny you." 

51. And thus spoke all of his disciples, and so they failed to trust 
Jmmanuel's words. 

Chapter 28 - In Gethsemane 

1. Upon leaving the house of Aaron and his wife in Jerusalem, Jmmanuel 
went with his disciples to a country estate called Gethsemane, which 
belonged to a man named Joshua, who thought well of Jmmanuel. 

2. In the large garden of the estate he spoke to his disciples, "Sit down 
here while I go over there and ponder my thoughts." 

3. He took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and began to 
brood and be apprehensive, because he was frightened and alarmed about 
what would happen to him. 

4. And he spoke to them, "Behold, to be sure I am wise and have great 
knowledge, but I am afraid of events before me, both the known and the 
unknown. However, this is the nature of humans, even when they are 
knowing and wise. 


5. "My mind is deathly grieved; remain here therefore and watch with 
me, so I will not feel so alone. 

6. "It is easier to bear an adversity with one or two others at one's side 
than by oneself. 

7. "If destiny wanted it, this cup would pass me by; yet not my wish but 
my will be done according to destiny, because this is what has been 
destined for me. 

8. When he spoke thus, Judas Iscariot joined them and said, "Listen to 
what I have to say. Over there things are taking place in the shadow of the 
city walls, where I have just noticed veiled lights." 

9. But Jmmanuel said, "They may be the henchmen Juda Ihariot is 
bringing, because he has secretly followed us here in order to betray me. 

10. And he went away a short distance, prostrated himself and reflected, 
saying, "If it is possible, may this cup pass me by; yet, not my wish be 
fulfilled, but rather the law of destiny be fulfilled, so that I shall be 
enlightened in this secret I must fathom. 

11. Returning to his disciples he found them sleeping and so he said to 
Peter, "Can you not watch with me for one hour, so I'm not left alone in 
my difficult hour? 

12. "Be awake and great in spirit and in consciousness so you will not fall 
prey to temptation: The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!" 

13. A second time he went away, prostrated himself and said, "If it is not 
possible for the cup to pass me by, then I shall drink it, so that I may be 
enlightened in this secret and capable of fulfilling my mission in faraway 
lands and throughout all future times. 

14. Upon returning, he found the disciples sleeping again, and only Judas 
Iscariot remained awake with him. 

15. And so leaving them once again, he went away and prostrated himself 
a third time, brooded in bitterness and said, "1 am worried and afraid even 
though I know that I have to follow my path, which is destined for me. 

16. "How willing is the spirit and how weak is the flesh when it is so 
fearful of pain!" 


17. And his entire body trembled, and fine droplets of blood-like sweat 
flowed all over him because he was so very fearful and terrified. 

18. With his face flushed, he returned to his disciples and said to them, 
"Do you want to sleep and rest now, or do you want to watch with me? 
Behold, the hour has come when I will be turned over to the hands of the 

19. "So arise and let us go, for behold, the henchmen are coming." 

The Capture 

20. While he was still speaking, behold, there came Juda Ihariot, the son 
of the Pharisee, and with him a large group of chief priests and elders of 
the people, armed with swords and poles. 

21. Juda Ihariot had given them a sign, saying, "Behold, I will flatter him 
and mislead him into thinking I repent the sins of my life. 

22. "As a sign of the false flattery there shall be a kiss. And behold, 
whomever I kiss, he is the one; seize him." 

23. He then stepped up to Jmmanuel and said, "1 greet you, Master. I will 
follow your teachings now, for you are allowing me to repent for what I 
did during my old life." 

24. Then he touched Jmmanuel and gave him the kiss of betrayal. 

25. But Jmmanuel said to him, "My friend, why have you come to lie to 
me when betrayal burns in your mind and in your actions?" 

26. The henchmen then came up to Jmmanuel, put their hands on him 
and seized him. 

27. And behold, one of the henchmen from the group thought better, had 
a quick change of mind, and feeling remorseful, sided with Jmmanuel. 

28. He stretched out his hand, drew his sword, and struck a chief priest's 
servant, cutting off his ear. 

29. Then Jmmanuel said to the man, "Put back your sword into its sheath, 
because anyone taking a sword without being in danger will perish by the 


30. "Or do you think that I could not have fled before your group arrived? 

31. "But how could I fulfil my destiny had I done so?" 

32. And the man turned away and wept, then fled and was never seen 

33. Thereupon Jmmanuel said to the henchmen, 'You came here with 
swords and poles to capture me as though I were a murderer. 

34. "How easy it would have been for you to capture me in the city as I 
sat there in the temple, teaching daily, yet you did not seize me. 

35. "You hypocrites, you were no doubt afraid of the people; therefore 
you now come to me like thieves so you can throw me into prison in 
darkness, out of the sight of the people. 

36. "Truly, I say to you, darkness will become light, and everyone will 
speak of your deed for which you will be denounced for all time to 

37. But then Simeon, the Pharisee, raised his voice and said, "How 
foolish your talk is and so full of lies. Why should we fear the people? 

38. "You have taught the people falsely, despised our laws and called 
them lies; so for this you must now suffer. 

39. "You thought we would not capture you and bring you to trial, but 
you were mistaken. 

40. "One of those who was with you was not of your mind and has 
betrayed you for thirty pieces of silver—namely, Judas Iscariot." 

41. Jmmanuel answered, saying, "Truly, I say to you, for a long time you 
may succeed in accusing Judas Iscariot as my betrayer before the people, 
but the truth will come out and be known by all people throughout the 
entire world; 

42. "namely, that my betrayer is not Judas Iscariot but is your son, Juda 
Ihariot, who bears the name of his father, the Pharisee." 


43. Simeon Ihariot, the Pharisee, was furious, stepped up and struck 
Jmmanuel in the face with his fist because he was afraid of his true 

44. After this happened, the disciples, fearful and discouraged, turned 
away from Jmmanuel and fled. 

45. Those who had seized Jmmanuel led him to Caiaphas, the high priest, 
where the scribes, Pharisees, and elders of the people had gathered to pass 
judgment on him. 

Jmmanuel Before The High Council 

46. The chief priests, however, and the high councillors sought false 
testimony against Jmmanuel so they might put him to death. 

47. And even though many false and bribed witnesses appeared, they 
were unable to find any false testimony. 

48. Finally, two stepped forward and said, "He has said that God is not 
Creation, but simply a man like you and me. 

49. "He also said that he was begotten by a guardian angel of God, by the 
name of Gabriel' 

50. Caiaphas, the high priest, arose and said to Jmmanuel, "Will you not 
reply to what these two bear witness against you?" 

51. But Jmmanuel remained silent and smiled benignly; therefore the 
high priest spoke to him, "1 adjure you by the living God to tell us if you 
were begotten by the angel Gabriel, who is an angel of God, as the 
scriptures attest!" 

52. And Jmmanuel replied, "As you say, but I also say to you that god is 
not Creation; instead he is lord over the three human lineages that were 
begotten on Earth through his will; 

53. "god has come from the vastness of the universe and has brought the 
world under his will; therefore he is the supreme emperor of these three 
human populations. 

54. "One of them is here in this country, which you have deprived of its 
rights and subjugated; another is in the east as far as the land of India, and 


the third is in the north from the land of the king with horns to the sea 
where icy mountains drift in the water. 

55. "There are seven human lineages living in all the directions of the 
wind, from one end of the Earth to the other; 

56. "god is lord over them also, although they serve other gods who also 
are not of this Earth. 

57. "If you consider god to be Creation, you are mistaken and commit a 
sacrilege against the truth. 

58. "Just as you are human like I am, so god is human, except that in 
spirit and consciousness he is very much more advanced than the human 
lineages procreated by him; 

59. "god and his celestial sons are other human lineages who have come 
from the stars out of the depths of space in their machines of metal. 

60. "Creation stands immeasurably higher than god and his celestial sons, 
who are the guardian angels. 

61. "Creation alone is the incalculable mystery that begets life and, thus, 
stands immeasurably far above god and indeed all life. 

62. "Recognize the truth of this teaching, so that you may attain 
knowledge and wisdom in truth:' 

63. Thereupon Caiaphas, the high priest, rent his clothes and spoke with 
rage, "He has blasphemed God, the Creator. Why should we need further 
testimony against him? Behold, now you have heard his blasphemy for 

64. "What punishment do you think he deserves?" 

65. They answered, saying, "He deserves death." 

66. Then they beat him with their fists and spat in his face. 

67. And some of them struck him from behind and said, "Prophesy, you 
great king of wisdom and son of a celestial son, who is it that's beating 


68. Peter had followed Jmmanuel and the group, and hid among the 
people looking through the doors and windows. Thus, he saw what was 
being done to Jmmanuel. 

69. Then a maid approached him and said, "Aren't you one of the 
disciples of this Jmmanuel from Galilee?" 

The Denial By Peter 

70. When Peter was asked by the maid, he denied it and said, "What kind 
of nonsense do you accuse me of? I don't know what you're talking 

71. But because of the maid's question, he was afraid and wanted to 
escape from the place, for he feared for his life. 

72. As he walked out the door, behold, another woman saw him and told 
the people, "This man was together with the blasphemer from Nazareth ! " 

73. But Peter lied a second time, and, raising his hand as in an oath, said, 
"Truly, I don't know that confused person ! " 

74. And when Peter left the house, those who had been standing there 
came up to him, saying, "Aren't you one of those who serve this 
Jmmanuel? You're giving yourself away through your manner of speech." 

75. Peter began to revile Jmmanuel, cursed himself and swore, "1 don't 
know this crazy person or his blasphemous teachings of God!" 

76. But soon thereafter a rooster crowed three times, and Peter thought of 
Jmmanuel's words; and he hurriedly ran away from there and wept 

Chapter 29 - The Suicide Of Juda Ihariot 

1. Juda Ihariot, the betrayer of Jmmanuel, was among the councillors 
who wanted to kill Jmmanuel. 

2. But when he saw what appalling injustice and torture Jmmanuel was 
undergoing, and that his face was bloody, he felt repentant. Suddenly 
great distress and misery was within him. 


3. At odds with himself, he took his moneybag, tossed it before the chief 
priests and council elders and said, 

4. "I have done evil to this person because I was thinking only of gold 
and silver and goods and wealth. 

5. "I repent that I have betrayed innocent blood because his teachings do 
not seem evil to me." 

6. But the chief priests and elders replied, "Of what concern is that to us? 

7. "Behold, it is up to you what you want to do to live in peace with 

8. And Juda Ihariot wept and fled from there, and soon he hanged himself 
from a tree branch in the field of the potter beyond the walls of the city. 

9. The chief priests, however, took the pieces of silver and said, "It is use 
less to put them into the collection box, because this is blood money. 
What shall we do with it?" 

10. Then one of the sons of the elders came forth and said, "1 followed 
Juda Ihariot and he has hanged himself from a tree branch in the field of 
the potter" 

11. Thereupon Caiaphas, the high priest, said, "Well then, give this blood 
money to the potter and buy his field with it for the burial of strangers." 

12. At dawn the following day the business matter was settled, and Juda 
Ihariot, the betrayer of Jmmanuel, was the first to be buried in the field. 

13. But the chief priests and elders of the council spread the news among 
the people that Judas Iscariot, the disciple of Jmmanuel, had hanged 
himself as Jmmanuel' s betrayer and was hurriedly buried in the field of 
the potter. 

14. The people believed this talk, and they said, "He betrayed his friend 
for pieces of silver, and it serves him right that he hanged himself. 

15. "He has taken a blood-guilt upon himself and so from now on the 
field of the potter shall be known as the Field of Blood. " 


Before Pilate 

16. Jmmanuel, however, was brought before Pilate, the governor, who 
asked him, "Are you Jmmanuel, whom they call the King of Wisdom?" 

17. He said, "As you say. This is what the people call me. 

18. And Pilate asked and spoke, "Is it also said that you were begotten by 
the angel Gabriel, who is an angel of God?" 

19. But he said, "As you say." 

20. Pilate inquired once again, saying, "Let us hear your wisdom, for your 
teachings are new to me. 

21. Jmmanuel spoke, "Behold, aeons ago, I returned from the realm of a 
higher world in order to fulfil a difficult task; and now I was begotten by 
a celestial son to be a prophet in this life. This came to pass according to 
destiny and the desire of god, the ruler over the three lineages of 
terrestrial humans procreated by him. 

22. "Through his kindness, I have added to my knowledge in this 
incarnation by gaining great insight and learning true wisdom, which was 
imparted to me by his teachers over a period of forty days and forty 

23. "Furthermore, I have travelled extensively to faraway places and lived 
for many years in the land of India. There I was taught much knowledge 
and many secrets by the great wise and knowledgeable men who are 
known as masters. 

24. "When I have fulfilled my mission here, I will return there with 
Thomas, my brother, who is a faithful disciple of mine. 

25. When they heard Jmmanuel's speech, the elders and chief priests 
became very agitated and shouted in front of Pilate, "Do you hear his 

26. Thereupon Pilate asked him, "Don't you hear how harshly they accuse 
you? Don't you wish to justify yourself?" 

27. Jmmanuel answered him, saying, "Behold, I will carry my burden as 
it is destined. 


28. "But it is also true that many do oppose me and will testify falsely 
against me, whence I will not find justice. 

29. "Truly, I say to you, many dogs will kill a hare, regardless of how 
many turns it makes. 

30. "It is also customary among humans that the most righteous person 
does not find justice, because it doesn't matter whether many or few 
testify against him, as long as they are highly regarded. 

31. "Justice rules only in the laws of nature, because they are the laws of 

32. "But among humans there is little justice, and it is decided according 
to their social status and their wealth. 

33. "Therefore I ask you, how could I expect justice by this standard?" 

34. Pilate said, "Judging from the way you speak, you are very wise and 
I see no fault in you. 

35. "I question the teaching you just uttered, but in this, too, I see no 
guilt, for everyone should find salvation according to their faith. 

36. "But since you have nothing to say regarding your innocence that 
would counter the denunciation of the chief priests and the elders, I see 
no hope for you, because their will is my command, to which I must be 

37. But Jmmanuel did not answer him, which surprised the governor very 

The Conviction Of Jmmanuel 

38. At the time of the Passover feast, Governor Pilate customarily 
released to the people whichever prisoner they most wanted, except for 
those guilty of murder or of causing death. 

39. At this time he held a special prisoner by the name of Barabbas. 

40. And when the people were gathered, Pilate asked them, "Which one 
do you want me to release: Barabbas, the criminal, or Jmmanuel, who is 
said to be a king of wisdom and the son of an angel?" 


41. But he well knew that the chief priests and elders had bribed the 
people by giving them copper, gold and silver, so they would plead for 
the release of Barabbas and the death of Jmmanuel. 

42. For he well knew that they had turned him over out of envy and 
hatred, since his teachings appealed to the people. 

43. His wife had also implored Pilate by saying, "Have nothing to do with 
this righteous man, for today I suffered greatly in my dreams because of 
him, and I find that his teachings are good." Therefore, he was favourably 
inclined toward Jmmanuel. 

44. But among the people there was much screaming and he asked once 
again, "Which one shall I release to you?" 

45. Slowly the screaming stopped, and the governor raised his voice a 
third time, asking, "Which one of these two shall I release?" 

46. And the people screamed, "Release Barabbas!" 

47. And Pilate asked them, "Thus it shall be, but what shall I do with him 
who is said to be Jmmanuel, a king of wisdom?" 

48. And the people shouted, "Crucify him! Have him crucified!" 

49. But the governor was not willing and asked very angrily, "What evil 
has he done that you want him crucified? 

50. "He only taught a new doctrine, and for this he should suffer death? 
Where then is the freedom of speech, thought and opinion?" 

51. But the people screamed even louder, "Have him crucified! Have him 

52. When Pilate realized there was great unrest and turmoil and that he 
could do nothing against the will of these people, who had been bribed, 
he took a pitcher of water and washed his hands before the people, 

53. "You decide what should be done with him. 

54. "He is the prisoner of the elders and chief priests, so let them judge 


55. "I will have nothing to do with this just man. I am innocent of doing 
anything to him and wash my hands before you in innocence." 

56. But the people milled about, shouting, "Crucify him! Crucify him!" 

57. Then Pilate turned Jmmanuel over to the chief priests and elders and 
released Barabbas to the people. 

58. And the chief priests and elders had Jmmanuel whipped and handed 
him over to be crucified. 

59. The people screamed and shouted and cursed Jmmanuel. 

60. However the chief priests and elders indulged themselves in self- 
praise and were in good spirits because their intrigue had been successful. 

Chapter 30 - Defamation Of Jmmanuel 
Prophetic Declaration 
The Crucifixion 

1. The governor's soldiers agreed with the chief priests and the elders and, 
dragging Jmmanuel with them into the court house, they brought the 
entire crowd in with him. 

2. They undressed him and put a purple mantle on him. 

3. They made a wreath of thorns, placed it on his head, put a reed into his 
right hand and, bending their knees before him, said, 

4. "We greet you, great King of Wisdom of the Jews." 

5. And they spat on him, took the reed from his hand, and beat him on the 
head with it until blood ran down his face. 

6. When he was wretched and bleeding, Caiaphas, the high priest, asked, 
"How are you doing now, great King of Wisdom?" 

7. But Jmmanuel was quiet and said not one word. 

8. Then they hit him again on the head, and he moaned in pain and began 
to speak, "Indeed it is the truth that I am the king of wisdom of the Jews, 
as it is written by the old prophets. Thus, I am also the true prophet of all 


humankind on Earth. But in all truth, I am not the prophet of those 
confused Israelites who call themselves the sons and daughters of Zion. 

9. "Truly, I say to you, just as you beat and mock me, you shall be beaten 
and mocked by those whom you, since ancient times, have enslaved and 
whose land you and your forefathers have plundered. 

10. "And the time will come in five times a hundred years when you will 
have to atone for this, when the legitimate owners of the land, whom you 
have enslaved and deprived of their rights, will begin to rise up against 
you and fight against you on into the distant future. 

11. "A new man will arise in this land as a prophet, and he will legally 
and rightfully condemn and persecute you, and you shall pay with your 

12. "This man will establish a new religious cult specifically for the 
forceful preservation of the truthful teachings and will have himself 
recognized as a prophet. Through these actions he will persecute you for 
all times. 

13. "Although according to your claim he will be a false prophet, just as 
you slanderously claim of me, he will bring you new teachings that will 
seem false to you. Nonetheless, he will be a true prophet, and he will 
have great power. He will have your people persecuted for all times. 

14. "His name will be Mohammed, and his name will bring horror, 
misery and death to your kind, just as you deserve. 

15. "Truly, truly, I say to you, his name will be written for you in blood, 
and because of your offences the hatred against your people will be 

16. "In this way, he will be a true prophet, even though you will claim 
him to be a false one, and he will bring you teachings that will in part 
seem confusing and unintelligible to you. His emerging religious cult will 
eventually end when his and your followers lay the foundation for a 
bloody conclusion. His teachings, too, will be distorted and falsified, and 
will result in an evil and confused religious cult." 

17. And as he spoke in this manner, the chief priests and members of the 
council of elders seethed with rage and beat him so harshly that he 
collapsed and whimpered. 


18. Once they had beaten and mocked him, they took off his mantle, put 
back on him only his undergarments and led him away in order to crucify 

19. Upon his right shoulder they placed a heavy wooden cross, so that he 
himself would have to carry this great burden to the place of his own 

20. But the cross was heavy, and Jmmanuel groaned under the burden. 
His blood combined with his sweat into a vile mixture. 

21. Jmmanuel collapsed under the heavy burden because his strength left 

22. But when a stranger came along by the name of Simon of Cyrene, 
they forced him to help carry the cross. 

23. Soon they arrived at the place called Golgotha. 

24. His path there was difficult, because he was being beaten, reviled and 

25. They gave him wine to drink mixed with the bile from animals. 

26. When he tasted it, he did not want to drink it, and so they beat him to 
make him drink it. 

27. Then they forced him down on the cross while beating him, and 
nailed his hands and feet onto the wood. This was done for the first time 
and contrary to custom, because until then the crucified were tied to the 

28. After they had nailed him upon the cross and erected it, they divided 
his clothing among themselves by casting lots. 

29. And they sat around and guarded him, so that no one would come to 
take him from the cross. 

30. Also, two murderers were crucified with him, one to his right and one 
to his left, so he was between them. 

31. Those all around him defamed, mocked and ridiculed him. 


32. They shouted, "Since you are the King of Wisdom, help yourself! 

33. "And since you are the son of a celestial son and possess great power, 
get down from the cross!" 

34. The scribes, Pharisees, chief priests and elders of the people likewise 
mocked him, saying, 

35. "You helped others, but you cannot help yourself. 

36. "Since you are a king of wisdom, get down from the cross and help 

37. "If you do that, we will believe in you and your teachings. 

38. "He trusted in his wisdom and in his being the son of the angel 

39. "Thus, let his wisdom or the angel Gabriel save him now if he so 

40. Likewise, the murderers crucified to his right and left mocked and 
reviled him. 

41. Then the sky clouded over, the sun became dark, and a great storm 
spread across the land, which was rare at that time of year but happened 
now and then. 

42. The terrible storm raged for three hours before the sun again broke 
through the clouds. 

43. At that time Jmmanuel cried out, "I'm thirsty! Give me something to 

44. And right away one of the chief priests ran, took a sponge, soaked it 
in vinegar and stuck it on a lance for him to drink. 

45. But when the others saw that, they scolded the man, saying, "Stop! 
Do not give him any more to drink. Let us see how long he can bear this." 

46. And behold, a final powerful thunderclap broke up the storm, 
whereupon the entire land trembled, and the ground shook. 


47. Amid the tremendous thunder, Jmmanuel again cried out, but nobody 
understood him, because his speech was confused. 

48. Then his head fell forward, he slipped into a state of near-death, and 
they presumed he was dead. 

49. It came to pass that a soldier took his lance and stabbed Jmmanuel in 
his loin to ensure that he was dead. 

50. Blood mixed with water flowed from the wound as is the case when a 
person is dead or in a near-death state. 

51. Thus the soldier thought Jmmanuel was dead, and he informed the 

52. They were all astonished, because it was unusual for the crucified to 
die so quickly. 

53. But since the soldier had told them so, they believed him and 

54. Among them were also many women and others who watched from a 
distance, because they were followers of Jmmanuel; they had served him 
and followed him from Galilee. 

55. Among them were Jmmanuel's mother, Mary, and Mary Magdalene, 
and others. 

56. Once the people had departed, they went to him, knelt before the 
cross and wept bitterly because they, too, thought Jmmanuel was dead. 

57. Also among them, however, was Joseph of Arimathea, a follower of 

58. After a short while he noticed that Jmmanuel was not quite dead, but 
he told no one. 


59. He quickly went into the city, to Pilate, and asked him for the body of 
Jmmanuel so that he could bury him. 

60. Pilate ordered that he should be given to him. 


61. And many people went with him and they removed Jmmanuel from 
the cross. Joseph wrapped the body in pure linen, which he had 
previously coated so as to form an image of Jmmanuel. 

62. Joseph of Arimathea then carried the body of Jmmanuel all the way as 
far as Jerusalem and placed it outside the city into his own tomb, which 
he had arranged to be cut into a rock for his future burial. 

63. And he rolled a large stone in front of the door of the tomb and went 
to obtain medicine so he could take care of Jmmanuel. 

64. The entrance of the tomb was guarded by soldiers and Jmmanuel's 
mother so no one could enter and steal the body. 

65. Joseph of Arimathea, however, sought out Jmmanuel's friends from 
India and returned with them to the tomb. There they entered through a 
secret second entrance unknown to the henchmen and soldiers, and for 
three days and three nights they nursed him. Soon he was in better health 
and again with good strength. 

66. The tomb was being guarded on the other side by the soldiers because 
the chief priests and Pharisees had gone to Pilate and said, 

67. "Sir, we have considered that when this crazy man was still alive, he 
said to the people, '1 shall return after three days and three nights and rise, 
because I will only be in a state of near-death.' 

68. "But since it was established through a soldier that he was really dead, 
his tomb should be guarded so that no one can come, steal the body and 
say, 'Behold, he has risen from the dead after all!' 

69. "Command therefore that the tomb be guarded up to the third day so 
that the last deception may not be worse than the first." 

70. And Pilate said to them, "Take my soldiers as guardians. Co and 
guard the tomb as best you can." 

71. And they departed, guarded the tomb, and secured the stone in front 
of the door with a seal. 

72. However, they did not realize the secret of the grave, namely, that it 
had two exits or entrances, Jmmanuel's helpers, therefore, could go to 


him to apply healing salves and herbs without being detected. On the 
third day he was once again strong enough to walk. 

Chapter 31 - Jmmanuel's Flight From The Tomb 

1. When dawn broke on the first day of the week after Passover, the three 
days and nights had passed following which Jmmanuel would live again 
after his near-death, as he had foretold. 

2. And behold, a great thundering arose in the air, and a radiant light 
came from the sky and settled on the earth, not far from the tomb. 

3. Then a guardian angel stepped forth from the light; his appearance was 
like lightning and his garment was as white as snow. 

4. And he went to the tomb, and the soldiers, full of fear, moved out of 
his way. 

5. He lifted his hand, and from it bright lightning sprang forth and struck 
the soldiers, one after the other. 

6. And they fell to the ground and did not stir for a long time. 

7. Then the guardian angel stepped up to the tomb, rolled the stone away 
from the door and said to Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, and to Mary 
Magdalene, who were both there: 

8. "Don't be afraid, I know you seek Jmmanuel, the crucified. 

9. "He is not here, for he is alive just as he said he would be. Come here 
and behold the place where he has lain. 

10. "Go quickly and tell his disciples that he has risen from near-death. 

11. "Also tell them: He will walk before you to Galilee, and there you 
will see him. Behold, I have told you. 

12. But Mary asked, "Yet he was dead and lay here dead. How can he 
then rise?" 

13. The guardian angel answered, "Why are you seeking a live person 
among the dead? 


14. "Go now and spread the news among his disciples, but beware of 
telling anyone else. 

15. And the guardian angel went to the bright light and disappeared into 
it. Soon a great thundering came forth from it again, and it rose up into 
the air, shooting straight into the sky. 

16. Jmmanuel's mother and Mary Magdalene then departed, leaving the 

17. The soldiers, however, recovered from their paralysis and were 
greatly astonished. So they went into the city to spread the news of what 
had happened. 

18. And secretly they met with the chief priests and elders of the council 
to decide what to tell the people. 

19. The chief priests and elders gave sufficient money to the soldiers and 
said, "Tell the people his disciples came at night while we were sleeping 
and stole his body." 

20. And the soldiers took the money and did as they had been instructed. 

21. Mary and Mary Magdalene, however, left and did as they had been 
mandated by the guardian angel. 

22. And behold, again a guardian angel met them on their way and said, 
"Remember what you have been instructed to do. Be careful and do not 
inadvertently tell the people." 

23. Mary Magdalene approached the guardian angel, who wore a brilliant 
white garment, and she wanted to grasp his hand. 

24. But he stepped back from her and said, "Do not touch me, because I 
am of a different kind from you and my garment is a protection against 
this world. 

25. "If you touch me you will die and be consumed by fire. 

26. "Step back from me and be on your way as you have been instructed." 

27. So they departed, and they met Peter and another disciple, telling 
them what had taken place. 


28. Peter and the other disciple went to the tomb, with the other disciple 
arriving there first. 

29. And he looked into the tomb and saw the linen bandages lying neatly 
on the ground, but he did not enter. 

30. Then Peter arrived, went into the tomb and found everything just as 
the other disciple had. 

31. The bandages had been carefully folded and placed on the ground. 
The sweat cloth, which had covered Jmmanuel's head, had been placed on 
a particular spot, together with the salves and herbs and clay figurines of 
peculiar appearance, the likes of which he had never seen before. Thus 
they were foreign to him. 

Jmmanuel's Meetings With His Disciples 

32. In the evening of the same day, the disciples were gathered in the 
room in the city where they had taken their last meal with Jmmanuel 
before Passover. 

33. And they were in the room speaking to each other about what had 
happened that day when, behold, the door opened and a stranger entered 
whom they had never seen before. 

34. And they were afraid that he might be one of the Israelites who 
wanted to betray them. 

35. But then the stranger said, "Peace be with you:' and when he took the 
cloth from his face, they recognized him as Jmmanuel. 

36. After he had said that, he showed them his hands, his loin and his 
feet; and when they saw his wounds, they were happy he was among 

37. But Thomas believed a ghost to be in front of him. So he said, "If I 
could touch your wounds, I would know that you are not a ghost." 

38. Then Jmmanuel said to him, "Reach out and place your hand on my 
wounds, so that you of small mind may recognize the truth:' 

39. So Thomas did as he had been told, and he touched his wounds and 
said, "Truly, it is you." 


40. Then Jmmanuel departed, saying, "Guard the secret of my return, so it 
will not be known that I am alive. 

41. And behold, the next day the disciples set out for Galilee to spread the 
joyful news among Jmmanuel's supporters. 

42. As other followers went along, behold, an itinerant joined them and 
for part of the way walked with them. 

43. They were sad and talked among themselves about how Jmmanuel 
had been forced to die on the cross. 

44. Then the itinerant, a stranger, said to them, "Why are you mourning?" 
And they told him what grieved them. 

45. But the itinerant said, "How little knowledge you yet have; Jmmanuel 
told you he would rise from near-death after three days and nights. 

46. "So just as he has said, it has happened." 

47. After he had spoken he removed the cloth from his face and they 
recognized him as Jmmanuel. 

48. But he said nothing more, and again covering his face, he withdrew. 
And he was not seen for a long time. 

49. Long after Jmmanuel had disappeared, it came to pass that the 
disciples were fishing on the Sea of Tiberias, 

50. and they caught nothing the entire night, so by daybreak they were 

51. And when they approached the shore, there stood a stranger who 
asked, "Haven't you anything to eat? I'm hungry." 

52. They answered, "No, we have not caught one fish in our nets." 

53. Then the stranger said, "Throw the net out to the right side of the 
boat, and you will have a large catch." 

54. The disciples were astonished by what he said, but nevertheless cast 
the net. And behold, they could not pull it in because of the multitude of 


55. And they came ashore and prepared a meal, for like the stranger they, 
too, were hungry. 

56. But when he uncovered his face, behold, it was Jmmanuel. 

57. And while they were eating and in good spirits, he said to them, "Go 
to Galilee to such-and-such mountain; there I will join you, because our 
time together has ended and each of us may go his separate way." 

Chapter 32 - Jmmanuel's Farewell 

1. They went to the mountain to which Jmmanuel had directed them. 

2. When they were gathered there, he said to them, "Behold, I will speak 
to you one last time; then I will leave and never return. 

3. "My path leads me to the land of India where many of this human 
lineage also dwell, because they have left this land to live there. 

4. "My mission leads me to them and to the human population that is born 

5. "My path there will be long, for I have yet to bring my teachings, new 
and old, to many countries, and likewise to the shores of the great black 
waters to the north of here. 

6. "But before I leave you, I will give you my final lessons of the 

7. "If humans live according to the laws of Creation, they live correctly in 
truth. But the ultimate goal should be this: 

8. "Everything human within human beings must die, but everything of 
Creation within them must rise and embrace Creation. 

9. "Consider the universe as the place where Creation lives in infinity. 

10. "Everything humans possess has its origin in Creation; therefore it 
belongs to Creation. 

11. "Human beings shall transform their entire spiritual lives and perfect 
them, so that they will become one with Creation. 


12. "Whatever human beings do, they shall do with the awareness of 
Creation's presence. 

13. "But a human being shall never attempt to force the truth onto 
another, because then it would only be worth half its value. 

14. "First, humans shall tend to their own progress in consciousness and 
spirit, so as to produce Creational harmony within themselves. 

15. "No greater darkness rules within humans than ignorance and lack of 

16. "Greatness of personal victory requires uprooting and destroying all 
influences that oppose the Creational force, so that which is Creational 
may prevail. 

17. "Humans should develop within themselves the power to judge over 
good and evil and to correctly perceive all things, so that they may be 
wise and fair and follow the laws. 

18. "It is necessary to be cognizant of what is real and what is unreal, 
what is valuable and what is worthless, and what is of Creation and what 
is not. 

19. "Human beings must become a cosmic unity, so that they can become 
one with Creation. 

20. "Conform your lives to the laws; live according to the laws of nature, 
then you will also live according to the laws of Creation. 

21. "Regardless of how much humans may suffer, the power of Creation 
within them is immeasurably greater, and it will conquer all ills. 

22. "When human beings live within their consciousness only as mortal 
humans, they are inaccessibly remote from their spirit, from Creation 
and therefore from its laws. 

23. "The greater their dedication to the laws of Creation, the deeper will 
become the peace within them. 

24. "The happiness of humans consists in seeking and finding the truth, 
so they may thereby gather knowledge, gain wisdom, and think and act in 
accordance with Creation. 


25. "Only through the circumstances of human life can humans develop 
and use their Creational powers in consciousness and in spirit. 

26. "Humans gain experience in the use of their powers and capabilities 
only by trying daily to unlock them. 

27. "As long as human beings do not become one with Creation, they will 
never be able to rise above death or near-death, since the fear of the 
unknown is within them. Only when they are able to fully recognize the 
perfection and unity of Creation can they slowly begin to acquire 

28. "instead of following instinctive and impulsive urges, humans should 
live by cognition and wisdom, so that they may live justly according to 
the laws and directives. 

29. "Humans should not lose their way in the thicket of limitations, but 
should expand their consciousness and seek and find knowledge, logic 
and truth, and from these learn wisdom. 

30. "Thereby they will come closer to their life's goal and become 
cognizant of the Creational principle in all things. 

31. "Thousands of lights will guide humans along their path, provided 
they observe and follow them. 

32. "Human beings will attain all their knowledge and wisdom, provided 
they seriously strive for perfection. 

33. "The laws serve all those who are prepared to seek the truth in 
unlimited measure and to learn wisdom from them. 

34. "For in mastering all possible orientations within themselves, they 
develop their spiritual powers to higher and higher levels, and in so doing 
they perfect themselves. 

35. "Humans should not attempt to dwell upon their physical misery, but 
upon the reality of the spirit and the existence of Creation. 

36. "A continual restlessness exists within humans, because they have a 
premonition that Creation is their fate and destination. 


37. "Humans may be great, wise and good, yet this is not sufficient, for 
they can always become greater, wiser and better. 

38. "There may be no limits to love, peace and joy, because the present 
state must always be exceeded. 

39. "Truly, I say to you, a love that is unlimited, constant and unfailing is 
unconditional and is a pure love, in whose fire all that is impure and evil 
will burn. 

40. "Such a love is Creation's love and, therefore its laws as well, to 
which humanity has been predestined since the beginning of time. 

41. "Since this is the ultimate destination for human beings, they must 
take steps to guarantee that this will come to be, for this is their destiny. 

42. "But as yet humans do not understand the wisdom of this teaching, 
and therefore it is being adulterated everywhere on Earth. 

43. "In their ignorance, humans are falsifying the teachings in many ways 
and forms, so that they are becoming diffused and unintelligible. 

44. "But in two times a thousand years they shall be taught anew without 
falsification, when humans become sensible and knowledgeable, and a 
new age heralds great upheavals. 

45. "And it can be read in the stars that the people of the new age will be 
great revolutionaries. Thus, some special predestined people, who will be 
the new proclaimers of my teachings, will preach them unfalsified and 
with great courage. 

46. "But you, go therefore and prepare the way for my teachings and 
make all peoples their disciples. 

47. "However, beware of false teachings, which you may allow to arise 
because of your lack of judgment, for some of you are inclined that way. 

48. "Teach them to follow everything I have commanded you, so you do 
not falsify my teachings." 

49. And it came to pass, that while he was speaking to them in this 
manner, a thundering came from the sky, and a great light descended. 


50. The light settled on the ground not far from them, and it glittered like 
metal in the sunlight. 

51. Jmmanuel spoke no more, but went to the metallic light and entered 
into it. 

52. Then, however, a haze arose all around it. Once again a thundering 
began and the light ascended back into the sky. 

53. And the disciples returned to Jerusalem in secret and made known the 
events among their own kind. 

Chapter 33 - Jmmanuel In Damascus 

1. Jmmanuel was set down by the great light in Syria, where he lived for 
two years in Damascus without being recognized. 

2. After this time he sent a messenger to Galilee to seek out his brother, 
Thomas, and his disciple, Judas Iscariot. 

3. Two months passed, however, before they joined Jmmanuel and 
brought bad news. 

4. His brother Thomas spoke, saying, "Your disciples have greatly 
falsified your teachings; hey insult you by calling you the son of God and 
they also set you equal to Creation. 

5. "The chief priests and elders persecute your followers and have them 
stoned when they are caught. 

6. "But Thomas, one of your disciples, fled, and it is reported that he has 
departed with a caravan for the land of India. 

7. "A great enemy of yours has arisen in a man named Saul. 

8. "He is fuming with rage and utters death threats against your disciples 
and those who trust in your teachings. 

9. "He is having letters written to the synagogues in all regions, whereby 
if any followers of your new teachings are found, they will be bound and 
taken to Jerusalem. 


10. "No distinction is being made between women, men and children. 
They will all be found guilty and condemned to die." 

11. But Jmmanuel said, "Don't be afraid, the time will soon come when 
Saul will receive a lesson regarding his evil thinking. 

12. "He is already on the road to Damascus, following you and Judas 
Iscariot here now, in order to lead you back to Jerusalem in shackles. 

13. "However, I will confront him before he reaches Damascus, and since 
he believes me dead, he will presume he is seeing a ghost." 

14. Jmmanuel set out to see a friend who was helpful to him in secret 
things that involved powders, salves and liquids that smelled bad. 

15. Well supplied with these things, he departed, leaving the city by way 
of the road to Galilee. 

16. A day's trip from Damascus, he waited for two days in the rocks and 
prepared his concoction. 

17. During the night he saw a large group of armed men coming, among 
them Saul, the persecutor of his disciples. 

18. When they were near, he struck a fire and tossed it into his 
concoction, thus producing a powerfully bright light that blinded the 

19. Jmmanuel continued stoking the flaring concoction, so that powerful 
flashes of light, stars and fireballs shot into the sky or fell from it. All this 
was accompanied by thundering booms and loud hissing sounds, as if 
from gigantic dragons and serpents. 

20. The thundering and booms subsided, as did the hissing. The blinding 
flashes and the multi-coloured fires died down, yet stinging smoke 
continued to cover the land and caused the group to cough and shed tears. 

21. Then Jmmanuel called out, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute my 

22. But Saul was afraid and fell to the ground, crying out, "Who are you 
who speaks to me like this?" 


23. And Jmmanuel answered, saying, "I am Jmmanuel whom you 
persecute in your hatred, along with my disciples. 

24. "Get up. Go into the city and let yourself be taught how you should 

25. Saul was very afraid and said, "But you are the one who was 
crucified. So you are dead and must be speaking to me as a ghost." 

26. However Jmmanuel did not answer him. He left and headed for 

27. But the men who were Saul's companions stood still, petrified with 
fear, because they also believed they had heard a ghost. 

28. Saul got up from the ground and opened his eyes. However, he saw 
nothing because his eyes were blinded, for he had stared directly into the 
bright light Jmmanuel had generated. 

29. His companions then took him by the hand and led him to Damascus, 

30. and for three days he saw nothing, ate nothing and drank nothing. 

31. However, one of Jmmanuel's disciples came to Saul and preached to 
him the new teachings, and gradually he accepted them. 

32. But because of the events by the rocks, his mind was slightly 
confused. He misunderstood much and spoke incoherently. 

33. Somewhat confused in his mind, he went away and preached 
incoherent nonsense to the people. 

34. Jmmanuel, however, remained in Damascus another thirty days and 
made it known that he would be leaving the country and traveling to the 
land of India. 

35. His mother Mary came from Nazareth and set out on the road to the 
land of India with Jmmanuel, his brother Thomas, and Judas Iscariot. 

36. And Jmmanuel began to preach again and teach the people wherever 
he encountered them along the way and in any settlement he came to. 


37. There was a new strength within him and his teachings were more 
powerful than before. 

Chapter 34 - Teaching About Creation 

1. Jmmanuel preached powerfully, saying, "Behold, Creation stands 
above humanity, above god and above everything. 

2. "It appears to be perfect by human comprehension, but this is not so. 

3. "Since Creation is spirit and thus lives, even it must forever perfect 

4. "But since it is one within itself, it can perfect itself by way of its own 
creations, through the generation of new spirit forms that dwell within 
humans, give them life, and evolve towards perfection through their 

5. "The newly generated spirit is part of Creation itself; however, it is 
unknowing down to the smallest iota. 

6. "When a new spirit is created, which is still unknowing in every way, it 
lives in a human body and begins to learn. 

7. "Persons may consider the unknowing spirit as stupid and say that the 
individual is confused. 

8. "But it is not, because it is only unknowing and devoid of knowledge 
and wisdom. 

9. "Thus may this new spirit live a life within a human being in order to 
gather knowledge. 

10. "Then, when this spirit enters the beyond, it is no longer as 
unknowing as it was at the time of its beginning. 

11. "And it returns into the world and lives again as a human being but is 
no longer quite as unknowing as it was at its beginning. 

12. "Again it learns and gathers further knowledge and new wisdom, and 
thereby increasingly escapes from ignorance. 


13. "So, after many renewed lives, the time comes when people say that 
this spirit is normal and not confused. 

14. "But this is neither the end of the spirit nor its fulfilment, because, 
having become knowing, the spirit now seeks the greatest wisdom. 

15. "Thus, the human spirit perfects itself so extensively that it unfolds in 
a Creational manner and ultimately becomes one with Creation, as it was 
destined from the earliest beginning. 

16. "Thus, Creation has brought forth a new spirit, allowing it to be 
perfected independently in the human body. The perfected spirit returns 
to Creation to become one with it, and in this manner Creation perfects 
itself within itself, for in it is the knowledge and wisdom to do so. 

17. "Truly, I say to you, the time will never come when Creation ceases 
to create new spirit forms and to broaden itself, 

18. "However, Creation also requires rest, a characteristic of all that lives, 
and when it slumbers it does not create. 

19. "Just as human life has day and night and is divided into work and 
rest, so Creation also has its times of work and rest. 

20. "Its period, however, is different from that of people, because its laws 
are the laws of the spirit, 

21. "while human laws are the laws of material life. 

22. "The material life is limited, but the life of the spirit lasts forever and 
knows no end. 

23. "Creation, however, is subject to the laws of Primeval-Timelessness 
and Primeval-Creation, which is the Absolute Absolutum and the 
beginning and endlessness of everything. And it was created out of 
itself 12 . 

Absolute Absolutum: Most basic Creational level or most basic Absolutum level, 
respectively, of which there are seven. From the highest Absolutum level down to the 
lowest the following sequence is valid: BEING Absolutum, Zohar Absolutum, Super 
Absolutum, Creative Absolutum, Central Absolutum, Ur - [= primal, original, prime] 
Absolutum, and Absolute Absolutum. Out of the Absolute Absolutum the first 
Creation form of the lowest kind was created— the material universe, the universal 
consciousness or universe in which We exist. This universe, universal consciousness, 


24. "Its secret is that which is immeasurable and is based on the number 
seven, which is counted in 'times.' 

25. "This is one of the secrets and laws the human mind will solve only 
when it reaches perfection. 

26. "But let it be said that the laws of life are not hidden from the wise 
man, hence he can recognize and follow them. 

27. "Thus the wise understand that the secret of Primeval-Creation lies in 
the number seven and in computations based thereon. Thus they will 
gather and retain the knowledge that Creation has a time for work or rest 
that is also based upon the number seven. 

28. "Creation rested in a state of slumber for seven Great Times when 
nothing existed, not even the universe. 

29. "Only Creation itself existed in slumber, and it brought forth no 
creature nor anything. 

30. "However, it did awaken from its slumber through the seven cycles of 
seven Great Times and began to create creatures and everything. 

31. "After having rested for seven cycles of seven Great Times, it is now 
creating living organisms and everything else, and it will do so for seven 
more cycles of seven Great Times, until it requires rest again and reposes 
anew in deep slumber for a further seven Great Times. 

32. "When it will rest again and lie down in slumber, nothing will exist 
except for Creation itself. 

33. "There will be neither creatures nor any other thing. 

34. "Only Creation itself will exist during the seven cycles of the seven 
Great Times, because it will rest and slumber until it awakens again and 
brings forth new creatures and everything else. 

or Creation form, respectively, which is the first and lowest of all 1049 Creation 
forms, has created out of itself all Creational energies, i.e., all spirit energies and 
Spirit forms. It is therefore the creation of its own Ur-source. The Absolute 
Absolutum is the idea-related procreative power only, out of which the lowest 
Creation form that is our Universe has come forth [Talmud Of Jmmanuel] . 


35. "Just as Creation is one within itself, however, so is all life, being and 
existence one within itself. 

36. "It is by the law of Creation that all humans, plants, animals and all 
life are one in themselves. 

37. "A person may believe that everything is two or three, but that is not 
so, because everything is one. 

38. "Whatever people believe to be two or three is actually one, so they 
should make everything that is two or three into one. 

39. "Since the spirit in a person is part of Creation, it is one with 
Creation; consequently it is not two. 

40. "And since the body is a part of the spirit in a different form and 
matter, it is therefore one with the spirit; consequently it is not two. 

41. "The teachings state that there is a unity and not, in any way or form, 
a duality or trinity. 

42. "If it appears to people that there is a duality or trinity, then they are 
the victims of deception, for they do not think logically but according to 
human knowledge. 

43. "But if they think according to the knowledge of the spirit, they find 
the logic, which is also in the law. 

44. "Only human thinking can be incorrect, not the laws of Creation. 

45. "For this reason, it is said that everything emanates from a unity, and 
a duality seems apparent only because humans, in their limited thinking, 
cannot grasp the truth. 

46. "Since everything is a unity and everything emanates from it, no 
duality or trinity whatsoever can exist because it would violate the laws 
of Creation. 

47. "Therefore people should make the two or three into one and think 
and act according to the laws of Creation. 

48. "Only in ignorance does a person fabricate a duality or trinity and 
give offence to the laws of Creation. 


49. "When a person aligns everything into this unity, making everything 
into one, and then says to a mountain, 'Move away,' then it will move 

50. "When everything is one in Creation, in its laws, in the creatures and 
in matter, it is without error. 

51. "When a wise man says there are always two of everything, he means 
that they are one within themselves and one together. 

52. "It is only two in appearance, because in itself and also together it is 
always one. 

53. "Therefore evil is one in itself because it is also good in itself. 
Likewise, good is one in itself because it is just as much evil in itself. 

54. "Since even when apart they are one and a unity, together they are 
also one and a unity, for this is the law of Creation. 

55. "Thus the result is that there are two parts in appearance, but they are 
both one in themselves and one when together. 

56. "If, therefore, people say there exists also a trinity, then their 
consciousness has been addled by some cult, falsified teachings or 
confused thinking. 

57. "A unity always consists of two parts, which are one in themselves 
and are a duality only in appearance. 

58. "Since a person is a unity of two parts, the spirit is a unity of two 
parts, but both are one in themselves and one together. 

59. "The body cannot live without the spirit and conversely, because 
spirit and body are a unity despite their seeming duality. 

60. "The spirit, however, lives according to the same law, because in 
itself it also consists of two parts and is one in each part; thus it is one in 

61. "The two parts of the spirit are wisdom and power. 

62. "Without wisdom of the spirit, its power cannot be utilized, nor can 
any wisdom emerge without spiritual power. 


63. "Hence, two things are always required that are one within 
themselves, so there is a oneness within the unity but not a duality. 

64. "Thus the law says that a human being is a unity in itself, which 
consists of two equal parts that form a unity, both within themselves and 
also together. 

65. "And the two equal parts in the human being, each of which 
constitutes a unity within itself, are the body and the spirit. 

66. "So when the scribes teach that a person lives in a trinity, this 
teaching is erroneous and falsified, because it is not taught in accordance 
with the laws of Creation. " 

Chapter 35 - Cults Around Jmmanuel 

1. It came to pass that Jmmanuel, his mother Mary, and his brother 
Thomas travelled on into the cities at the sea in the north. Since olden 
times, warrior women inhabited the area, but their descendants were now 
peace loving. 

2. He preached to them the new teachings according to his knowledge but 
had to flee their cities when they attempted to kill him. 

3. Their own teachings, far removed from truth, were from a rigid 
religious cult; and they punished with death those who taught differently. 

4. Jmmanuel was treated as an outcast by these people and persecuted as 
an agitator against their cult. So he fled. 

5. It came to pass during his flight that he met up with a large caravan. 
He and his following joined it and continued inland and into the 

6. They travelled through the central part of the country for many weeks 
whereupon they came to another sea and into the city of Ephesus. 

7. But Jmmanuel was very much afraid, and no longer preached his new 
teachings so that no one would recognize him; for in Ephesus were many 
people — dealers and merchants, who came there from Jerusalem to 
conduct business. 


8. Many among them had known Jmmanuel and had not been well 
disposed toward him; therefore he avoided them and obscured his face. 

9. The dealers and merchants in Ephesus had spread the story of 
Jmmanuel and his purported death, which had occurred two-and-one-half 
years earlier. 

10. However, after he had been in the city for a few days, behold, he was 
recognized by one of the merchants who informed others of like belief. 
They belonged to a secret group called the Association of the Essenes. 

11. They brought Jmmanuel to a meeting that was secret, for they feared 
the people because their secret society was considered unlawful. 

12. But among them was one named Juthan, the most senior of the secret 
society in Jerusalem, and he spoke, saying, 

13. "Behold, we know very well what has taken place in your life, but we 
do not understand how you can still be among the living. So, do tell us 
your secret." 

14. Jmmanuel feared that he would be bound and returned to Jerusalem if 
he remained silent in front of the conspirators; so he recounted everything 
to the Essenes. 

15. And he told them about all that had transpired and how he had fled 
from Jerusalem and had arrived in their region. 

16. Juthan, the eldest, said, "Behold, we belong to a secret group called 
the Association of the Essenes. 

17. "Our quest and knowledge are not attuned to the teachings of the 
scribes, but to the secrets of nature and all that is inexplicable to humans. 

18. "You are great in your knowledge, and by all measures you have 
advanced in knowledge far beyond us and the scribes, Pharisees, 
astrologers, even the elders and the philosophers. 

19. "Therefore, come join our society, be one of us and teach us your 


20. But Jmmanuel answered, saying, "Even if I were to teach you my 
knowledge, it would not agree with your teachings, because you follow 
incomplete human wisdom, whereas I adhere to spiritual wisdom. 

21. "Therefore, I think that our different teachings would be incompatible 
with each other. 

22. "It is also not my inclination to spread my knowledge and teachings 
in secret, as you do, since your secret Association of Essenes is 

23. "But let me think over the pros and cons for three days, and whether I 
will then tell you 'yes' or 'no', because I must first think about everything 
before I give you my last word on it." 

24. And Juthan said, "Be it as you say. 

25. "Peace be with you. 

26. "Go and give us an answer in three days, if you want to speak your 
word then." 

27. But Jmmanuel departed from there, fleeing from the city with his 
following, and travelled east, far into the country. 

28. And Jmmanuel said to his followers, "Behold, the Association of the 
Essenes lives according to an erroneous religious cult, though its 
followers gather much from my teachings. 

29. "Their old philosophy, however, is not the teaching of truth, 
knowledge, love, logic, wisdom and the laws of Creation. Therefore, it is 
incorrect and not of adequate or real value. 

30. "But they have recognized this and are now weaving my truthful 
teachings into their teachings of half-truths, to create from this a new 
doctrine so that they can demean me by calling me one of them. 

31. "They will claim that I am affiliated with their society and that they 
had helped me from the beginning of my life. 

32. "And they will even say that my teachings stem from the knowledge 
of their cult, and that they had saved me from the cross because I was one 
of them. 


33. "They will claim that all my followers were from their cult, 

34. "and they will also claim that I am the son of God. 

35. "But I tell you that I have never belonged to this Association of 
Essenes and that I have nothing in common with it or its followers; thus I 
also never received help from them. 

36. "The Association of the Essenes will not be the only group to make 
use of my name. Many cults will come forth in my name and will thus 
consider themselves great and will want to dazzle the people thereby. 

37. "Similarly, people will establish peculiar cults and will glorify me in 
them, so as to be more credible, whereby the public can be further 
enslaved and exploited. 

38. "And so, many cults will be established in my name, but their purpose 
will only be to enslave people in their consciousness and freedom, 
thereby bringing the cults great power over the people, the land and the 

39. "But I tell you that no cult will be righteous if it does not recognize 
Creation alone as the highest power and does not live according to its 
laws and directives. 

40. "And no cult will exist that preaches the truthful teachings, the 
knowledge or the truth. 

41. "It will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when my 
teachings will be preached anew, without being falsified. This will occur 
when false doctrines and erroneous cults, when lies and fraud, and when 
deception by the conjurers of the dead and of spirits, by the soothsayers 
and clairvoyants, as well as by all the charlatans of the truth, will be at 
their peak. 

42. "Until then, false cults, as well as liars, deceivers, charlatans, 
conjurers of the dead and of spirits, false soothsayers, clairvoyants, and 
false mediums pretending to speak for supernatural, other-dimensional 
and extra terrestrial beings from the depths of the universe, will be so 
numerous that they can no longer be counted. 


43. "And such cults will be built upon human blood, hatred, greed and 
power, on lies and deceptions, and on cheating, misunderstanding, self- 
deception, confusion of consciousness and delusion. 

44. "But just as they will have arisen, so will they be destroyed, because 
the truth will triumph, 

45. "for there is no untruth that will not be denounced as a lie. 

46. "There is nothing hidden that will not become revealed. 

47. "Humans will recognize what is before their faces, and what is hidden 
from them will reveal itself when they search for the truth and the 
enlightenment of wisdom. 

48. "But the truth lies deep within the laws of Creation, and there alone 
should humankind seek and find it. 

49. "Those who seek shall not stop seeking until they find, 

50. "and when they find, they will be profoundly shocked and astonished, 
but then they will rule over the universe. 

51. "May humans recognize from this that the kingdom is within them 
and outside of them. 

Chapter 36 - Humankind And Creation 

1. It came to pass that Jmmanuel preached of humanity and of Creation 
as he went eastward with a caravan. 

2. He said, "Humans should look upward to the stars, for majestic peace 
and grandeur rule there. 

3. "As though by immutable law and order, the infinite and everlasting 
changes take place there over days, months, years and beyond for 
centuries, millennia and millions of years. 

4. "Humans, however, should also look downward upon the Earth for 
there, as well, is Creational activity and endless becoming and passing 
away, and life and existence, toward ever newly developing forms. 


5. "Greatness, excellence and beauty rule harmoniously where nature is 
left to itself. 

6. "But where traces of human order are at work, there pettiness, disgrace 
and ugliness testify to alarming disharmony. 

7. "With inflated chest, humankind calls itself the crown of creation, and 
yet it is not cognizant of Creation and sets persons on a level with it. 

8. "But this humankind, which has tamed fire and rules the Earth, will not 
go far. 

9. "Without a doubt, humans will learn to harness water and air, but in the 
process they will forget to be cognizant of Creation above them and of its 

10. "Thus they will also forget to seek truth, knowledge, love, respect, 
life, logic, true freedom and wisdom, 

11. "and they will forget to live peacefully with each other. 

12. "Their battle cry will be warfare, for they want to attain power 
through violence. 

13. "But when they believe they have power in their hands, they will use 
it for enslavement and bloodshed, exploitation, brutality, crime, and 

14. "They will speak of honour, freedom and knowledge, but in truth 
these will be only hypocrisy, coercion and false teachings. 

15. "Thus, in the future, humankind will lose its face and display an evil 
and false mask. 

16. "Many will degenerate into beasts and spend their earthly days 
without knowledge and conscience. 

17. "Human ambitions and desires will be directed only toward 
acquisition, power, lust, addiction and greed. 

18. "With their intellect, humans will arrange the things of this world to 
make them subservient, regardless of the fact that in so doing they break 
the laws of nature and destroy nature itself in many ways. 


19. "They will no longer trust in the eternal truths, which are anchored in 
the laws of nature. 

20. "Through self-deception, they will find more meaning in the human 
sciences than in all the values of the laws of nature and Creation. 

21. "In their confusion, humans will believe in this erroneous, self- 
created, pathetic philosophy of life, which will be produced through the 
cults' confused teachings and through arrangements of human laws and 
vagaries of the principles that govern nations. 

22. "Humans will want to control their lives by external means, because 
they will have forgotten to be aware of their own essence from the 
Creational point of view. 

23. "Through deceitful means they will delude, cheat and exploit their 
fellow humans and the entire world. 

24. "And wherever trust and truth still exist, they will change it into 
distrust and untruth, and in so doing they will get farther and farther away 
from the true life. 

25. "Thus, they will also lose sight of the principle of the oldest wisdom, 
which states that humans are the measure of all things in life because they 
are, after all, a part of Creation. 

26. "But the time will come when humankind must turn around and 
become reacquainted with the eternal values of life. 

27. "Initially only a few will know that humans live not only on Earth but 
also in the endless expanse of the universe, and that they live not only in 
the material world but their spirits reach into another world that can not 
be grasped by the ordinary physical senses. 

28. "This other one, the ethereal world, is the true home of the spirit. 
Therefore, humans should try without ceasing to broaden and deepen 
their knowledge, love, truth, logic, true freedom, genuine peace, harmony 
and wisdom, so that the spirit may be perfected and lifted up into its true 
home, becoming one with Creation. 

29. "Truly, I say to you, those who understand the truth of this message 
and attain insight through wisdom, will awaken to the obligation of 
aligning their lives with their destiny of eternal change toward Creation. 


30. "When people are honest and seek, they will not hold any 
preconceived opinions or prejudices. 

31. "But the wise do know and are aware of the law of the everlasting 
flow of eternal change. Therefore, they endeavour to adjust to the grand 
scheme of events and of progress, because they appreciate the laws of 
Creation, namely, that the cycles of existence must be completed as 
prescribed by these laws. 

32. "Wherever life reveals itself, it is based upon the law of the invisible 
mystery that brings about the eternal change. 

33. "But persons who disregard and fail to recognize the timeless and 
everlasting laws and truths must take upon themselves the dire 

34. "Lies and hatred will blind such persons and even entire peoples; and 
they will rush into the abyss of their own destruction. 

35. "A blind, destructive mania will overcome them, and the heroes 
among them will be those who are the greatest destroyers. 

36. "Conflict will permeate people's entire lives, and where there is 
discord there is no longer wholeness and perfection. 

37. "But as long as imperfection exists in life, humans must bear the 
consequences: sickness, misery, injustice, privation, fighting, strife, 
slavery, erroneous cults and exploitation leading to bloodshed and death. 

38. "So let humankind beware and awaken, for the laws of Creation state: 
Only that which is timeless and everlasting is of permanence, of truth and 
of wisdom, and so it is." 


As we know Albert Meier lost contact with his friend Isa Rashid, who 
translated 'The Talmud' for some time after it's discovery. In-fact, Albert 
Meier heard nothing from Isa Rashid from 1964 right up unto 1974, when 
he received the two re-directed packages containing 36 translated 
chapters of 'The Talmud' from the postal office staff at Neuthal. And we 
also know that Albert Meier also received the final explanatory letter 
from Isa Rashid around the same time, which was posted shortly before 
Isa Rashid' s assassination in Baghdad. 


That final letter is included at the end of this epilogue, should anybody 
wish to read it. 

Now, some people say that since the original T.J. Rolls were lost when 
the Lebanese refugee camp that Isa Rashid was staying at was bombed by 
the Israeli's, that there is no longer any proof of the authenticity of 'The 
Talmud Of Jmmanuel'. 

And yet, when we bear in mind that the 'Book of Mathew' was a copy of 
'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel'; and when we check 'Phoenix Journal 2' , 
which is also a version of 'The Talmud', then I would say that it's proof 
is clearly beyond question. 

I should also point out that 'Phoenix Journal 2' presents a more extended 
version of Jmmanuel' s final years, which is why that version is well 
worth reading as well. 

I can, however, give a brief rendition of the remainder of Jmmanuel' s life 
story, as it's perfectly checkable in the 'Phoenix Journals'. 

What happened after the crucifixion event was that Jmmanuel, His 
mother Mary, and His bother Thomas travelled to Northern India. And to 
make the most out of the journey Jmmanuel stopped at many countries 
along the way to preach to anyone that would listen. In-fact because of all 
the stopping and preaching, it took Jmmanuel, Mary and Thomas several 
years to arrive in India. 

The journey to India was arduous, as we are told that Jmmanuel' s mother, 
Mary, became ill and died in the Western Himalaya during Jmmanuel' s 
38 year. Though Jmmanuel continued onwards and travelled to what is 
now known as India's Kashmir region, where He furthered His 
Teachings. In-fact Jmmanuel visited many parts of India, including West 
Pakistan, and Northern India. 

In His 45 th year Jmmanuel married, and it is said He bore numerous 
children when He settled down in Srinagar in the Kashmir region of 
India. And from this base he ventured out upon numerous trips to further 
His teachings. 

It is said that Jmmanuel died of natural causes somewhere between His 
1 10 th and His 1 15 th year, and that He was buried in Srinagar. 


It is also said that Judas Iscariot was also buried near to Srinagar in his 
90 th year. 

Now, after Jmmanuel's natural death, His oldest son Joseph finalised the 
account of His Father's Teachings which Judas had begun. And when the 
full version was finished Joseph left India and spent three years 
journeying back to Jerusalem where he died, after placing the original 
Rolls penned by Judas back into the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. And 
also, it seems, after Joseph also released a copy of his own finalised 
version which found it's way into the hands of the apostle Mathew. So 
the original Scrolls penned by Judas remained in the tomb of Joseph of 
Arimathea until they were re-discovered by Isa Rashid and Albert Meier 
in 1963. 

The Letter From Isa Rashid 

Hinwil, September 20, 1974 - 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, editor 

265 Letter from Isa Rashid 

Poste Restante Baghdad, September 14, 1974 

Head Post Office 

Baghdad, IRAQ 

Dear friend Billy: 

I am sorry, dear friend, for not having written so long and for not being 
able to send you additional translations of the scrolls. That has its reason 
in my fears which unfortunately have come true now. 

As I always told you, 1 was prepared that one day I would be persecuted 
on account of the discovered scrolls. That has happened now. Just barely 
was I able to flee from Jerusalem with my family. Now I am staying with 
good friends in Baghdad where, however, I cannot stay long and must 
move on soon. Where to, I don't know yet, bur I will notify you as soon 
as possible. 

I have been persecuted by two different groups, both Christians and Jews, 
which was to be anticipated, because the scrolls are not favourable 
towards either religion. After my lucky escape a misfortune struck me, 
which cannot be made undone. First I fled from Jerusalem to Lebanon 
and stayed there at a refugee camp with my family. But there the Jews 
located me and, with their military, attacked the camp, which resulted in 
many deaths. Only with great difficulty my family and I escaped the 
massacre and we were able to flee once more. But unfortunately all 


scrolls got lost and they are no longer in my possession. I believe they all 
burned when the Jews destroyed the homes by fire, but maybe they fell 
into the hands of the Jews? 

Then the Israelis announced that they had undertaken a punitive action 
against Palestinian guerrillas. However, in reality, they, together with 
some people from the Christian church, were after me and my scrolls. By 
means of the alleged punitive action they were now able to cover up and 
falsify the actual reason and purpose of their venture. And because of the 
disappearance of the original scrolls, any proof is missing that the New 
Testament of the Bible is an outrageous lie whereby mankind is 

Dear friend, unfortunately these are the latest bare facts and I do hope that 
you and your family will not meet with the same fate as I. After all, you 
do have 36 chapters of the Talmud Jmmanuel and they do represent an 
immense danger to Christianity, the Jewish faith, Islam and other 
religions. Therefore be very cautious and see to it that those few existing 
teachings of Jmmanuel will not get lost. They are really too valuable. I 
for my part do withdraw from the whole matter because I cannot 
endanger my family even more. Therefore keep my name and everything 
else a secret on the occasion of publication. I entreat you to do so. I know 
that I can always rely on you and thank you for it. You will hear further 
news from me on occasion and I am sending you my best regards, also 
from my family - Isa Rashid. 

Isa Rashid - The Translator Of The Talmud Of Jmmanuel